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Dreaming is Free

Are teens and young people at risk for dreaming anymore?

Dreaming has become very expensive…and I think you need an app for it.


Boomers and Gen X were well-intentioned, wanting to give our children everything. Somehow it backfired and we’re leaving them with: a broken system, crumbling infrastructure, crippling debt, dubious morals, attention issues, a yawning wealth gap, a dying planet, corrupt governments and business.
Now in our defence, we also gave them: kittens on the internet, tons of fast food, and technology that might be destroying them.


Yet I’m still hopeful. Why? Because they are.
Many young people still want to try. They want to change things.
The media gives us the impression that all young people care about is
their smart phones, that they don’t vote, they’re unmotivated, or joining terrorist groups.
But that’s because the news is pandering – sensationalism rules.
Saving the planet isn’t sexy.
Trillions in unfunded liabilities (governments are happy if you don’t pay attention to things like this) is boring and incomprehensible.
None of this has ratings potential. Rarely goes viral. But it should. We need to stop focusing on the negative and sensational.

Have we removed our children’s ability to dream? I hope not.1agenscrewed3
Maybe it would help if we stopped calling them things like, Generation Screwed. That’s uplifting.
Profusely unemployed or underemployed, many live at home longer or return home. Debt, especially from student loans, is weighing them down. They need to have hope.

This generation, Millennials, have been given so much.
Their expectations are high. A new smart phone in their hand, and often. Big TVs, little laptops and tablets, a car to drive, fast food, clothes, trips.
Yet when they get out into the world to earn enough to have those things themselves, they hit barriers – no jobs, part-time jobs, low-income jobs, outsourcing, and even their beloved technology is plotting to steal their jobs.

They’re told to: lower their expectations; accept the new normal; the low-hanging fruit has been picked; and society has reached a plateau. Wow, way to motivate.

That should be a Graduation Speech:

Knowing that society has reached a plateau and all the low-hanging fruit has been picked, we’re all going back home to live with our parents until we’re 40 or so. 1agenscrewed4
This is the new normal, having lowered our expectations of ever getting a decent job or a home.
We accept this is the way things are.
And in conclusion, check out this viral video of a zebra that can paint its own toenails.


Why I Will Never Be Freshly Pressed

I don’t own an iron.1awordpress4

Many of you reading this are WordPress Bloggers.
You may have heard of being ‘Freshly Pressed’, where WordPress Editors pick out posts that are instantly given a lot of attention. It feels like their way of saying some bloggers are better than others, that they’re more worthy of sharing.

I even Googled, ‘How to get Freshly Pressed’.
Note to self, next time you search, add, ‘on WordPress’, that got weird really fast.

Apparently none of my blog posts have: ‘enlightened’, ‘inspired’, ‘entertained’, or got the WordPress Editors ‘talking’.

Oh well, at least I’ve learned a lot about blogging. 1addams13
I’m more concise (applause). I know about: fonts, stats, sharing, widgets, I know what SEO stands for, Search Engine Oops, maybe I don’t.
I’m on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest – I’m everywhere and as it turns out, nowhere.
I’ve virtually met fantastic people…or who knows, maybe they’re all one giant app that pretends to be bloggers and readers.
I’ve made mistakes…many. I’ve had popular posts and some you could hear crickets chirping as the post sits there being ignored.
I’ve been encouraged, discouraged, disappointed, and delighted.
I’ve learned to not take it too seriously.
Have some fun and ask for help, that’s the best blogging advice I could give.

Yet for Freshly Pressed, apparently I don’t write ‘unique content’, free of  ‘bad stuff’  (where’s the fun in that?).
I don’t have a ‘point of view’ (that’s silly, everyone has a point of view, even if they borrowed it from someone else).
I don’t paint them ‘a picture’ or make it easy on their eyes (this seems like a blatant attempt to get me to buy a Premium package).
I don’t add ‘relevant tags’ (too many tags, not enough tags, make up your mind).
My headlines can be ‘ignored’ (I already put the word ‘Obscure’ in my tagline).
I make typoos, er, typos. Sorry I’m not prefect, WordPress.pablo8
I’ve tried, I really have, for over 500 posts, but sigh, I’m still in The-Land-of-Never-To-Be-Freshly-Pressed.
It’s worse than being Friend-zoned.

How could you not Freshly Press this face?
How could you not Freshly Press this face?

Well, I never really wanted to be Freshly Pressed anyway. You can keep your FP Clique. You probably all have special jackets that say FP on them and super-duper secret decoder rings, maybe there’s even a secret Clubhouse where all the Freshly Pressed elite virtually hang out and talk about us losers that will never be Pressed.

I just realized, this little rant may have got me banned from ever being Freshly Pressed. So what? I was never going to be anyway.

Why will I never be Freshly Pressed?
No clue.

