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Barbarians at the Deflate-Gate

How would you rate1balls2
this latest debate?
Whether or not
were full of air
Do we dare
We confabulate,
argue and deliberate
the fate
There can be no
clean slate
as the great state
of sports
gets revved up
to satiate
their hunger for
As they interrogate…
at least we won’t have
to hear
what Will and Kate ate
for breakfast.
Nor will this negate
the terror at the gate.
Couldn’t those balls
have waited
to be
back up to size,
no one any less the wise?
1balls1So take a poll
who’ll reach their goal
to make it to
the Super Bowl.
Until then
continues to rehash
and meditate on…
the size of balls. 1brand36



Very me

23 thoughts on “Barbarians at the Deflate-Gate

  1. I rolled my eyes so far I almost saw my brain when the lead story on the evening news was that the Patriots were caught cheating (or at least unable to properly read a pressure gauge – they probably recently hired someone only familiar with the metric system). This is not news. They have been doing this for years. It’s what they do. But then they would have had to lead with measles at Disneyland and that might have upset the mouse, so I guess I understand their priorities.


  2. They would have won anyway. I heard someone on TV compare Belichik with Richard Nixon, who creamed McGovern but just had to break into those headquarters anyway.


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