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So You’ve Ruined Your Life…Now What?

So You Ruined Your Life...Now What?You ruined my life!
My life is ruined!
They’re ruining my life!
People use the word ruin a lot,
I do not think it means
what they think it means.
Your life can be altered,
sometimes in extremely
negative ways,
perhaps even
screwed up royally,
but your life
can’t be ruined…

So what if you:

1. Shared a picture, tweet, post, status update etc. that has offended, disturbed, cost you a job, relationship, friendship, and/or caused massive backlash? Learn from it. People are complex, multidimensional, social media tends to be flat, a moment frozen in time which you have no idea how people are viewing or why, what their filter is, what their life experiences are, etc. It’s so easy to offend on social media, if I haven’t done so already, keep reading, odds are someone will be offended by this.

2. Stayed too long and put too much into trying to save a toxic relationship, whether with a partner, friend, family member? ‘Bad’ relationships can lead to low self-esteem, depression, resentment, fatigue – a waste of time and energy. You’ve got to know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em, that isn’t just in poker.


3. Ate too much over the holidays? Spent too much over the holidays? Exercised too little? No use beating yourself up, accept responsibility and change.

4. Fell in love and fell hard…with stuff. It’s easy to do, shopping in stores, online, it’s exciting, it’s cool, it’s fun, everyone praises and envies your stuff; like any addiction you can choose what you feed it. Is the gratification worth the consequences?


5. Believed things you heard or read or watched. We’ve all done it, but there’s a lot of bad or just plain wrong information, especially on the internet. Take things with a hefty truckload of salt.

6. Been complacent. You hoped governments and corporations had your best interests at heart. They don’t. They should. But they don’t.


7. Forgot gratitude and took things for granted. I’m sure we’ve all done this, you get comfortable with people, things and you forget – they can all disappear. It’s so easy to accept, expect, and forget to be thankful. Broken record here, but learn from it.

8. Worried too much about what you say or do. Being yourself is so last year and what if you offend someone or they don’t like something you said or did? You can’t please everyone, so unless you’re hurting someone, this too shall pass. If they don’t like you when you’re really you, move on.


9. Gave up on dreams, decided to settle? It may not be too late, at least to have a modified version of those dreams. Keep trying.

10. You’ve fallen and you stayed there…There’s no time limit on getting back up. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, get up, dust off, you’re back!



Very me

110 thoughts on “So You’ve Ruined Your Life…Now What?

  1. I like that idea that your life is never “ruined” but that it is only “altered.” That makes dealing with tough situations a lot easier because you can put a positive spin on it. There is always a chance to fix things and improve your life.


  2. When my son was little, we bought him a winter coat that was a size too big – because kids grow so fast and, you know, money doesn’t. He fell down in the snow one day and couldn’t get up; it was like seeing a turtle flipped over on his back. But what disturbed him more than falling, apparently, was that he couldn’t see, because he called out “Help! Help! I’ve fallen, and I don’t know where!”

    The kid had it right. Where was more important.

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  3. I really liked the reminder in #8 to be grateful for the progress I have made this year. I am in the mid-lands between where I was and where I am going, and feeling the sacrifices along the way. Taking stock helped me be less dissatisfied and keep on course.


  4. Thank you for sharing this post. In my past there has been a toxic friendship, binge shopping in stores and on-line, and failure to express gratitude. Today, I am proud to have “let go” of the negative and to “express” gratitude daily,


    1. lol Thanks so much Ariel. 🙂
      Number 10 really does sum it all up. 🙂
      Office Space, I smile even thinking about that movie. 🙂
      Hope this week is treating you kindly so far. 🙂


  5. Thanks for following my blog! I enjoyed this post and the ensuing discussion. A couple of your pieces of advice reminded me that it’s hard work being a good friend, but worth the effort.


  6. Fun post and great memes. I’m always making extremely dramatic announcements about how I’m going to be zen like. But I’m not quite there yet! And even more ironically, I’ll get impatient with people for not being more chill. Thanks for letting me poke fun at myself a bit there with that last meme.


  7. Love this and it’s so true. Why if I said that after all the mistakes I have made in my life, how could I get up in the morning and go on. But I must confess, I know I’ve said those very words. But I did recover!!!


