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“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
Dr. Seuss was correct (always, even if he might not have said this one, who knows, but he makes me smile).
Nothing can protect you from the storms of life, not enough the biggest umbrella (thanks Rhianna/Jay-Z, I’ll never get that song out of my head). on those rain boots, galoshes, rubbers, overshoes, Wellies, whatever and go out and dance in the rain. Stand in it. Sit. Sleep.

Those storms are going to come, whether you fear them or not.
Change is going to come whether you fear it or not.
The lightning strikes of technology.
The rumbling thunder of racism.
The pelting hail of misinformation.
The sleet of corruption.

The hurricanes of hate.
The tornadoes of greed.
The slapping winds of regression.
Face them. Fight them. Survive them. But you can’t avoid them.

Ignoring something never made it go away. Get stormy, let your inner Mary Poppins out, and get on with it.

Too often in my life I’ve missed out on good, hell, amazing things because I was afraid. My fear stopped me. Siting on my shoulder, claws curled into my trembling flesh, cackling in my ear about how I was going to fail, how it wasn’t going to turn out anyway (it rarely did), I was going to get hurt, I was going flounder, or goof…

I was going to ruin things, even ruin my life I listened, avidly, to the voice of fear, so I missed out on smiling because it happened.

Much of what we fear stems from what we’ve learned, consciously or subconsciously.
Fear is actively used in: child-rearing, schooling, work, play, sports, politics, science, religion, movies, TV, books, business, and well, everything – then we’re shocked/surprised that fear rules us? Sometimes those fears are irrational and sometimes: “be afraid, be very afraid”.

So many fears…Fear of the dark comes from fear of the unknown (what’s out there I can’t see?).
Fear of strangers, immigrants, different races?  Just people you don’t know yet.

Fear of snakes?  Boo, hiss!
Fear of antiques? That gets old fast.
Fear of spiders?  Sorry Charlotte, you know I love you (and your web), but you’re super creepy looking.
Fear of bananas?  That’s bananas!
Fear of time?  But it’s so wibbly wobbly timey wimey.
Fear of falling asleep?  Probably good away after a good night’s sleep.
Fear of Trump?  Well, duh, that’s rational.
Fear of failure? It has all happened before and it will all happen again.
Fear of success?  I could live with that.
Fear of heights You never want to get to the bottom of things with that one, but I could fall for that fear.
Fear of planes, trains, and automobiles Really, it’s a hilarious movie.
Fear of books?  What?!? The?!? No, just no.
Fear of fear?  Nothing to fear but…

Yoda got it so right, “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering”.

“No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.” ~C.S. Lewis
Some days I feel I’ve lost something, or am missing something. In those times, I go about my life with a weird, niggling feeling gnawing at the base of my skull.
Slowly I come to the same conclusion, it feels like fear, but it’s grief. Loss of loved ones, loss of health, loss of what could have been, loss of civility, loss of decency, loss of honour, loss of dreams as they fade into changed expectations.
Yet, at these moments, “There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.”  Jane Austen, my courage hasn’t always risen – I’ve been intimidated, dispirited, badgered, ruffled, browbeaten, disheartened, constrained…But sorry not sorry that’s a thing of the past (and it can stay there)
Fear is likely even part of my procrastination issues I’ve made a promise, to myself, to let my courage flag fly, I can’t always let them grind me down…

I used to believe if I tried to control everything I could control, even conquer my fear. That I could stop bad things from happening. Nope. The only thing I can control is how I react to fear. How I react to the bad things.
I’m out of control and loving it (when I’m not terrified beyond words).
Trust yourself. Respect yourself. Not the Fear.
And I hope you know, you can always stand under my umbrella (not with the Umbrella Corporation, they suck), or dance with me in the rain.

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Dear Luke, We Need To Talk. Darth


 Icebergs, henchmen, Fight Club, The Walking Dead, Friends, Twilight, Dora The Explorer, Jurassic Park, The Superbowl, Beastie Boys, Star Trek, Disney, The Grinch, Seinfeld, X-Files, B-52’s, Twilight Zone, Elton John, NASA, Harry Potter, Kurt Cobain, War Horse – no one is safe from John Moe’s satirical pop culture whimsical correspondence, and I’m so glad.

