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The More The Scarier! and readers of every age.
Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?
Come with me and you will see.
This, our blog party of Halloween!
Share it once, share it twice.
Take a chance and roll the dice.
Ride with the moon in the dead of night.
Everybody scream, everybody scream!

In this blog party (share your links to your or others blog posts, books, social media, whatever!) of Halloween (or not)!

The more the scarier!!! #TheMoreTheScarier

  • Memories shape our lives and we cling to them as a witch clings to her flying broom (or vacuum). Some memories are comforting, others haunting. Do you remember the first time you heard: One-Eyed, One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater? How about Monster Mash? Thriller? Dead Man’s Party… for the Devil, Time Warp, (Don’t Fear) The Reaper, Devil Went Down To Georgia…, Welcome to my Nightmare, This Is Halloween…Who You Gonna Call? (Ghostbusters)2018 version:  Who You Gonna Text? (Emojibusters)

  • For some, Halloween is another kind of Christmas. It’s been 25 years since I stood in line on opening day to see Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and sometimes it feels like yesterday.

  • Hocus Pocus  came out the same year and it’s cheesiness put a spell on me for all time.

  • Halloween attacked theaters (1978, 40 years ago and still today) and thanks to lax age rules back then, I probably saw it on the big screen. I heard that music and I was transfixed, they had me. Then the cinematography sucked me into the vortex of Michael Myers; I was right there, running scared with Laurie Strode/Jamie Leigh Curtis (Final Girls rule!)

  • Night of the Living Dead  was 50 years ago and sadly, the ending stands up the most in these troubled times, proving the point, the more things change the more they stay the same.

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show – 43 years and counting of fish nets, great tunes and, er, toast?

  • Netflix’s vision of The Haunting of Hill House may thrill and chill you. Starring Michiel Huisman of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society   -thanks Netflix for keeping the original book titles, for both and possibly for redoing Sabrina, I think I’m missing the teenage witch angst campiness, but adding Michelle Gomez  aka Missy from Doctor Who , genius!), Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Nashville; also, Timothy Hutton; Carla Gugino; Henry Thomas (E.T. Phone Home!) more, it’s not too scary, er, depending on your definition of scary.

  • Welcome To My Nightmare, dear readers…

  • Something wicked this way comes and horror gives us a way to examine the scary, horrifying, most frightening, the darkest parts of our world in a safe space, so you might say we horror fans are the original snowflakes…let’s hope we don’t melt.

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Enter At Your Own Risk any luck this time, next year, I’ll be blogging more and a published author (gee, maybe I should finish writing a book first, but I want to believe). But for now, let me say, without hope or agenda, just because it’s Halloween (and at Halloween you tell the truth), to me, dear readers, you are perfect and my wasted heart will love you until you look like this (no, not Andrew Lincoln, the one below)…
Merry Halloween

Is reality just a figment of someone’s wild imagination? What if none of this is real, what if we’re all characters in some bizarre game, er, maybe I should cut down on Westworld  watching, but am I really supposed to believe this is real? What if I’m in a coma and dreaming all this? Or in a TV show, snowglobe, in a virtual reality machine…Maybe living in words between words. So if you’re waiting for another page to be written, why not write it ourselves?

Hot Patootie – Bless My Soul, this is a topsy-turvy world, onlineness takes its toll, but read closely, not for very much longer…

Since children now watch/play more ‘adult’ TV, movies, and games, I assume holiday specials will soon catch up: You’re A Zombie, Charlie Brown; It’s A Wonderful Murder; Frosty The Hitman; Rudolph the Red-Nosed Drunk; The 12 Armed Conflicts of Christmas; A Christmas Sex Tape; and Twas The Fight Before Christmas.

Nervous about your colonoscopy cause it’s your first time? Hopefully you get an intern who kindly explains, no worries, it’s his first time too (don’t know if he was kidding, thankfully my doctor was also there).

– Books in any form are still one of life’s absolute pleasures – I’m a happy bookoholic, I bought 144 books for $30 at my city’s library sale! Oh why can’t I just read all day everyday?

– Tim Curry (saucy minx), now The Narrator/Criminologist, he’ll always be Frank-N-Furter to me – lovely to see him working after his stroke.

