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Tomorrow Tomorrow I Love Ya Tomorrow

I dreamed
I read
I danced
I sang
I loved
was loved
My mind full of me
Until youth ran from me
~D. Parker

Have you ever had one of those odd weeks, where you had to choose from odd choices? I did, and it seemed as though my viewing and reading, though vastly different, all had a common theme, at least, in my mind: choices.

Gone Girl. Mesmerizing, mostly due to Rosamund Pike’s luminously disturbing performance. The choices in this film and the fall-out of them had me speculating, head-shakingly weirded-out, kind of appalled and that wasn’t even by Ben Affleck’s ‘acting’. Pretty sure this goes into the movies-not-to-see-on-a-first-date category –

Zoo. Sorry, not Zoo Station by U2, but that would be a cool theme song, this Zoo is the TV adaptation of James Patterson’s bestselling-creepy-makes-Blackfish-look-like-Disneyland novel about how animal behaviours are changing and becoming more aggressive toward humans (gee, I can’t understand why, we’ve been sooo nice to them) due to choices and changes we’ve made.

Annie. I love Annie’s gumption and her choice to never be limited, to meet her hard-knock life with a smile, a song, kindness, and courage. I tried to watch the latest version, I don’t care what you change, as long as you don’t mangle the songs…yup, they mangled the songs.

Poldark. You’d think the trials and tribulations of people in the 1800s would at some point cease to be enthralling and yet…not even slightly, BBC, Masterpiece me some more! 40 years after the first run of this series, Aidan Turner (The Hobbit movies, The Tudors, Being Human, TMI, etc.) was chosen to take on the famous role of Capt Ross Poldark and he might give Colin Firth’s Mr Darcy a run for his money…might.

1funny767Miss Emily: A Novel. Ireland’s Nuala O’Connor (Penguin) brings us this fictional re-imagining  of a time in the life of a writer known for her eccentricity almost as much as her poetry, Emily Dickinson.
When I read what I call a coat-tail book (a book that uses a famous historical or fictional character to bolster their success), I think, would this be as good if they hadn’t use a famous name? In this book, I found the main character being Emily Dickinson distracted from a well-written, at times disturbing, but ultimately intriguing story of overcoming trauma, adversity, and anxiety.
The story is told to us with the alternating voices of Emily and an Irish servant girl, Ada, who works for the unconventional Dickinson family in Amherst, Massachusetts. We see how the choices of the main characters and those around them affect lives, but more than that, how they respond to those choices.
With or without the charming voice of Emily Dickinson, an interesting read.

Our choices and the choices of others lead us down many paths, but none of those choices defines us, what we do after, that does.




Very me

69 thoughts on “Tomorrow Tomorrow I Love Ya Tomorrow

  1. Thank you Donna. I’ve been kicking myself for years over my monumentally bad decision to leave NM. I left for a “secure job”… Right away that security diminished in a couple of monetary ways… and frankly, security is not enough. But no matter what i do, how hard i work at it, or what new ways i try, I’m still here. So i started blaming myself for my choices. That didn’t improve anything — go figure. 😀 But thank you again — you always make me feel better. Mega hugs! ❤ 🙂


    1. Oh Teagan, I know what you mean, but you’re right, blaming ourselves for our choices doesn’t improve anything, we just have to work with them or make other choices.
      I’m glad to be of any help. Hope this weekend is a relaxing one. All the best. Megahugs!!!

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  2. Aidan Turner is, without a doubt, The Most Beautiful Man in The World 😀 😀 😀 Thank you for the pics 😀
    I prefered the book of Gone Girl. But that’s often the case when you’ve read the book then seen the film. But I thought they did a really good job with translating a long, complex book to the big screen.
    I’ve started reading the Poldark books and was a bit shocked to find they had condensed 2 books into one 8 episde series. They could have stretched it to 10 LOL giving us more of the lovely Aidan *sulks*


    1. They really didn’t have to condense it, in fact, the original Poldark was like 29 episodes, I say, exceed the original, 30, 40, 50. I’m game. 😉 It’s cool how they included Robin Ellis, the original TV Ross Poldark as Reverend Halse though. But we want more. 😉
      I liked both the book and movie of Gone Girl, but I found the book a tad long.


