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Blue Monday: Being depressed on schedule


So the January blahs have set in and you’re feeling blue…now what?

Is it the weather, Christmas excitement gone, holiday bills arriving, resolutions becoming less resolute by the hour, tired of shoveling?

Or because someone told you it’s Blue Monday?

 We only heard about Blue Monday in songs or grumblings until it became an official thing 10 years ago.

But what’s so wrong with being blue anyway?
Cookie monster is blue.
So are:
Blue bonnets
Blue birds
Blue skies
Blue oceans
Blue Moons
The Na’vi
Blue eyes
Blue crayons

For X-Files fans...
For X-Files fans…

Blue popsicles
The Blue Room
The Blues
Blue suede shoes…
Doesn’t blue symbolize loyalty, trust and confidence?

It can’t be because it’s the most depressing day of the year, surely there are other days in the running?
What about Valentine’s Day, that can be depressing for those without a Valentine.
Tax Day…enough said.
Black Friday, it highlights the rank consumerism of our society.
Election Day…depending.
When your sports team loses.
Birthdays, for some.
A day with bad news.
A day of a funeral.
The day you try on your swimsuit for the summer.1blue6
Come on, some of these days must be more depressing than Blue Monday, especially when Blue Monday coincides with Martin Luther King Jr Day.

Is Blue Monday just tapping into the epidemic of loneliness that shadows our modern world? Or a First World WhineFest?

If you’re blue, go out today and help someone else.

Take stock of your life, if you don’t like it, make changes.

Be aware. Be caring. Be committed. Be smart. Be kind. Be fun. Be loving. Be compassionate. Be you.

Look around, it’s just another day. 1440 minutes. 24 hours. And it’s not over yet.

And the weirdest part? It’s going to be another day tomorrow.1elves15



Very me

40 thoughts on “Blue Monday: Being depressed on schedule

    1. Thank you, I will wave, smile and accept the flowers because as much as I love the idea of the awards, I find they seem to take me (for some reason) a massive amount of time and energy.
      But I love that you think of me, Sally, and it really is the best part just to be nominated.
      Thank you, thank you so much, you’ve made my day. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful reblog and suggestions to perk us up. 🙂
      And thank you for the RTs and the awards. Definitely feeling the #bloglove and a much needed January pick-me-up. 🙂
      Thank you Sally, you’re a wonderful blogger, supporter and all around lovely lady. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh but it is! No matter how “crap” of a day I have had, I always manage to laugh… and it’s never as crappy as a result. Thanks for responding and I hope that you have had a wonderful day.


  1. I smiled at Dory – I grinned at Grover – but I lost it at X-Files!!! That was just awesome! And yes, the day I have to try on my swimsuit for summer is a day that usually involves running for ice cream. Which is probably the reason to begin with that trying on the suit makes me run for ice cream. It’s a vicious cycle apparently!


  2. So, the name Dory made me smile, but then there was her PICTURE!!!!

    “Eh-Scah-pay.” 🙂

    There is Bear in the Big Blue House, Blue’s Clues, Sapphires, Madam Blueberry, the sky and the ocean…blue light special used to exist in stores, blue plate special,

    Blue is one of my favorite colors. I suppose I need a blue day every once in a while!


    1. My gosh, I haven’t thought of Madam Blueberry is soooo long, my son used to love Veggietales (now I’m singing LarryBoy in my head)…and Blue’s Clues (except the planet song has been altered forever by the removal of Pluto) and Bear in the Big Blue House. I think I miss his childhood more than he does. lol 😉
      I love blue, it’s so calming. Nothing wrong with a blue day, or Dory. 😉
      Hope this day, blue or otherwise treats you kindly. 🙂


  3. Curious, I Googled colors that calm us and came up with this from Global Healing

    Yellow: Yellow is softer than red or orange and is seen as sunny and cheerful. It’s a great color to lift your spirits and when you live in a positive state you are well-equipped to combat stress

    Next time a Blue Monday arrives, I’m going to go find a room painted yellow and/or wear a yellow shirt that day, and I have a bright yellow light jacket I wear when I’m out walking so cars see me easier. Maybe that yellow jacket will protect against road rage.



    1. I don’t find yellow soothing, but I wonder if that’s because I find the sun too bright. I love blue. 🙂
      I wonder if yellow would help with road rage, if so, we should all wear yellow, drive in yellow cars…but wait, I’ve noticed yellow lights make many people drive faster. It’s confusing.
      I do like sunflowers though, they seem a peaceful plant. 🙂


      1. LOL

        Yep, yellow lights tend to make people closer to the intersection drive faster—me included depending on how close I am.

        And if you decide to stop, the odds favor the driver behind you is going to be infected by road rage because they wanted you to speed through with them inches from your rear bumper—all to shave a few seconds off their driving time..

        I read somewhere that some prisons have a yellow room where they take violent criminals who are in one of their rage moods to help calm them down. Maybe they get calm so they can escape the yellow room. Or was the room pink? Well, it’s was yellow or pink.


  4. Forget Blue Monday… Inauguration Day will be Blue Friday. They’re setting up additional cell towers, supposedly to handle the extra phone and text traffic. But we really know it’s for the extra tweets from the king of Twitter.
    Sigh… yes, blue Monday. Hugs.


    1. Yup, I think Blue Monday might be Blue Friday this year, dear friend, just a few days off. I’ll be thinking of all of you, sending extra positive vibes and hugs your way, you’ll need them. As your neighbours and friends just know, we’re here for you.
      Mega let’s make it maroon or better yet macaroon Monday instead hugs xoxox


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