Doctor Who  returned, well, at least The Doctor, only briefly in the spin-off, Class – Correctamundo, but without David Tennant.
The Walking Dead can still make me feel wobbly, as the Season 7 opener taught me, no spoilers, if you watch it, you know what happened; if you’re going to watch it at some point, you’ll watch it; and if you don’t, you don’t care.
And crawling on the planet’s face, some insects called the human race, too often worshiping at the altar of celebrity, lost in time, lost in space and I’m hoping for more meaning, maybe when the election’s over. Please!!!

Just in time for Halloween,  I happily watched the less campy, less raunchy, but extremely entertaining TV reboot of The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do The Time Warp AgainReeve Carney aka rock star Dorian Gray (sigh, I miss Penny Dreadful, Ivy Levan, and Laverne Cox (Orange Is The New Black  killed it in this reboot. But it made me wonder, hmmm, is this actually like blogging?

1. You see others doing something and get engaged  in the process. You want to share your blogging bliss, but break down in a blog storm, then have to get ‘help’. Enter at your own risk…

2. Then you experience things in a whole different way. I remember doing the Blog Warp. Drinking those moments when, the blogness would hit me and the blogvoid keeps calling. Let’s do the Blog Warp again! With a bit of a mind flip, you’re into the blog slip and nothing can ever be the same…

 3. You find yourself doing things you’ve never done before, meeting people that might be from a different planet when you only wanted to blog. It was great when it all began, I was a regular blogging fan…Now I finally understand, loss and pain carve a great big hole for the joy to land.

4. Blogging, not as wild as Rocky Horror, but you feel exposed, like you’re standing around in your undergarments in the social media castle. Now, blogbabies, don’t you panic. So come up to the blog-lab, see what’s on the blog-slab, I see you shiver in antici…blog…pation! Don’t dream it, blog it.

5. If you question how or why you’re blogging, if you’re doing it ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, close your eyes, smile and know – the darkness must go down the river of night’s dreaming. Flow morphia slow. Let the sun and light (aka other bloggers and readers) come streaming into your bloglife, into your bloglife…

I like to have fun, dance, and sing, I’m bored with angry people blaming everyone for their problems and thinking there are magical solutions.

So thank you, Richard O’Brien, after all these years you still block the angry noise and make me remember throwing toast, yelling borrr-ring, a newspaper over my head, lighter in hand, dressed as Riff Raff (I looked for pictures, but in those days we were too busy being it). Mmmm, meatloaf for supper tonight?

Just a jump to left and a step to the right, thanks for dropping by – Happy Halloween and have a safe and yummy night!

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These Foolish Things

1foolish15It was quite late when I watched the film, These Foolish Things. I fancied this would have been a funny and interesting episode of The Walking Dead…well, except Andrew Lincoln was too clean, there were no zombies, and most notably, he didn’t kill anyone, not that it wasn’t tempting for him, I’m sure.

Then my mind jumped to how cool it would be, if the other actors in the movie, like Terence Stamp and Anjelica Houston showed up in an episode of The Walking Dead – people might not be so scared of the zombies then.

These Foolish Things, a fine movie based on the hilarious Noel Langley novel, There’s A Porpoise Close Behind Us, or as an alternate title to parts of my life.

I wish this adaptation was less melodramatic love triangle and more humour, although letting Terence Stamp have a go at it worked, in a big way.

1foolish10I don’t know if it was conscious decision, but next I rewatched the latest Sense and Sensibility, starring David Morrissey and Dan Stevens, which in my tired brain made me think of combining The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey…hmm, The Downton Dead?

I love the Emma Thompson version of Sense and Sensibility, but this adaptation is more visceral with substantial intensity and sensuality, implied of course, this is Jane Austen after all. Austen was able to extend and express herself, you can really feel the frustration of the women as their circumstances are reduced, but with no ability to raise them up, except to the glass ceiling of marriage.

This timeless tale of love found and lost and found again is a classic for a reason, it doesn’t matter how many adaptations, the power of Austen’s story shines through.

Still on the subject of Jane Austen and zombies, I was pleased to hear the movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies based on the book by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith (Quirk Books) has begun filming.

