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Never Tear Us Apart


People talk about troubles, sing about troubles, write about troubles.
We try to solve troubles, outrun them, avoid them.
Troubles can tear us apart or bring us together.
I’ve worried over the years that I might be a trouble magnet, or that I brought on troubles…or even that I was troubled. As I got older, I realized troubles find most everyone, in one form or another, it’s how you meet those troubles, that’s what matters. I’ve had varying degrees of success with that part.

Distracting ourselves from our troubles by thinking about the troubles of others, isn’t that part of the magic of books, TV, and movies? I recently got captivated by “The Troubles” of a small supernatural Maine town…Sounds Stephen King-ish, that’s because Haven, my new addiction, is loosely based King’s The Colorado Kid and is crammed full of King references. Haven, going into Season 6, with it’s hilarious X-Files meets Twin Peaks meets Psych meets Supernatural à la Stephen King, but with more romance, just keeps getting better, unlike King’s Under The Dome.


Syfy’s Haven is bursting with talent, much of it Canadian (filmed in Canada), including the incredible Colin Ferguson (I miss Eureka soooo much), Adam Copeland (WWE’s Edge), and rumour has it William Shatner will soon visit Haven – that will be the icing on a wonderfully weird cake. And the complicated bromance between Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Duke (Eric Balfour) is a delight to watch (sigh).


Should I have escaped some of my own troubles by falling into a Haven, or enjoying a 20-year-old pop culture burp (aka Clueless based on Jane Austen’s 1815 classic, Emma), or a war between angels and humans in Dominion? Perhaps not, but as it turned out, it gave me the excuse to slow down, take a break, and start to feel ever so slightly better.

Like most books, TV, and movies, these programs are actually about the characters, about friends, family, romance, and the choices they make, that we all make every day and how we face those choices, handle them, and the fallout (good or bad or neither or both). The supernatural stuff  is added as a cool hook (yes, I’m including Clueless as supernatural, wouldn’t you?).

So I’m glad to be back, more or less, and here’s what I got from my mini-break…

  • Life is for living and the living…small towns in Maine might be the exception.

  • Turns out they can tear us apart, literally and figuratively (you lied to me, INXS).

  • Life is short and unpredictable…enjoy the ride.


  • There’s always more than what we can ‘see’.

  • Little is as it seems.

  • You never know what’s going to be a trigger – for memories, anger, sorrow, joy, pain, hope.


  • The things you own can own you.

  • Sometimes what seems like a haven isn’t and vice versa.

  • Apparently angels, especially archangels like to dress in black leather, a lot.


  • John Lennon was correct, life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

  • Love is the best and worst thing that can ever happen to you…sometimes both.

  • And last, but never least, you don’t need to be afraid of what you can’t explain…except Donald Trump, some things are just too freaky.




Very me

101 thoughts on “Never Tear Us Apart

  1. Ha! The perfect closing remark, Donna. I’m glad you enjoyed a break. It brought you back in fine, wise, insightful form.
    I used to watch Haven regularly and enjoyed it a lot. (I’m with you in sometimes wondering if I’m “troubled.”) Great show — I’ll have to get back to it on Netflix.
    Speaking of TV addictions… I never watched or was even interested in watching Vampire Diaries… One day browsing Netflix, i watched an episode… wasn’t impressed. But since i had watched it, Netflix waived it under my nose again. I watched the second episode… and was hooked. Go figure. Wishing you a wonder-filled, trouble free week. Mega hugs my friend! 🙂

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    1. lol Yup, somethings are too freaky. 😉
      I’m kind of going through withdrawal waiting for Season 6 of Haven to start so writing about it helped ease that…a little. 😉
      I’ve watched the first couple of seasons of VD, playing catch-up now.
      Thank you, Teagan, I don’t know about trouble-free, but I’ll always go for the wonder-filled!!!
      Massive megahugs, dear one and thank you for perking up my weekend with your latest installment I’ll be waiting at the station for the next train! 🙂

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  2. Haven… so much love and I loved in the early episodes, catching the fantastic Canadian content. You’ve a perfect philosophy methinks and with that, I’m going to plug into book five of Game Of Thrones 🙂


    1. Canada is as large on talent as we are in size!!! 🙂
      Oh, you’ll like it, a few cringe-worthy moments, but no spoilers from me…you did get me thinking of George R.R. Martin getting eaten by the shark from the wedding movie he was watching in Sharknado 3 – he has a good sense of humour and irony apparently.
      Hope this day treats you kindly. 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on ' Ace Social & Media News ' and commented:
    This really says a lot about you which l like and you #Donnamazing could never be trouble you are too kind, too considerate and too nice 🌹Only people who put themselves first and last are trouble in this world as they leave it to good people like you to sort their problems by expecting you too. Speak soon great post as usual Ian x


  4. I enjoyed Haven. Glad to hear it is still going. I dumped all pay TV services about 2 years ago, so I cannot see it anymore. It was like pulling an IV out of your arm or is it your brain, but I survived! There were some withdrawal symptoms, but I am over them. Perhaps Haven is or will be on DVD. I shall have to look. The Corporate Overlords are very angry with me! I am not alone!


