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Compassion Never Goes Out of Style

It really doesn’t. Compassion never, ever goes out of style. It’s timeless. It’s priceless. It’s the “little black dress” of caring.


When you rise
you should
bring others with you;
when you descend,
invite no one else along.

Sometimes you will hate.
Choose love.
Sometimes you will be indifferent.
Choose compassion.
Sometimes you will despair.
Choose hope.

Was there always so much anger in the world or does the internet just give it a longer reach?

I guess there were always bullies, meanies, thugs, just generally, nasties.

Maybe there were cave people who told other cave people they were terrible at cave drawings.

But the vitriol online? Treating others as you would want to be treated hasn’t changed because of the anonymity of the internet.

The internet can bring people together, to help, to spread information, but it also has a sinister side where people abuse, use, and destroy others, sometimes for sport.

There are too many Human Tornados – charming and convincing, they cut a path of destruction wherever they…

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Very me

3 thoughts on “Compassion Never Goes Out of Style

  1. I wish I could set a good example and say it’s the way I live my life. Unfortunately, after four years of Trumpian politics, I can’t. I hope to get much better again soon though. I hope the various vaccines bring some much-needed relief during 2021 and we don’t forget the bravery and kindness of all the medical staff who put their lives at risk for us. We must remember everyone who wore a mask to keep us safe and the suffering of all the small firms who had to close, maybe forever. Make a New Year’s Resolution to be kind .
    Hugs beautiful Donna.


    1. I think the past few years would try any man’s or woman’s souls, dear David and you know, all we can do is keep giving our best and hoping for the best. I think even the smallest acts of kindness and compassion have ripple effects and all the kindness and compassion you’ve given out has made huge waves of joy. Massive you’re awesome and you just keep causing smiles hugs xoxoxo


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