The cast is an intriguing mix: Matt Smith (Doctor Who fans know him as the 11th Doctor).1dead14 Charles Dance and Lena Headey from Game of Thrones. Father and daughter again? At least they’re used to a high body count. Lily James (Rose from Downton Abbey), Bella Heathcoate, Sam Riley, Douglas Booth, Jack Houston and more. Natalie Portman, unfortunately, is going to produce instead of star, as was originally suggested.

I love Austen, but I’m not a purist, I think it’s cool reading or watching genres collide.

It’s not such a stretch, death during the Regency period was a complicated matter.
Women weren’t allowed at funerals because of their delicate sensibilities yet somehow that fragility didn’t extend to preparing the deceased.
Speeches weren’t allowed in graveyards because it was consecrated ground.1dead6
Cages or concrete slabs on graves, under certain circumstances, even stakes through the heart – all intended to prevent premature resurrection (oh my!).
Posed photos of the dead.
All the literature and folklore concerning the dead…
Zombies would have fit right in.

Over 200 years ago, Jane Austen gave the world Pride and Prejudice.

5 years ago, it was reanimated, ready to take a bite out of the world…

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Dead White and Blue

1dead1Maybe you didn’t watch The Walking Dead when it first aired in 2010.

Maybe you were too young to watch it.

Maybe you’ve been watching other things.

Maybe you don’t really like zombie shows, but everyone keeps telling you that you should be watching The Walking Dead.

Maybe you want to know why people talk about: Daryl, Rick, Michonne, Carl, Lori, Andrea, The Governor, Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Sophia, Merle, Beth, Maggie, Hershel, Dr. Jenner, Glenn, Shane, Duane, Morgan, Axel, Judith, Sasha, Bob, Tara, Eugene, Milton, Dale, Gareth, Abraham as though they’re family and friends.

Maybe you’re just curious.

Maybe you’re bored.

Or maybe you just want to relive it all over again…

The Walking 1dead3Dead, based on a comic book series by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore w/ Charlie Adlard, Rus Wooton, Cliff Rathburn, Stefano Gaudiano (Image Comics) follows a group of survivors, the main focus Sheriff Rick Grimes (played in the AMC series by Andrew Lincoln), in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The show isn’t just about zombies, but about the people, how they survive in this new and terrifying world.

Then of course there’s the aftershow, Talking Dead starring The Nerdist, Chris Hardwick and various guests talking about, you guessed it, The Walking Dead.

Starting Friday July 4th all 4 seasons plus goodies will air on AMC as a marathon so you can catch up, or watch it again, or watch something else.

If you’re a fan you won’t want to miss Sunday July 6 at 9pm when Talking Dead does a Season 5 Preview Special so we can have a nibble of what our intrepid apocalyptic outlivers of the zombies are up to; that might tide us over until October 2014.
Showrunner and executive producer Scott M. Gimple and actress Aisha Tyler join Hardwick to dish about all the zombie and human happenings in and around Terminus… like brains through the hourglass so are the Days of our Zombies.


Then Tuesday July 8 and Tuesday July 15th fans can sink their teeth into 2 new documentaries about The Walking Dead, showing how the show is made and going to zombie summer school.wd50

So if you can pull yourself away from your BBQs (saw no if Denise Crosby offers you some),
looking at the flowers,
fireworks (careful, that noise would not only attract a zombie horde, but cover their approach),
and the endless reshowing of Independence Day,
Dead White & Blue is perfect for you.


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Why Zombies Won’t Rule

1. Zombies are, so far, an analogy for over-consumption. We don’t have to worry about zombies, we’re killing ourselves off quite effectively.


2. Zombies seem relentless, but have no ambition, sort of like teens at a mall.

3. Zombie genre is hyper-focused on what zombies would do to humans. Not much about what nature would do to these walking smorgasbords. Nature doesn’t need fresh meat, many love decaying flesh. First the blowflies, flesh flies and maggots. Also, vultures, burying beetles, lions, wolves, dogs, eagles, hawks, coyotes, crows, raccoons, tigers, hyenas, etc. And cockroaches – they can live up to a week without a head, can’t say the same for zombies.


4. They’re dead and only getting deader. Weather, nature, and decomposition works wonders on the complexion and can make the average zombie into a sticky puddle of botox-won’t-help-that-sweetie-mess in no time.

