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Can You Feel The Blog Love Tonight?

1blog52Turns out, being an adult is hard work.

Adding blogging to that and anxiety, well, it could be the proverbial straw.
When it’s quiet here on my blog, I have time to think.
Why am I really doing this?
Should I be doing this?
I have so much else to do, is this a distraction?
Or is blogging just another version of chocolate, sappy movies, wanting to cry, desperately wishing a time machine would materialize in my living room to whisk me back to a time when the biggest decisions I had to make were: what to wear to school, who to hang out with, what to listen to…Probably shouldn’t go back, I might scream at myself to quit wishing to grow up and just enjoy growing up.


Some days I feel like blogging is more Hotline Blog (I’m assured Drake will drop this as a follow-up to his famous Hotline Bling)
You used to like me on my blog post
Late or early when I needed blog love
And I know when that hotline pinged
It could only mean one thing…
But these days, you’ve become a ghost
Wonder if you’re out there forgettin’ about my blog post
Doing other things, maybe making cinnamon toast


But blogging isn’t all about Likes, it’s about enjoying each other…

Learning. Teaching. Laughing. Crying. Smiling.


I try to imagine what my blog would have been if I blogged as a child, you know, before I knew:

1. I’d have a computer, in my home.

2. I’d use this computer to tell perfect strangers (well, maybe not perfect) stuff about my life.

3. My worst recurring nightmare wasn’t fear, it was the fear of fear.

4. Bacon would become both hero and villain.

5.  Everyone lied to me about stuff, including but not limited to: Santa, this won’t hurt (it did), The Tooth Fairy, being “almost there” (we weren’t), there was no more chocolate (there was), and that I’d use math in real life…


6. Life is less Game of Life and more Monopoly.

7. Power is a commodity, not necessarily the one that lights up your home.

8. What skin tags are, let alone having them.

9. The world is crawling with serial killers, if TV is to be believed.

10. Some people will still be mean, even as adults.

11. I’d use numbers from a fortune cookie for lottery tickets.

12. My body would be my worst enemy.

13. I’d look more like Jessica Fletcher than Jessica Alba.

14. I’d still be watching Doctor Who, Monty Python, and so would my teen son.

15. I’d lose hours of my life to a mysterious world that delivers weird yet amusing things to me right at home (yes, including pizza and Amazon).


16. I’d ever tire of Christmas (well, the commercialism of Christmas).

17. I’d try figgy pudding…get out there – try, visit, read, comment, share, take part in something different.

18. I’d let zombies into my home at least once a week…and love it.

19. You can’t eat all the cake, you have to share it, same goes for blogging.

20. I’d have many families – the one I was born into, the ones I found and found me, the ones I’ve made, and this amazing blogging community.


So get out there, hakuna matata – visit some blogs, enjoy each other, and never forget, you’re not alone.


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Jujumagumbo or my version of a Boxing Day Blowout


I know that you know that I’m not braving the crowds…I’ve spent the day walking, reading, playing games, still trying to get over last night’s Doctor Who Inception/Alien/Santa episode, eating leftovers, watching Psych with my son…and avoiding the chocolates calling my name from the pantry.

I adore Monty Python, like, forever (even got a Ministry of Silly Walks watch for Christmas, awesomeness), so I borrowed a digital copy of The Gospel According to Monty Python (First Edition Design Publishing) on for the price of an honest review, for which they might be sorry. The author, Julian Doyle, best known for directing Kate Bush’s epic, Cloudbusting video (with the amazing Donald Sutherland) and Iron Maiden’s Can I Play with Madness? video (Graham Chapman in one of his last appearances before his 1989 death); also worked in various parts of filmmaking, editing, special effects, etc., even the policeman who puts his hand over the lens at the end of Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

Fans know Python not only pushes the envelope, but licks it shut, stamps it, mails it off knowing it’s going around the world to cause havoc and laughter, then waits for it to return, runs the envelope over with a steamroller before opening it and realizing it’s not their mail. I expected great things from this book, it’s there, but much is incoherent. Bits and bobs are fascinating and funny, others incomprehensible in the garbly gobbly gook. I’m sure with government funding this post could have been a lot sillier, ok, I’ve regressed to Ministry of Silly Walks again.1psych9

As for Psych, still one of the best gifts of laughter for any time of year, I needed at least 2 more seasons…and a movie. Please?

Playing board games, always fun, but playing video games, for me, like taking a banana to a gun fight, my only hope is someone will slip on the banana peel so I can run.

Sadly, the chocolates calling my name have gotten louder as I type this, drowning out any rational arguments as to why they should not be devoured.