1darth18This book Dear Luke, We need to Talk. Dad Darth and other Pop Culture correspondences by John Moe (Three Rivers Press/Penguin) is hilarious, a remarkable, one might even say, noteworthy poke at pop culture. I love to laugh and when I saw the title on I knew I was going to have fun.

Some of my favs include, Bruce: A Shark’s Journal, which had me in giggles, especially the June 14 entry where Bruce fell off the wagon. Some of you may remember the eating issues Bruce had in Finding Nemo, now have that go Jaws.

Also, a letter from the Pea1darth17nuts gang teacher regarding the lack of adults in Charlie Brown and his friends’ lives; also, how grateful she is to have a job considering her speech issues.

An explanation of what happened to Agents 001 through 006.

All of Jay Z’s 99 Problems.

Concerns about the overall direction the Doctor Who franchise is taking.

A letter to the island on Lost on how to promote tourism there.

1darth27Saul Hudson (Slash from Guns’N’Roses) as a Heavy Metal Editor, explaining to Axl Rose why Sweet Child O’Mine isn’t going to be a hit.

CIA 1darth111report from Agent Gilligan from the Island ProjectGilligan’s Island goes to a dark place on April 21, 1973 when they ate The Howells (It was time)…

A Welp! review of Cheers, Rick’s Café, Bronto Burgers, Overlook Hotel, Bates Motel, etc. A funnier version of Yelp!, not just people whining about the their First World Problems with restaurants, here’s a hint, you can afford to go to restaurants.

Correspondence between Batman’s producer and Neal Hefti the writer of the 1966 Batman theme; this money man versus artist exchange pits artistic integrity against commercialism which explains why the theme ended up being, you know, Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Batman! and so on.

1bat20 Muppet Studios Casting Office where we find out some of the reasons certain Muppets could not be included…


An Oral History of Pac-Man Ghosts (I think Inky had it the toughest). Wocka wocka wocka.

And some dysfunctionally tasty drink recipes from Mad Men:


4 ounces gin
1 ounce vermouth
3 olives
5 tears that I never shed as a boy

Shake, stir, then pour down the sink because those days can never return.

1darth19Draper Manhattan

2 ounces bourbon
1 ounce vermouth
2 ounces of aromatic bitters
3 dashes of bitterness about my own need to hurt everyone who loves me
2 scrapes of the grime from that apartment I had after Betty and I split
1 maraschino cherry
Pour contents over ice into a glass, catch a distorted reflection in the ice for a moment, and wonder who you are or who anyone is really, sit in chair.

There, it’ll all be ok now.


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The Great Gatsby

gatsby3There have been many adaptations and interpretations of this F. Scott Fitzgerald novel over the years. Watching the latest incarnation you’ve got to hand it to them, DiCaprio gives good tortured and beautiful while Maguire is the penultimate foil of vulnerable nobility.

The movie, like others before it and the novel itself are both a treat for, as well as, an assault on the senses. You’re slapped back into the Roaring Twenties. You can feel the champagne bubbles in the back of your throat. Feel the beat of the music. Toes tingle as you want to dance. The danger. The lies. Your heart pounds as the story once again unfolds rushing toward its inexorable and appalling conclusion.

I was always drawn to, and revolted by, the character of Jay Gatsby. Lonely little boy. Handsome, charming millionaire. Criminal. Manipulator. Optimist. So out of his depth. Rich as a god without knowing the real price. Hurtled across the abyss from abject poverty to hobble lost through the lurid depths of magnificent decay. Good for the using, never belonging; that was his gift.


Anyone can be careless. We too often see people not as who they are, but as they’re presented. We don’t see past a shabby coat or a glittering dress; a dirty face or a dazzle of jewels. We see things, but not who wears them, drives them, lives in them.

Fitzgerald was making a point. The rich aren’t better, they just have better things.

Despite a few missteps, overall I thought this was an artful rendition of the novel. The voluptuously elaborate sets offered an eccentric divergence to the trugatsby4th of the story – it’s a journey to find oneself. The 1949 version was simplistic, dreary, and monotone,  yet tried valiantly. The 1974 version attempted  to capture the brilliance of Fitzgerald without much luck. Not that Robert Redford wasn’t worth the watching. Sam Waterston, Mia Farrow, and Bruce Dern gave confident  performances, but the Francis Ford Coppola script lacked framing and depth. The Luhrmann version lacks framing as well, but he knows how to throw a party.

