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Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

Is this what’s wrong with us, FOMO – Christmas Fear of Missing Out? You’re not missing out, you’re saving someone. Christmas, the spirit of Christmas – kindness, compassion, empathy, joy, hope – those should always be in our heart.



Society is degenerating to a constant state of anxiety and fear, especially the fear of missing out. What if we missed an email, text, post, tweet, party, sale, invitation, night out, gossip, especially about celebrities, trips, trends…what if we just missed something? The only thing we don’t fear missing out on…voting.


While reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by the stunningly beautiful, talented, and hilarious Mindy Kaling(Three Rivers Press) I had an a-ha moment. The book itself was funny, charming, authentic, very much what you’d expect from the writer and star of The Mindy Project and The Office, she’s a hot mess and makes it work, but I started thinking about why more and more people are more depressed, stressed, anxious, suicidal, homicidal, etc. than ever, even children. I’m sure there are multiple reasons, but being in constant contact, rampant consumerism, extreme inequality, and…

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Very me

2 thoughts on “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

  1. I have totally isolated myself to protect myself and friends with immune disorders. Sometimes I feel lonely but this is the smallest thing I can do to be compassionate to my community. Imagine how awful it was during the 1918 flu pandemic? Great post.


    1. I know, at least we’re staying connected, and in any way we can that helps with the isolation. It’s really hard to understand how it felt over a 100 years ago, I wonder if they followed instructions better. 😉
      Big hugs. Stay safe. Stay you. xoxo

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