    1. We’ve all probably thought or said them, but life goes on and I’m glad you recovered! 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by, so pleased you found me so I could find you, well, guess we found each other. 🙂
      Hope this week is being good to you. 🙂


  8. Great post, Donna… Thankful (#8) for the reminder in #10…feel like I’ve been stumbling/muddling through forever ATM…it’s been a tough year (my toughest ever having lost Dad during it), but, all the time I’m muddling through, stumbling forward, (if baby steps count) kinda feel I’m getting back up…half way up at least…:) x


    1. Baby steps totally count, at least I hope so.
      Take your time, the important part is you’re getting up, be gentle with yourself, a terrible loss (I’m so sorry) takes time and care. 🙂
      Hope this weekend treats you kindly and big hugs. 🙂

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  9. Hi Donna…just jumped over from #blogsharelearn and saw that I must have read your mind because my most recent post is sorta similar. I offer about 10 ways we can all make ourselves unhappy. And yeah, even though I’ve probably thought about all of these, I NEVER let myself stay there. Thanks for the reminders! ~Kathy


    1. Kathy, thanks for popping over. 🙂
      Well, great minds think alike (my grandpa used to add, fools seldom differ, but we’ll ignore that last part lol). 😉
      I read your post, loved it and you’re right, there’s too much in the world to make us unhappy, to make others happy we need to be happy…or at least content. 🙂
      Hope this weekend is treating you kindly. 🙂


  10. It’s all about taking responsibility for your own life. I run into assholes daily. I don’t let them determine how I react or change who I am. I have two words I use often, “f*ck ’em.” I always tell people they should cuss more. 😉 – Great post.


  11. Wow – very wise words. I too really do agree with #7 as well. I believe if we would all just come together and let the government, corporations know we don’t agree with the things they are doing things, we could make changes. Just kind of seems like we are all on separate islands, surviving. Makes me think of an abuse victim, so desperate to get out of a situation, but without the energy or the resources to do so.
    Great post!!!!!!
    (PS. Came over from #SundayBlogShare on Twitter)


    1. Thank you kindly. I think you’re right, we’re all so busy surviving and being distracted we forget the strength we’d have if we worked together.
      Love #SundayBlogShare Suzie is awesome, isn’t she? 🙂
      Thanks for popping by, hope this new year is treating you well so far. 🙂

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      1. Yes, I just discovered it as I stumbled onto Twitter this morning. Suzie seems to do a great deal in the blogging community. The new year is off to a good start. Hope all is well with you too!!!!!!!


  12. I’ve come to realize that life comes in cycles—in ebbs and flows. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down; sometimes life is exciting, other times it’s slow. I remind myself of that when I feel bad for not being “successful.”


    1. That’s so very true. And the word ‘successful’ is so subjective, I’ve seen pictures on your blog of how happy your adorable little ones are – you are successful. 🙂
      Hope this week treats you kindly. 🙂


  13. EXCELLENT post – great to keep in mind the week after New Year’s for those who’ve already slipped up on their resolutions!!! Found you through #WeekendBlogShare on Twitter!


    1. Thank you kindly. 🙂
      Love #WeekendBlogShare Vicky is lovely, isn’t she, so generous to bloggers. 🙂
      Hope to see you on Suzie’s #SundayBlogShare – it can get busy, but it’s fun too. 🙂
      Glad we found each other, hope to virtually visit often.


  14. Visiting from Blogger’s Pit Stop at Mostly Blogging.

    When things look really dark, I just tell myself, “Put one foot in front of the other.” It’s worked so far. :O)

    Here’s my Blogger’s Pit Stop.


  15. Hi Donna,
    Great post– supportive and inspirational. Great that you brought this to Blogger’s Pit Stop. Thanks for all the support you give me on Twitter and Facebook. Much appreciated!
    I love seeing so many people here. You are a nice, supportive and helpful (do those mean nice? =)) and you deserve your success.


    1. Hi Janice, always lovely to ‘see’ you, virtually visiting is fun.
      Your Blogger’s Pit Stops are awesome, talk about supportive – it’s certainly an amazing way to wind down, take a break, and meet and greet other bloggers. Can’t wait for the next one!!! 🙂
      I’m lucky so many people come to visit, including you. 🙂
      Hope this week is treating you kindly. 🙂

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  16. Awesome, Donna. I love #10 ‘You’ve fallen and you stayed there…There’s no time limit on getting back up. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, get up, dust off, you’re back!’ I think I should frame this with your name on it.
    Blogger’s Pit Stop


    1. Thank you so much so sharing the #bloglove, Ian. I hope this weekend is treating you well and have a magnificent week ahead. 🙂 I appreciate the reblog, the sharing and all the kind support. Big bloggy hugs xox


    1. Thank you so much, Ian, I’m behind on my comments, but my sentiment remains the same, I am very grateful so this reblog and your kindness. I hope this weekend is treating you well so far. Any ideas for a new title for my bio? 😉
      Best wishes today and every single day. xox


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