I always felt The Great Gatsby was more about Nick than Gatsby. How he went from being  a broke and obscure, but happy and kind fellow to being a disillusioned, depressed alcoholic after surviving the drama that the rich made and staged.

It stands as a scathing indictment of the rich. In searching for something they cannot buy they fall and drag others with them, preoccupied with more, always more, each time losing what was already there.

Interesting that less than a hundred years have passed and the gap between rich and poor yawns wide revealing the rot and sorrow yet we still yearn to possess what we do not understand whether it be wealth, technology, or power.

This latest adaptation once more brings to the screen the thoughtless decadence, the gilded world of wealth and power before it crashed and rose again from the ashes, bigger, stronger, just as careless.

The movie is lovely, but from the pen of Fitzgerald drips the authentic triumph.gatsby5

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Divergent by Veronica Roth  (Harper Collins)   

OK, now this dystopian (or for some Utopian I suppose) novel is more like it.

You love or hate the characters, they feel full and rich, so much so they literally leap out of the pages at you.


The plot is fascinating, the ideas exciting, and the whole book gallops along joyously pulling you along for the stunning ride.

I disliked putting it down and as soon as it was over I wanted to read the next one, Insurgent.

Now I have. Was not disappointed, the second book delivers and maybe even goes beyond. Intriguing characters, fast-paced action, lots of backstory juicies and an utterly compelling plot.

Now I’m droolingly awaiting the 3rd in the series, Allegiant due out October 22, 2013. More, more more.

divergent6The movie looks promising, out in March 2014.

The only decision now, fight the crowds to go on opening day or wait until the next day.

So many difficult choices.

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Going 1D in One Direction Fast


Adults may scoff at this, but come on, weren’t there bands in your youth that made you sigh, or cry, or scream, or dream? For me it was Ultravox, David Bowie, KISS, The Ramones, Duran Duran, The Cure, Adam Ant, Falco, and the like.

In my Mom’s day it was The BeaTles and Elvis.

Whether you like: Nirvana, Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Madonna, Devo, Hootie, Soundgarden, RHCP, Tim McGraw, Green Day, Pearl Jam, Britney Spears, Tool, NIN, Dixie Chicks, NOFX, Linkin Park, Selena Gomez, Limp Bizkit, Sheryl Crow, Deadmau5, NKOB, Michael Jackson, Adele, Justin Timberlake, Kes$ha, Christina Aguilera, U21 U2, Wham!, Forgotten rebels, Taylor Swift, Bad Religion, Wham!, Eminem, Gang Green, Billy Idol, fun., Sheep Look Up, Katy Perry, 50 Cent, OutKast, ’63 Monroe, Lady Gaga, Tears For Fears, Daft Punk, Hedley, Macklemore, Twisted Sister, Pennywise, AC/DC, Sum 41, Garage,  Evanescence, Alice Cooper, alicecooper2Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, The Black Eyed Peas, T.I., My Chemical Romance, Nelly, Ozzy, a-ha, Marilyn Manson, The Doors, Nas, Areosmith, The Monkees, Jay-Z, Kanye West, White Stripes, Howard Jones, Snoop Dogg, Owl City, Prince,  Pink, Robin Thicke, Boomtown Rats, Coldplay, Missy Elliott, Elephant Man, NSYNC, Justin Beiber, 98 Degrees, Jennifer Lopez, The Stones, Dr. Dre, Beyonce, Smiths, Drake, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, never mind, this could go on for days – point is, musicians are right up there with astronauts for most people.


Things went terribly wrong on SNL

Music transcends and enchants. To each their own, right? Though they didn’t win on X Factor, thanks to Simon Cowell‘s help these 5 English-Irish boys have been winning fans ever since.1D1Do I get it? No, but I’m not a youth and I never liked pop music much to begin with. Anyway, apparently now they have a movie, This Is Us. The good news for me? That means any movie we go to see in the next month will be nice and empty – love when we have the theater to ourselves. So thanks for that.

Let’s go in our Own Direction.