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ImageThis used to be on once a Christmas season when I was a child, like A Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty The Snowman, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Now it’s on many times a season, of course the season is now almost 3 months long. Also available on DVD, download, streamed, etc.

But there was something special in knowing it was only on one night a year. My parents would be on their way out to a Christmas party, in fancy clothes and smelling so good as they leaned down to kiss my brother and me good night. In theory we were supposed to be asleep when they got home. We had pizza made from the box mix, after all, it was a special occasion. We had pop which was rare threat. We made popcorn in the air popper with its special butter tray. My crazy cat would run and sit on the back on my Dad’s chair and beg for some of the melted butter. The fire was crackling. Or other nights with the same scene except my parents were home and we’d be laughing, joking around, watching the Christmas specials, it was fun because they only came on once a year. I wonder if our abundance or even overabundance has made things less special in some ways. christmas60

Rudolph, Santa’s 9th reindeer was a simple story of accepting others for their differences, embracing diversity. Rudolph was bullied for his differences until they realized different doesn’t mean bad. They added a few characters to this stop animation classic, adding to 1939 poem written by Robert L. May. And of course, The Island of Misfit Toys which was 2001 sorta sequel.

I hope Christmas can still have special moments for young and young at heart…christmas62



Very me


  1. I loved this movie when I was a kid! It has many good memories…even if one memory included the power going out in the middle of the movie (and I was scared of the dark at the time, lol!)!


    1. Oh no! Funny how the dark is one of the most primal of fears especially as a child. My grandfather always told me not to be afraid of the dark, he said: There’s nothing there in the dark that isn’t there in the light. I guess he was right, not especially reassuring during a Zombie apocalypse hehe


  2. All the Christmas movies were great. I grew up with the ‘original’ Christmas movies and I find it a shame we don’t get the sense of expectation now. We were so geared up to know that when the Christmas movies appeared it was so close to Christmas, but now, they’ve extended their viewing season, everything is around months in advance, yes I think they’ve swamped everything.
    Maybe I’m too old fashioned….I really need some snow 😦
    Great post. Thanks Susan x


    This is such a cool show… I know I used to watch it every year it came on. Now I always think of all the memories I have of my young years. I don’t watch it very often now, but I always remember how important it was for me.


  4. I am awarding you the Blog of the Year Award 2013 as an expression of my gratitude for following “The Journal of Wall Grimm” blog. You can see the post here: If you don’t accept awards, that’s no problem at all. Awarding you is my way to thank you and it is of no insult to me if you decline.


    1. Thank you. Now I’m feeling guilty because I haven’t kept up…I will get on that, er, tomorrow. 🙂 Really, this is so nice of you, but I’m the lucky one because I get to follow yours and other amazing blogs. 🙂


      1. You’re welcome, no guilt necessary, I completely understand. There are a lot of great blogs and it really is hard to visit them all or spend as much time as we might like just blog surfing. No guilt especially because you actually followed it, not a lot of my readers from the other blog did that crossover, so it’s deeply appreciated. Thank you.


      2. lol take your time, you’re under no obligation to read more or to follow through with the award, it’s just all good camaraderie 🙂


  5. Thanks for the childhood memories.

    Though the message that there was value in diversity and non-conformity seems mundane now I think that the effects became impressive over the years as all those little kids grew up.

    I always kind of identified with the elf who didn’t fit in because he liked to dream about his future and read books rather than just be content to do what all the others did.


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