Mmmm, maybe some chocolate-covered pineapplePsych fans will understand.1choc24

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And how does that make you feel?


Two middle-aged man, sitting in chairs, with takeout coffee, both casually dressed.

DOC, it’s happening again! I was doing so well. I had twenty-eight days without incident.
That’s real progress, SETH.
I can’t sleep, the words, the pictures, the music!!!
How does that make you feel?
Tired. Like I need more coffee.
Tell me about it.
I’ve been streaming again, Doc, it’s bad.
How does that make you feel?
Dizzy. Trying to watch any movies or TV shows, even listen to music is messed up. I tried Predator and Magnum PI, but it was too much.
Understandable, the heat signatures alone would be overwhelming. Did you try the relaxation techniques we practiced?
I tried, but it felt like I was in a dream within a dream, then I snapped.
Tell me about ‘snapped’.
I kept repeating my affirmation, I embrace the changes while flowing with the rhythm of the originals.
Did that help?
I couldn’t take Star Trek, Shawshank Redemption, Star Wars, The Shining, Lord of the Rings, and Lost seriously, the gags, the cutaways, the jokes, the spoofs kept intruding.
Seth, deep breaths.
Doc, I talk like Stewie, have Mel Brooks as a pin-up, Monty Python as my screen saver, Cartman doing Poker Face as my ringtone. Where will it stop?
That’s up to you, Seth.
I can’t watch Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln commercials without thinking of Jim Carrey’s Lincoln commercials on SNL. I feel like clawing my face off, like that guy in Poltergeist who needed to cut out late night snacking.
That’s perfectly natural, Seth, most people have felt that way watching Jim Carrey.

I haven’t gone to work or showered, I have 2001 phone messages. What’s going to happen when the parodies come out of Jurassic World and the latest Star Wars?
Seth, this is a safe place. Look around, you’re in the Parody Support Group.

Camera pans out – several other men and women – also sitting in chairs.

Doc, what if I’m in the parody of the Parody Support Group?
Are you laughing?
You’re safe right now, take some deep breaths while Al tells us about how he lost on Jeopardy.

Fade to black.


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All Brontosauruses Are Thin On One End

1bronto3I don’t know why I thought of this Brontosaurus Monty Python skit today, maybe because I have a sore throat and John Cleese spends a good deal of the time clearing his throat, and it’s better to laugh and think of John Cleese being hilariously annoying than think of Ebola? No clue. Yet somehow my mind went there. If you’ve ever seen this skit (see skit included) you’ll know that it takes Cleese’s character Anne Elk a very, very long time to eventually tell the audience and terribly patient interviewer played by the late and beyond great Graham Chapman (Us Yellowbeards are never more dangerous than when we’re dead!) her point.

1bronto5Maybe the book I was reading, A Killer Retreat by Tracy Weber (Midnight Ink), the 2nd book in the A Downward Dog Mystery series, the first was Murder Strikes A Pose, made me think of the Monty Python skit as well because it was soooo slow and it seemed to take a looooong time to get through it.

It was a decent mystery. Cool that the author incorporated yoga, dogs, and vegans into the story, but wow, it was too long. And I didn’t particularly like the main character, she just seemed all whiny-First-World-Problems-poor-me. Mostly everything that went wrong was her own fault, but she seemed oblivious. She didn’t treat people well. The odd part was, I liked the other characters in the book, especially Bella the German Shepherd, I think I even liked the killer (no spoilers) more that Kate (no offence to any real-world Kates). I noticed this in the first book as well. It’s always a strange experience to read a book where you don’t like the protagonist, but you like the book.

I know a lot of purists of the murder mystery genre dislike these cottage industry murder mysteries centered around cooking, shopping, interior design, sewing, B&Bs, inns, Christmas, Halloween, yoga, etc. The nicheness of these domestic mysteries irks the diehard murder mystery buffs, but I often find them entertaining and quirky.1bronto10I enjoy yoga and it’s helped so much with my Fibromyalgia, I highly recommend it and Tai Chi, although I sincerely hope that murder and yoga never go together except in books, or Tai Chi and murder either, in fact, let’s leave any sort of murder to books, movies, TV, and maybe a Murder Mystery Party, wait, is that even still a thing?

I always assumed the gang at Monty Python were trying to make a point about people not getting to the point quickly enough and when they did, their point had already been said or done. 1bronto8

I’m off to drink some warm lemon water and I will leave you with these words of wisdom, Speak less, listen more, speak the truth and do no harm, also, all Brontosauruses are thin at one end, much much thicker in the middle, and then thin again at the far end. Namaste.