  3. I just watched Gone Girl the other day… nothing else on… might as well use HBO now and then… we are paying for it. It didn’t totally suck, but it wasn’t a fun film either. Good post.


  4. Agree with you entirely about Gone Girl. I got lost in Poldark but probably because I tried watching after a couple of glasses of wine! I’ll have to try again. Love your poem. ))))


  5. A good medley of poem, pics, and stories. I have seen ‘gone girl’ and join your chorus of acclaim for rosamund pike’s histrionics. The sense of loss and missed opportunities in your poem, Donna, and the book on Emily Dickinson together with her ‘nobody’ poem were eminently readable…best wishes.


  6. I just saw Gone Girl not long ago and thought it was pretty crazy. I didn’t read the book, but I’m sure the movie didn’t do it any justice. It’s always hard to translate a book into a movie, and I’m nearly always disappointed.


  7. LOL. My kids used to ask me to sing the ‘betchyourbottomdollar’ song when we were in the car. It was the Tomorrow song from Annie.


  8. I am glad you talked about Poldark. I keep seeing it go by and I usually am about to watch something else. The way you describe it I just know it’s the sort of thing I would enjoy. You mentioned Colin Firth in the same paragraph and that’s a pretty high standard 🙂


  9. I haven’t seen Gone Girl, but I went on a first date to see Hitch. It seems like it would be great as a first date movie, what with it being a romantic comedy, but it is horrible! Movies about getting women to fall in love with you? Not the best for first dates.

    On the plus side, I am still good friends with the guy I went to the movie with. I even went to his wedding a few weeks ago!


  10. Gone Girl was soooo interesting, Donna. I loved to hate them and hated to love them, yet at some point in the movie I did, both of them. Of course, at other points I wanted to feed each of them to worked up Animals. Oy.


    1. It certainly had me thinking and saying really? really? in my head too often, maybe even once aloud. 😉
      Yes, we could feed to the animals in Zoo or force them to listen to the new Annie, maybe that would teach them. 😉


    1. Aww, the joys of WordPress…it’s lovely when it works, but the ever-changing changes get a tad tiresome, especially when they’re not needed. 😉
      Thank you so much for the lovely reblog, Ian…feeling quite spoiled (please continue). 😉
      Hope this day is being good to you. 🙂

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  11. I like the “ZOO” tv show. I give the writers, or story adapters kudos. The book ZOO was so bad I could not finish it. It is nothing like the TV show, so a word of advice is that if you like the TV show, do not buy the book! I give the book one star out of five–the star is for the cover. Did the book get better at the end? I cannot speak to that, but my spidey sense tells me no. Enjoy your entertainment references. I watch far too much TV, but that is the way it is.


    1. The book was an odd read, as though Patterson really knew what he wanted to say but was struggling to say it without sounding preachy. I liked parts of it more than others, but they seem to be delivering the message better on the show.


  12. Over here Aidan Turner has pretty much taken Colin Firth’s place. The man had held it for 20 years and it was time to move on as a nation.

    I only watched the original series of Poldark because my mum wanted to watch it and wasn’t that taken with it. I thought Francis was better looking that Ross and more fun, and you weren’t supposed to think that. There’s one scene, however, that has stuck with me for over forty years and I hope they do it justice in the new adaptation when they get to it.


  13. Oh my the butchering of Annie continues forever and a day. I only think I’d be able to stand it if the guy who did In The Heights and Hamilton did a version of Annie. Anything other than the original stage or movie is acceptable in my book. You did however give me some great suggestions as far as what I need to be watching and reading. I’m just now emerging from Dante’s inferno version of of hell AKA what my 1st grader and preschooler choose to think is must see theater and reading material. Glad I chose to go through all the links on last weeks Blog Share Learn link party. I’ve already found a few more great blogs to read (yours included)!


    1. Patty, so glad you could drop by. Love Elena and her #BlogShareLearn linkys, so much fun and you just never know who you’re going to meet or re-meet. 😉
      I’m never sure why they can’t just leave the classics alone and try some originals.
      I remember those days well, Patty, it’s amazing what you watch with your little ones…I still have so many songs in my head still. 😉
      Hope this week is treating you kindly so far. 🙂


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