    1. Haven is out on DVD and thankfully there are libraries, etc. (yes, I love free stuff).
      I agree, TV is definitely my drug of choice, I’ve pulled the plug many times over the years, but then I go jonesing for another fix…I figure I could have worse habits. 😉
      Yes, the corporate overlords know all. 😉


    1. Thanks so much, sweetie, I was hanging around reading all of you, but I just couldn’t seem to put my thoughts on page, er, computer screen, anyway, I’m never ‘speechless’ for long. It’s good to be back! 🙂


  5. Lovely post, Donna. Full of wise thoughts. Thank you. Brought a smile to my face this morning. And being Canadian, love the positive comments about the acting, etc. Canadian product is challenged as there is little money for distribution and promotion, etc. compared to what comes from our greatly populated neighbours to the south.


  6. I haven’t seen Haven – I’m so out of it TV wise but I do believe that clip of Cary Grant (thank you so much!) is from Arsenic and Old Lace – one of my favorite movies. As always – an amazing post.


  7. I admit I wonder what roller coaster that is, there.

    I do worry, myself, but I tend to worry less once I’ve worked out whether it’s possible to do something about it. If there’s not much to do but go through it, I worry a lot less.


  8. I used to work in psychology, carrying out studies. Nearly every one of those ‘healthy’ volunteers doing an upbeat study on memory, would tell me at some point about difficult and distressing stuff in their current lives. You are right, nobody is without this stuff, so you are not alone and might as well enjoy the good stuff while you can.


  9. wonderful! I still remember when I got it: that there always will be “something” – otherwise welcome to the dead. and now I love especially what you write: love the unexpected, it is Life’s sugar & salt!


  10. Welcome back! Yes, Under The Dome just kept getting worse… but I heard the next season was coming back, but I could have heard wrong… I pretty much hope I heard wrong, but if not, I’ll have to watch to see if they got out!

    I never watched Haven, but now I may have to see if I can find the old episodes… except I saw the other day the new Doctor Who was about to (finally) become available on Hulu! But seriously, glad you enjoyed your mini break!


    1. I don’t know what they did to Under The Dome, maybe it’s just gone past it’s best before date. 😉
      I am awaiting more Doctor Who…I still miss David Tennant, but I’m not holding it against the new Doctors. 😉
      Thanks, we all need a break sometimes. 🙂
      I think you’ll enjoy Haven – it’s delicious and now I wait for more, more, more. 😉
      Hope this day is treating you kindly, Kate. 🙂

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  11. I love Haven, although I found it through Amazon Prime (it includes shows and movies you can watch as part of the package, direct streaming, but not all) and I had to watch several episodes per day. I think I’m still a series behind, but hope to catch up. Now you’ve made me curious about the other two that I haven’t watched… Must check (I don’t watch much TV these days…). I’m quite curious about the original short story by King but it seems notably difficult to find.


    1. I was lucky our library had a copy of the The Colorado Kid. I’m surprised they didn’t reprint it with the show being popular.
      Haven will be starting Season 6 soon…I tried not to give any spoilers for those who haven’t found or finished it yet. 🙂
      Hope this day is being good to you Olga. 🙂


  12. So much great stuff in this post but I can’t go past that John Lennon quote. I first heard it a few years ago and have used it alot. It’s right up there with Lao Tzu:”The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” and Harper Lee: “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”
    xx Rowena


  13. I love Haven! I live on the coast of Maine—Mount Desert Island, actually—in Bass Harbor, a very small lobstering “town,” and my family has a summer place on the remote island of North Haven, another Maine island. I wonder if they got their title from North Haven, a truly magical place. There are 45oo islands off the coast of Maine, a true archipelago. And I can tell you that I see some pretty strange things out here.


  14. I love your inspirational posts, a roller coaster of deep thought and the most amusing comments, you are spectacular…your blog too!


  15. So many things – the serious stuff yes. But since I’ve had a serious couple of weeks, I’ll focus on the lighter…I used to watch Haven religiously (and then cable went bye-bye) but I loved that show! Wonderful for getting your mind off things and maybe on to some better things…and for reals, I will have INXS in my head now all day, which I’m totally fine with because they were one of my favorite 80s bands. And lastly, I just showed my English boyfriend Clueless the other night…it’s part of his California education as that is where we now live. I swear the silliness still holds up 20 years later. Hope you have a wonderful day Darcy!


    1. So glad you enjoyed the post and yes, it’s good to take our minds off the serious sometimes.
      That’s an interesting California education piece lol 😉
      Hope this day treats you kindly Joy and thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, Ian, what a lovely welcome back gift! I’m pleased to be back and barring any unforeseen circumstances (just waiting for yet another shoe to drop, hopefully not a whole closet full of them this time) I hope to stay. Thank you for reblogging this, much appreciated. I hope you have been well and happy, wishing for a wonderful combination of both for us, my friend. Best wishes and hugs xoxo


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