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christmas20110 years ago we were given this gift although some might now consider it so…
Sap heaped upon syrup piled upon sugar, but still funny and with some quite meaningful and even poignant moments.

There are many faces of love, many stories, these are only a few, but what a lovely few.
Sure some parts hamper the flow and dreadfully contrived, but the message is lovely.

My fav bits are about Billy Mack (Bill Nighy) and Joe (Gregor Fisher) and their bond. Nighy’s striptease is priceless.
Hugh Grant as Prime christmas202Minister of England is delightful, especially his impromptu victory dance around 10 Downing Street and his conversation with Margaret Thatcher’s portrait, the saucy minx. Billy Bob Thornton is scarily good as the smarmy President of the United States.
Rowan Atkinson is fantastic, as always.
Colin Firth is charming, of course.
Andrew Lincoln (yes, now Rick with his American twang of Walking Dead fame) is most memorable. You just want him to make signs for you…or kill zombies for you.
christmas205The quintessential Christmas feel good movie…what’s so wrong about that?



Very me

5 thoughts on “LOVE ACTUALLY

  1. Love Actually
    This is a great movie as well… Hugh Grant and Colin Firth can make any movie great…
    You’ve got to watch it, if you haven’t.


    1. Wow, thank you so much for including so many of my links!!! Very kind of you and a great way to spread the Christmas joy! And I’m in terrific company! Happy Holidays and all the best in 2017! 🙂


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