5.  Think of the zombie apocalypse as a Home Alone movie, but with zombies instead of inept burglars. They can’t strategize, they’re easily tricked, they don’t notice traps. Try sandbags, fences, walls, doors, boarded up windows, spikes, barbed wire, fire, or maybe even marbles, icy stairs, hot door knobs, paint cans, etc. would work.

6. No one really explains how zombies overcome the military. Zombies move toward armies, have no defenses, don’t retreat. This doesn’t even work as a Risk game.

wd707. As free-range humans become more scarce so would the food source; we’re just not that reliable. Also, we fight back.

8. Humans could get to islands, fortified or remote locations, and structures to wait until the zombies decompose.

 9. Humans generally know more about survival now, ie. Water purification tabs, weapons, decoy camps, Dakota fire pits, how to purify urine to drink it, making a stove out of a soda can, etc.wd72

10. I think Nerds will save us. They have special skills, right? Video games have taught them survival skills, including using a sniper riffle, crossbow, etc. Most already exist on processed foods. They’re used to staying up for days on end, they’re patient, and they don’t feel the need for a companionship. Also, they can figure out a way to start getting power back on, etc. They can read maps, are used to quests, and really, it’s as though they’ve been training for an apocalyptic event since the first time their hands touched a controller. Let’s hope these video game skills translate into life skills, wait, maybe I shouldn’t pin too much hope on this.

I just hope if the zombie apocalypse happens they’re the slow zombies, not the fast ones. I think I can survive the slow, shuffling ones, but those fast ones, not so much.wd75

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Why Zombies Will Rule


1. Zombies won’t just be dangerous because of the biting flesh part, they’re rotting corpses. Think about all the diseases they would cause, not to mention all the scavengers and parasites they would attract. Like some people you may know, zombies are toxic, but literally.

2. Zombies don’t need to sleep.

3. They’re not distracted by TV, the internet, cell phones, etc.

4. They don’t have any vices.

5. Zombies don’t get sick, I mean eventually they decompose, but who knows how long that will take?

6. Society will fall apart if they don’t have cell phones, the internet, TV, etc.wd76

7. Sadly, Zombies will kill off children and probably their parents quickly, come on, think of how long it takes to get the average toddler to put on their shoes, get to sleep, etc…and how would they stay quiet enough? How would they be amused without technology?


8.  Zombies don’t get bored and don’t need entertaining, they just wait around for food to be delivered to them or they wander around looking for takeout.

9. So many people are too apathetic or lazy to even get out and vote which effects your life just as much as zombies (have you seen some politicians?). How are they going to survive?

wd8810. Statistically as there are more zombies and less humans, well, you do the math…the odds are against us.


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The Walking Dead – They’re screwing with the wrong people

wd65The Walking Dead did exactly as they intended…left me wanting more.

And then Chris Hardwick tried to soften the loss on Talking Dead by saying The Walking Dead will return for Season 5 In The Fall. The Fall? The Fall?

Like somehow saying it’s Spring, Summer, and part of Autumn away makes it sound any better.

Just be brutal Chris, say it, say the words, it won’t be back until October.

We’ll be out of sandals and shorts again by then…Why? Why?

The episode was wild and how do I do this without spoilers? It will tear your throat out…

While I wasn’t shocked by the episode, after all, the graphic novels covered most of this already, with a few changes here and there, it was an interesting place for a TV show to go.

I can’t say as I disagree with Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) actions, and it does take the character to a different, more lethal and powerful place.
WD does this often, shows us the duality in people. That depending on circumstances we could all be Jekyll or Hyde.

And who knows what we would do during a zombie apocalypse? Who knows who would be or become?


It was fantastic to have Hershel (Scott Wilson) back, if only in flashbacks. He was there to remind us, it’s always right now.


So Spring will bloom, Summer swelter, September will creep up and then once, it will be The Walking Dead season when we will find out how…no, I’m not going there. Just know that things are going to get much worse before they get better.wd66

Until then, go out and live life.

Play, work, smile, laugh, cry, learn, love, hope, dream, find new things, rediscover old things, and find a sanctuary within you.

Now how about some BBQ?