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Chronic Not Hopeless

Here I am again, back, I’m a rubber ball that keeps bouncing back to you…
What’s happened since I’ve been here last?
What hasn’t, but what else is new?

Too many snowstorms.
Too much time filling out forms.
In the real world and not real and perceived dramas.
In and out of various Self-Isolation fashions and pajamas.

The latest thing? “Bridgerton” on Netflix.
Anachronistic version of “The Ton” for your Lockdown kicks.

Still traveling fiends.

Reddit blows the top
off greedy hedge funds, pop,
with AMC, Blackberry, and Gamestop!
Poor little Wall Street traders
Sad little corporate raiders

Bernie lookin’ cozy
wearing sweaters now mittens
Joe’s cheeks were rosy
with memes all aglow
Amanda, Gaga and JLo,
Kindness can stay, the rest has to go.

New phone. Who dis?
What else did I miss?

“The Queen’s Gambit”.
Always knew chess was “lit”.
New season of “The Expanse”
I think space needs more plants.Christmas was merry, despite (you know)…
finally, 2020 was hindsight (hope 2021 isn’t a new foe).

 “Chronic Not Hopeless”
trying to have some fun, not make a mess,
I guess?!?

I’m knackered, the world is going “all to pot”, and I’m gobsmacked
anyway, clearly time off was way too Britbox-packed.

When the laundry dings
When the doorbell rings
When I’m feeling sad,
I simply watch/read my favourite stuff,
And I don’t feel so rough
(let’s be honest, there’s usually tea
and chocolate involved as well).

Oh and in case you missed it,
there’s still a pandemic,
yup, more than a bit.
So Stay Home
(preferably under a dome?)
and join us on Zoom
for free, we’d love to see you,
and you and you…
there’s always plenty of room.

DM me…double mask me?
When’s it gonna get to three?

OK, my rhymin’s a little loose
It’s true I ain’t no Dr. Seuss
I’m a Canadian, what do I know?
We adopted a Chilean penguin
and my best friend’s a moose.

Remember when I just threw in, “Chronic Not Hopeless” (see above), CNH is a volunteer “powered” weekly get together for people with Chronic Conditions, all are welcome. From anywhere, cause it’s on Zoom, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Whether you’re from: Canada, America, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, The North Pole, Spain, Japan, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa, Chile, Mexico – anywhere in the world! Anywhere in the Galaxy. Anywhere in the Universe. Free (though we accept donations, gratefully). Safe.

I know, I know, there are a billion “groups” out there, but this isn’t really a group.

Not a support group.
Not an organization.
Not a club.
Not a hangout.
So I’ve told you what it isn’t, so what is it?

It’s a bunch of friends and just-haven’t-met-you-yet-friends
getting together to: chat, laugh, share, learn, connect, etc. Feel comfortable, stay in bed, on the couch, bad hair day, who cares? You want to do crafts, go for it. Want to drink and/or eat: coffee, iced coffee, hot cocoa, kombucha, pizza, pasta, beer, wine (be careful when drinking and Zooming – common sense and Stay-At-Home), sushi, soup, tea, water, juice, salads, cookies, cake, chocolate…well, whatever you want, or not.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cor103.gif

We’re going to distract ourselves from our chronic conditions.
We’re going to share resources, tips, tricks, life hacks about
anything and everything. And we’re going to laugh.
I can guarantee that. 😂

All that and more, in a drama-free zone.
A place where you can get away from the everyday.
You wanna go where everybody knows, or tries to remember,
your name…where you’ll be glad you came.

Zoom version of pet therapy, maybe with your pets.
You’ll hear stories, maybe share yours

(your choice if you do or don’t, whatever
makes you feel comfortable).
No pressure.
No drama.
No whining.
We’re not hopeless.

We’re not helpless.
We’re still us.
We’re not our chronic conditions, we’re you and me and more,
who just happen to have one or more chronic conditions.

Stay tuned for announcements about FREE online activities, blog posts, Tweets, updates, resources, and so much more. Please follow this, our brand new “Chronic Not Hopeless” page . Let’s make 2021 better together!🌠😀

Please join us. Mondays (usually). Monday February 1st, 2021 1pm ET. Monday February 8th, 2021 1pm ET. Tuesday February 16th, 2021 1pm ET (Monday is a holiday here in Canada, Family Day). Monday February 22nd, 2021 1pm ET. Just email: to get a link or DM me on Facebook group…

Our Facebook group where giggles come to live:…

Twitter, Twitter where we glitter @NotJustChronic

You can go here:

Donate (big or small, we gratefully accept them all):

E-Transfers for E-xpenses:

“Chronic Not Hopeless” Bylaws (Enforceable Only By You)

  • Be Kind. Be Respectful.

  • Have fun. Laughter is healing.

  • Be discreet with information shared by others.

  • Remember, “agree to disagree”.

  • Share or don’t share. Camera on or off. Leave when you wish without need of explanations – we understand. Be comfortable.

  • Be present. Be pleasant.

  • Be aware of “hot button” topics, including but not limited to: politics, race, religion, The Great Pumpkin, etc.

  • Keep in mind, “Chronic Not Hopeless” is “powered” by volunteers with Chronic Conditions,. We will make missteaks, er, mistakes. We’ll forget things. Our entire life is a Mount Everest-style learning curve. We hope that even at our worst we always try to give you our best.