You would not believe your eyes

“You would not believe your eyes1afirelfy2
If ten million fireflies
Lit up the world as I fell asleep
‘Cause they’d fill the open air
And leave tear drops everywhere…”~Owl City

Have you ever watched fireflies?
In a garden? A field? By a stream?
Bright lights that fade in and out.
There, but not there.

Fireflies, so often in film, TV, books, art…but the trick with all mediums, is to be able to convey your message.1afirefly1

Fireflies by Owl City was wickedly catchy, very wrong, now it’s in my head again.

Even with a fantastic cast, the movie, Fireflies in the Garden (2008) was too predictable with clunky dialogue that dulled the lovely messages and performances by Julia Roberts, Emily Watson, Carrie-Anne Moss, Willem Dafoe, Ryan Reynolds, Hayden Panettiere, and Ioan Gruffudd. I think it was trying to say that life flits around, bright, then dark, bright again, dark, bright, dark, bright…don’t let the dark times overshadow the bright ones.

Joss Whedon’s short-lived, but beloved space western, Firefly, starring Nathan Fillion (Castle) sauntered into many of our hearts and stayed long after it’s brilliance faded into the ether.firefly9Studio Ghibli’s anime classic, Grave of the Fireflies (1988) was darker, highlighting the horrible impact of war, especially on children. Children should never pay the price of adult games. The 1967 book by Akiyuki Nosaka will make you cry only slightly less.

So fireflies dash in and out of pop culture and our days; seasons change, as do our lives. Fireflies, like people burn brightly in your life, then are gone. The warmth of the memories they leave never fades.


I’ve got a secret


He’s back. That bird. The rude one. The one that taunts me.
He sits outside my window and calls me cheap. Over and over again.
He doesn’t even know me. He’s never even taken the time to know me.


OK, having a mock feud with a loud bird wasn’t the best start to the day, but it is a good sign of Spring. Migraine seems gone, still have a cold or maybe it’s allergies, but not throwing myself a Pity Party, I’m going to throw a Yay Me Party! And facing problems gives us the ability to learn, make mistakes, adapt, and maybe even find solutions or at least, the chance of a solution, right?1bird5

People talk about Happiness in wide, sweeping terms as though we’re all made happy by the same things. No, really different.
I’ve got a secret, it’s  a decision to do something that might make me a lot happier, but I don’t think I’m ready.
But then I tell myself, thinking you’re not ready is an excuse.
The truth is, I doubt anyone is always ready, but that doesn’t mean I can’t give it my best.
But what if I do it incorrectly? Nothing is perfect, why wait for the perfect time when I can be doing something, right now?

It’s said life is a journey, well, sometimes it’s more of a trip. Weird thing is, there’s always a path, at least one, sometimes it’s overgrown, sometimes it’s been taken by others, lots of others, sometimes it leads you the wrong way, but it always leads you somewhere.
Where you take the path, if you stay or go back, take another path or make your own path is your choice, just do so with all the information you can.

So ready or not, here I come! I think.1bird2

Look life in the eye…justify

1justified8“We are all in the same boat, in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty.” ~G.K. Chesterton

Feuds in history are many. Fought over land, titles, power, fences, cows, love, but mostly, because whether you were a: Hatfield, McCoy, Boyce, Sneed, Taira, Minamoto, Donnelly, Farrell, Percy, Neville, Crowe, Crowder or Givens – real or imaginary, they were all able to justify their actions.

One thing they all had in common? Patriarchal violence toward women.
Today’s Google graphic is dedicated to Emily Noether, a brilliant mathematician Albert Einstein praised as a “…most significant creative mathematical genius…”.  Her indomitable spirit and astonishing mind were a gift to the world, yet because she was a woman she fought to be educated and to work in her field. 133 years after her birth, women are still struggling for equality, recognition, and respect, for who they are and can be. State, obstetric, domestic, financial, physical, emotional, societal – any type of violence holds them back and keeps them from being all they can be – it’s unacceptable.1justified1

We need to believe the law is moral, even though it’s too often abused and manipulated, for personal gain, power, or even for the greater good.  Laws also evolve. Slavery was once legal. As were wife-beating. Child labour. Apartheid. Did that make them right?

At times, I’m sorry I started watching Justified. In some way, I’m glad it’s almost over. Despite Timothy Olyphant (the main reason I started watching it), it’s ugliness often makes me feel uncomfortable.1justified11
The characters justify all manner of vile actions.
The philosophy behind justification, especially in this series is disturbing and moreover, disturbingly familiar.
We’ve heard it from politicians. Religious figures. Abusers. Tyrants. Dictators.
People get what they deserve, one way or another.
So it’s said.

