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Nobody Puts Bloggers in a Corner upon a time, a woman began a blog; she had no idea what she was doing, but that had never stopped her before. Almost four years passed and she found blogging was just like life, only with fewer calories and even more emails.

1. Life and blogging are about choices. Good? Bad? Who knows, until you make them.

2. If you want chocolate, bacon, butter, donuts, cookies, cake – go for it, but like in blogging, only so much before the clogging…

3. The truth is always out there, whether it comes out or not, you’ll always know it can come out.

4. If you’re going to worry, make it worthwhile. On your deathbed I doubt you’ll be stressing out about if your toes look good in sandals, if you have the biggest house, fanciest car, most jewelry, and who you knew…

5. You’re not the only one. Find someone who also thinks they’re the only one – you might help each other.

6. Having a love affair with cake and cookies can be epic, like, movie epic. Then again, Titanic and Romeo and Juliet…Balance in all things.

7. Laundry is evil and like all evil it grows if you ignore it…even to blog.


8. Be selective how you’re giving your time, it’s the one thing you’ll never get back.

9. Let your imagination run away with you sometimes.

 10. Be a superhero. You don’t need fancy gadgets like Batman, alien powers like Superman, Amazon (ish?) powers like Wonder Woman. No cool suits like Iron Man, Deadpool, or Spiderman…Nope. You just need to care. Be a friend. Be there. Help someone. In the blogworld, ‘Like’ their post. Share their post. Blogging is strange when you’re a stranger…get out there and show some #bloglove Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (awesome, but I wasn’t as hooked on the soundtrack as the first one…I am Groot) – it made me want to run out and help the world. Had to rewatch Guardians of the Galaxy because, hey, Chris Pratt.

11. There’s enough hard stuff in the world and the blogworld, don’t add to it.

12. The worst crime that I ever did, besides listening to rock’n’roll (paraphrasing The Stranglers, with a giggle), was telling myself I wasn’t good enough; if I didn’t believe it, why the Hell else would anyone else?

13. People always say “quit whining”…why? Sometimes, in the midst of a good whine sometimes comes a flash of insight, a bolt of wisdom, a bombshell of brilliant. Again, moderation.

14. If you’re good at something, learn how to be good at it for others too. Have the Time of Your Life. I watched the TV version of Dirty Dancing…made me miss Patrick Swayzeand Jennifer Grey’s nose. Nobody puts bloggers in a corner!

15. Life goes around and around. Watching Twin Peaks: The Return – just as weird, but sadly, less playful –  I’m reminded, you always look back through different eyes. My blog has something to tell you – when you get there, you’ll already be there.

16. You can lead a good life without TV, you can also lead a good life with TV – life doesn’t have to be back and white (TV taught me that).

17. Despite what you may have heard, ‘Grease’ is not the word, but neither are: ‘low-rise’, ‘low-carb’, ‘SEO’, ‘dirt jeans’, ‘alternative facts’, ‘influencer’…

18. Don’t be a wrecking ball (also don’t swing on one naked, you don’t want to become a meme, right Miley Cyrus? ). Try to leave things as good or better than you found them.

19. Watched Girlboss on Netflix, different, in a good way. Britt Robertson (Under The Dome, Life Unexpected, A Dog’s Purpose, etc.), plays charmingly frenetic Sophia. Produced by Charlize Theron  – based on an autobiography of Sophia Amoruso, an American businesswoman, who at 23 started an eBay store, Nasty Girl Vintage, which became multi-million dollar Nasty Girl., Dean Norris (Breaking Bad Under The Dome, X-Files 24, Grey’s Anatomy The Big Bang Theory – everything, does this man sleep?), Norm McDonald (SNL)… Reminded me of an important life/blog lesson, a lot of things can go wrong before, during, and after they go right. I loved how the two friends always said, “Love you, in case I die” to each other, negating that terrible thought, the regret, that if you lost someone they might not know you love them.

20. Gratitude is often misunderstood, you can be poor, sick, longing, grieving, hurting, waiting, low blog stats, and still be grateful. Be grateful.

I probably won’t be blogging much this summer, so Happy Birthday Canada and America

I’ll be here and there, dear readers…and love you, in case I die.

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I’m Hooked on a Feeling can’t fight this feeling, deep inside of me, I’m hooked on a feeling…blogging, you don’t know what you do to me.

I’m not entirely sure how many posts about blogging advice I’ve read in the past couple of years. Some posts were extremely helpful, others decidedly unhelpful, many didn’t pertain to me, and others gibberish. So here’s my best blogging advice that will most certainly change the way you blog forever!

1. Have a blog.

2. Write posts that are 300 words to whatever-your-readers-think-isn’t-too-long. Think of each post as a summer hat, you want it to cover your face and neck, but you don’t want to be the one with that Royal Wedding hat.
3. Add pictures and images to your posts. There are many ways to do this – take photos, make memes, scan, find, paint, draw…and please credit them, if possible.

4. Publish the post – this part is way more important than it seems.

5. Read. Not just books, but other people’s posts as well. If you don’t have time to read, how do you have time to write?