  • Feel free to contribute to “Chronic Not Hopeless” in any way you feel comfortable doing so. That could mean: sharing Facebook posts, Pinning on Pinterest, website pages or blog posts, Retweeting on Twitter, etc.

  • And/or donating via Ko-fi, Paypal, e-transfer to , cash, etc., to pay for expenses CNH incurs such as: Zoom Pro so we can have online activities, the cost of the website, admin costs, etc. This is purely not-for-profit, run by chronically ill volunteers, grassroots community get together – we’re an open book(s).

  • Also, you can write blog posts, help with social media, contribute in any way your skills, energy, and heart can do. It could mean telling family, friends, professionals, co-workers, – well, anyone and everyone about “Chronic Not Hopeless – any and all help is greatly appreciated.

  • “Chronic Not Hopeless” is here for fun, for connecting, for helping – a drama-free zone. We gratefully accept and appreciate any donations – big or small, we love them all! We’re not hopeless. We’re not helpless. We’re still us.

Disclaimer for “Chronic Not Hopeless”:
Please consult your physician if you have medical questions, before you start any exercise regime, any new medication, supplement, etc. and if you are feeling concerned about your physical, emotional and/or mental health.
“Chronic Not Hopeless” is a community get together, not a substitute or source for medical advice. Any medical information found here is opinion and not endorsed by “Chronic Not Hopeless”.
If you are feeling uncomfortable, please let us know and/or feel free to leave. We are here to help, not harm.

So you’ve heard this before, “I’m back”, but my heart was always here with you, I just couldn’t get my body to co-operate.

All I can do is keep trying. Thank you kindly for being here when I bounce back in. So Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, Happy New Year, thank you for the birthday wishes, Happy Groundhog Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day     

As always, thank you for letting me empty my brain onto this blog and thank you for being gentle with that poor old thing. My brain thanks you for your support and your constant kindness.



Very me

52 thoughts on “Chronic Not Hopeless

  1. Happy New Year Sweetie, Happy Belated Birthday also. I just reached 70, I know you thought I’d be only 69, I can tell, but worries have aged me. I hope you have a wonderful time on the new group.
    Massive Hugs

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Belated Birthday to you, Happy every single day, dear David, Happy Everyday to you!!! 🙂
      Yes, times are tough, but I hope your worries lessen in your 71st year!!! 70, ahh, you’re just a spring chicken! 😉
      Hope 2021 is treating you kinder than 2020, which I think we can all generally agree was crap on a stick.
      Massive hugs and thank you, so far, so good, we’re having fun and that’s the most important part. 🙂
      More hugs and all the best, always. 🙂 xoxox

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s good to see you back! Speaking of Bernie, my husband and I are impatiently awaiting our Bernie sweatshirts, which we ordered last week. We both grew up in Vermont, and we find it confounding that people are making such a big deal out of dressing sensibly for the weather. All the best for “Chronic Not Hopeless”!


    1. Are the sweatshirts awesome? I think it’s a wonderful and creative way to take a funny situation and help those in need. Typical Bernie. 🙂
      Thank you kindly for the best wishes, Liz and big cozy hugs xoxoxo

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I saw a meme that said, “the problem with this pandemic is how dense the population is and how dense the population is”. Sigh. I hope you’re staying safe and sane and most of all, staying Susie. Big hugs xoxox


    1. Though I can be accused of nothing but snail blogging, I’m always glad to be back, I miss it so, I’ve decided to stop overthinking and do more of what I miss. Stay safe. Stay you. We’re all still here for each other, if only in our hearts. Big hugs xoxox

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Donna looks like we have been doing similar things! Netflix has been a huge part of my lockdown. The Queens Gambit was awesome. And yet I have never played chess! Wishing you all the best with your new group. Such a great idea. Take care, stay safe and well. 🙂


    1. I got a great deal on Disney + so I’ve switched from Netflix, but I know I’ll go back.
      I love chess, well, except with computers, I secretly think they cheat lol 😉
      Stay safe. Stay you. Stay connected. Big hugs xoxo


  4. Zoom meeting, online, that I can join without downloading software or turning my camera on? AWESOME! “We hang out when we do?” – Awesome – Gifs to demonstrate – Nice Choices! Especially Groundhog day clip, “this winter will never end” – option – I opened facebook first, cuz there and here trying to keep ‘caught up’ here and there, best as I can – afford other’s some merriment (hopefully through my posts) AND ensure others feel ‘heard’, I totally GET where you are (through comments” – and well – – If I had minimum wage payment for every moment I spend in such human activities on technology in cyberland? I could quit my day job/self-employed job, here and there, but alas, while appreciated, such things fall under the ‘you do that stuff to be a caring human, NOT to earn a living” at which point….wait, can’t finish that comment – I might refer to either politics or the Great Pumpkin – – Or ruminate on why Linus and his blue blankie are really, overall, the bomb – LOL – – Take care Yadda-Yadda – see you in the funny papers or social media! LOL


  5. P.S. – Dear Yadadarcyyada – please, for the love of all that is holy – if I violate ‘what’s fun/humourous’ rules on Facebook group, just kick me off of there – I’m not really Facebook or Twitter forum formats friendly – I’ve been told – but I really don’t want to lose out on seeing you here, to, = = = Just saying ……LOL


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