1justified10Justified and Philosophy: Shoot First, Think Later edited by Rod Carveth and Robert Arp (Open Court) echoed many of the reasons I’ve felt uneasy with this series. For example, choices offered as a way to justify actions. As though offering someone a choice somehow excuses anything you do afterwards.

These philosophers do a fantastic job breaking down the popular Western FX series (based on Elmore Leonard’s Pronto, Riding the Rap, and Fire in the Hole), offering pragmatic analysis of the good, the bad, and the brutal.

Have you ever justified something that you knew to be wrong?
Did you ever feel like you did what you had to do?

History shaped
Hands rocking cradles
Hands in fists
whatever we want
with duty
Lines drawn
Lines crossed
Do first
think later.
We are
within our rights
Look life in the eye

Walking On Sunshine Blog Hop – Will there be sunny bunnies?

 1blog7Having a Walking On Sunshine post is ironic for me, I’m sensitive to light, especially sunshine and even more so today because I have a migraine (been building for days), so forgive any mistakes…all over the place.

When I saw Hugh’s blog hop party I just couldn’t narrow it down to one blogger. http://hughsviewsandnews.com/2015/03/20/i-am-pleased-to-announce-that-the-walking-on-sunshine-blog-party-has-now-officially-began/
I put my own information on so people might hop over here http://yadadarcyyada.com/2015/03/17/march-madness-spring-fling-blog-party/ while, like me, they were deciding.

There are too many bloggers who spread sunshine (the good kind that doesn’t make me feel like I’m blind or with an axe slamming through my head), instead, the ones that make me smile, laugh, snort, giggle, feel happy, think, cry, and inspire me to write, etc.


One of the bloggers who makes me laugh everyday, one of my first Readers, who presses like and Retweets, but couldn’t make it to the party, the awesome Austin https://moviewriternyu.wordpress.com

My Awesome March Madness Spring Fling Blog Party guests include (in no order, just where I cut/pasted):

If I have left anyone out, I’m sorry, I’m going to blame the headache. If I did your blog twice, thank the headache.

Thank you kindly for coming to the party!
It’s ongoing to if you want to come and promote your blog, find other bloggers, please do, I’d always love to see you.1blog10

Now, enough of that, I’m starting to feel like Julie from The Love Boat (the rest of the party is on the Promenade Deck) and the only thing on my mind is a new romance with some chocolate which would probably make my migraine worse and the only course for adventure I want to set is for my bed (Baby, I love you!).

Thank you all!

Take your time, hurry up


Last night, as I checked on my beautiful boy, now so grown up, I noted again that time has raced by yet he still looks like my baby when he’s asleep.

Having a child with Autism, those sleep times give you some much-needed downtime and perhaps, a curious understanding of time and dimension, hmm, or maybe that’s too many years of Doctor Who.

In this frenzied world, we need more compassion, appreciation, and hope; less rushing, lies, and bullying. Maybe we don’t have time to stop and smell the roses, but I hope we can at least notice the roses are there.

  • The best time to take a deep breath is when there’s no time. At the end of your life, I doubt you’ll look back and think, thank goodness I spent my life like a hamster on a wheel, that was sooo fulfilling.

  •  Stop flogging yourself for mistakes. They happen. Learn from them. So you write or say the wrong thing. Fall in love with the wrong person. Press the wrong button and start a nuclear war, ok, that example is pretty much the worst mistake ever, try not to do that one. Time moves forward for a reason, so should you.1me10

  • I think you can be happy with or without money. Money just makes life easier, not always better. Stop trying to buy your way to happiness or keep up with the Kardashians. If you’re coveting someone else’s stuff, you’re not focusing on you and those you love. You can’t be happy doing that.

  • Don’t get into friendships or relationships (or stay in them) for the wrong reasons. Do you really loathe your own company that much?1me11

  • Don’t reject someone because you’ve had a bad experience either. That experience taught you something, it had a purpose.

  • Fall apart once in a while. You’re not always “fine”. Sometimes it’s fine not to be fine.

  • Worry is passive and self-indulgent; you’re not enjoying that moment and not letting others enjoy it either.marxbros5

  • Trying to be someone you’re not is like trying to hide a dinosaur in your bedroom, it’s too big, smelly, messy, and extinct. Why be someone else, they’re already doing it.

  • Holding grudges or hating people is a toxic waste of time and energy. Forgiveness isn’t agreeing, you’re just not going to let it poison you or those around you. That includes forgiving yourself too!1me13

  •  If we have time to shop, play games, check the internet, go on vacation, go out to dinner, we can spare 5 minutes to vote. An hour to volunteer or help someone. We can’t make a difference if we don’t at least try.

  • Instead of thinking about what you don’t want to happen, think about what you do want to happen.

  • Those who love you don’t need you to explain yourself and pretenders, bullies, or enemies, they’ll believe what they want to believe.1funny103


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