6. Before writing or posting, don’t think about if people will: Like it, share it, reblog it, tweet it, agree, disagree, unfollow, hate you, become your worst nightmare troll, make voodoo dolls of you, or nominate you for awards. Don’t think about becoming rich and famous. Just write. Write, because if you don’t the words will burst out of you like an alien bursting out of your chest! I can’t guarantee they’ll show up at your blogdoor with flowers and candy for each post you write, but it’s worth a try.

7. Think of the internet as a massive, sprawling, loud house party. Sometimes it takes time, effort, and quite a few trips to the ‘refreshment area’ to find people and have them find you.

8. Engage with your readers and other bloggers, be generous, share the works of others, but don’t always expect reciprocation in kind. Think of the blogging community more like a big chain link fence – the links don’t all connect, but altogether they make something strong.

9. Don’t worry about who’s reading or not reading your blog and what they might think, although, you might want to worry if you worry about that too much.

10. Share your work. Be a shameless self-promoting bloghussy – like me! Be as overexposed as Miley Cyrus, wait, even as I type that, it sounds like bad advice. A little mystery goes a long way. The important thing is to be out there, getting experience and learning. Most of all, enjoy the process. Never in the field of human communication has so much been written by so many to so few. It’s a massive virtual haystack (yes, sadly, you’re the needle in this analogy), so just sit back, type on, press publish, and enjoy the ride.

12. Ignore all the aforementioned advice. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy. Get whatever you need from the moment.

What about you, dear readers, what would be your best blogging advice, besides Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga
Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga?

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Big Fish

Big Fish is so emotional and so sincere, depending on the place you’re in, it can be almost difficult to watch, but worth every minute.


Tim Burton directed this after losing his father and mother between 2000-2002. Although not close to either or perhaps because of that, Burton is able to meticulously highlight the pain, sorrow, regret, and joy of the story; each are woven through each shot with a texture only loss can weave.bigfish4

There is no way to explain this movie except to say watching it is an unmitigated pleasure that you will want to  call on again and again.

The cast is exceptional in so many ways: Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Billy Crudup, Jessica Lange, Marion Cotillard, Helena Bonham Carter, Danny DeVito, Robert Guillaume, Matthew McGrory, Steve Buscemi, Alison Lohman, Deep Roy, and Miley Cyrus (credited as Destiny Cyrus) among others.bigfish2

The 1998 novel, Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions by Daniel Wallace gives us this fantastical tale of a man who has an astonishing gift for storytelling. On his deathbed he and his son try to reconcile.

John August follows the same path, but brings the tale onto the screen with words and images that wrap you in soft, warm blanket where you want to sip some tea and press replay.bigfish7

The son thinks he can never trust his father because he obviously wasn’t as his tall tales portrayed. The son had never looked past his own disbelief to his heart where his father’s stories had nestled, where he learned the stories were true in many ways, if he only believed.


A film of rare proportions, with just the right mix adventure, magical storytelling, the glory of life and love, and raw emotion.

And music by Danny Elfman. Never forget that.

When I read the book I cried.

When I saw the movie I openly wept.

And still I never fully understood…

Now, sadly, I do.


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British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee distributed his “informational management proposal” concerning a World Wide Web at CERN, March 12, 1989. As a Christmas gift he released the code to the public, Christmas Day 1990.

20 years ago eBay was launched (still waiting for those Beanie Babies).

20 years ago The White House launched it’s website (if users typed .com instead of .gov they got a porn site – kinda makes Obamacare glitches look boring).

25th14Less than 20 years ago Nokia launched first mobile phone that would connect to the internet.25th15

16 years ago Google was launched.
Thank goodness, what did people spend all their time doing before they could search for:
Miley Cyrus.
What colour our poop should be.
Is Netflix watching me?
The Walking Dead,
The missing plane.
Game of Thrones.
What if your cat looks like Hitler.
Removing massive blood stains.
Why do old bands keep copying Glee songs?25th16
How to use Google.
What does Daryl Dixon’s hair feel like?
Are rhinos just obese unicorns?
Can puppies read minds?
Can I be an alien and not know it?
Do zombies cry?
Kittens that look like Miley Cyrus.
Can Jesus marry?
Can Jesus marry Miley Cyrus?
Is Lena Dunham a ballerina?
Oscar Pistorius.
The weather.
And of course, more kittens.25th57 years ago Estonia holds first online parliamentary elections.

E-commerce is over a trillion per year.25th8

25th9Over 45% of the world has internet access.

Chinese is the dominant language of the internet.

We sure have accepted this technology blindly; hope we’re not sorry.

So thank you Tim Berners-Lee. After 25 years of connecting the planet,  a majority of time online is still spent watching porn, looking up celebrities, playing games, hooking up, clicking on kitten pix, and whining.80s16

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So the Department of National Defence has said it’s a matter of National Security to expropriate prime farmland that was gifted to a soldier into infinity to build a training center for CFB Trenton. Prime farmland is the best choice, after all, why grow food here in Canada when we can import it from well-trusted countries like China.

Frank Meyers is 86 years old and he’s tired from fighting the federal government who have been trying to steal his land for 7 years. He finally, after being threatened and bullied, signed over 200 acres of land the government, land expropriated from him and his family. Heritage buildings torn down like they were nothing.

