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Grey’s Anatomy

“Just when I thought I was out…
they pull me back in.”
~Michael Corleone (Godfather Part III)

I want to dislike this show.

The characters are annoying, whiny, narcissistic, First-World-problem babies who cause most of their own problems.  I guess I just explained why I can’t stop watching it, it’s a microcosm of society, exaggerated, like any good soap opera.

Note, spoilers coming on…

Maybe I should have stopped when Denny died.


Or George. Or McSteamy.

Sigh. Or maybe I’ll just tune in to watch the endless droning ‘soapy‘ lather play out.




Very me

3 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy

  1. I can’t watch Soap Opera’s but I like Grey’s Anatomy for some reason. Although I am glad I knew Katherine Heigl (Izzy) from her movies before I started watching it, or I would have hated her with a passion. She was the one character I wanted to slap the most. She was the single most self-centered character on this show that I can think of. Callie’s coming in a close second currently.


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