Frank Meyers is a direct descendant of Captain John Walden Meyers, a Loyalist war hero and founder of Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

The farmland Frank and his ancestors have farmed for almost 216 years was given to Capt Meyers in May 1798 King George III of England for his service and loyalty to the Crown. It was given in perpetuity, that means forever, into infinity, for always.

The incongruity of this story? They need to build a facility to train elite forces which is what Capt Meyers was – the special forces of his time, during the American Revolution.

Back in the day, thifarmer4s guy was a spy, recruiter, soldier, and commando. Patriot parents used him to scare their children into going to bed or eating their veggies with this guy as the bogeyman.

And the King gave him 1000 acres of land for his great service. This government doesn’t care.

Just as they refuse to Honour The Treaties with First Nations people, they also refuse to honour this gift given for military service. Land has been stolen from people for many reasons over the years.

What I can’t figure out is why people aren’t outraged about it? Maybe if it was about cell phones or Miley Cyrus twerking or Justin Bieber or the Kardashians we’d care more.

Maybe this is allowed to happen because of the secrecy surrounding government business.

Maybe it’s because Canadians know the history of others better than our own. Canadians make jokes about Americans being overly patriotic, but if this were America, we’d have all seen at least one cool movie about Capt. John Meyers by now, if not more.farmer5

But hey, here in Canada he has a plaque.

It’s paradoxical that our Prime Minister and a couple hundred other Canadian politicians and businesspeople are in Israel right now, on the taxpayers’ dollar talking about how Israelis and Palestinians have a right to their land and sovereignty when we take land from our own people. In this case, land from an elderly gentleman, land that was given to his ancestor, a veteran for service to his country.

Wow, they really have it in for vets, even ones from the American Revolution.

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miley29I don’t touch on music much in this blog, maybe as I did so much of it when I was younger and most music is so sterilized now.

I’m not impressed by celebrities, maybe because I’ve met a lot of them when I was younger and I discovered very quickly they’re just people. Some are nice, some mean, and/or snobby, drunk, high, deep, shallow, weird, sweet, tortured, confuse, fascinating, angry, boring, bored, frustrated, happy…just people like everyone else, but better known.

I suppose my issue with music can’t be helped, it’s in my head all the time. I hear a song and it’s there, usually forever, that can be annoying with a massive amount of songs. I tend to pay some attention, if only passing to music, awards, etc.

Last night was the AMAs. I guess besides the tedium, my only real complaint is that they’re not representative of all American music, just Popular American Music. I did watch some of it in between watching other things, reading, and cleaning my house. There was a lot of hair product going on there…

Lady Gaga and R. Kelly’s reverse Scandal was mind-numbingly lacklustre.

Justin Timberlake was ok, although I tend to like his comedy more than his music.

Katy Perry was certainly very, er, Geisha-themed.

Thought Miley Cyrus doing Wrecking Ball in her Flashdance sci-fi kitty costume was hilarious with the kitty on screen behind lip-synching, but I just kept thinking, well, they’re just a meal for Rob Ford.

All in all, I could have missed it and just saw the highlight reels…have to remember that, but on a cooler note, The Walking Dead was awesome last night, but hard to believe next week is the mid-season finale.wd15I guess zombies don’t have gobs of Christmas spirit.

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Miley Cyrus Hosts SNL

11:30pm Saturday October 5, 2013, set to watch new SNL, hosted by Miley Cyrus. Delayed until 11:57pm? Not impressed. Delays mess up commercials and timing of the show.

How was Miley Cyrus? Great. She’s a talented young woman. Good voice. Stunning comedic timing.miley19

In classic SNL style they jumped on the twerking controversy, riding it with laughs and the derision it deserves.

The first skit, set in post-apocalyptic New York, 2045 where two homeless people are discussing the day America ended…some say it was the U.S. government shutdown, others say Obamacare, but the day it really ended was the MTV MVAs. A pretend flashback to older Miley Cyrus telling younger Miley Cyrus not to do it. The best line was Miley’s reply to a stage guy about practicing, saying she thinks this performance will be less about the music. Understatement alert.

 Highlight of the show? A video spoofing the Republican Party shutting down the US government. Changing Cyrus’ song, “We Can’t Stop” to “We Did Stop (The Government)”. Seriously funny and at the same time, sad and serious, pointing out the damage misuse of power by a few people can really do.

“This is our house/ This is our rules/ And we did stop (the government)/ Yeah, we did stop (shut it down), Can’t you see it’s we/ Who are right?/ Can’t you see it’s we/ Who ’bout that life?”
“La dee dee da dee, Republican Party, Repping GOP, doing whatever we want. This is our House. This is our rules and we did stop”.

Also the musical act, Miley Cyrus belted out “Wrecking Ball” and then slow, acoustic version of “We Can’t Stop”.miley23

All funny, entertaining, clever, thought-provoking, Cyrus showed this hoopla over her performance at the MVAs was just that, a performance, a job. She faced it head on and showed more maturity than her critics combined. Don’t we have more important things to worry about?

Thanks to SNL for putting it all in perspective.