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War on Christmas

chrisstmas10There’s a War on Christmas? Using terms like Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings suggest that Christmas is being attacked? Wow, I didn’t know Christmas was that insecure or vulnerable. Kind of makes a mockery out of the soldiers who fight in real wars.

I love Christmas. Especially what used to be the spirit of Christmas. People caring about others. Although that seems to have dimmed over the years. Now it’s about rushing and shopping and whining and complaining and First World Problems

Stores use terms like Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays to allegedly be inclusive. It’s really to extend the shopping period. The sustained commercialism has made for sustained greetings. To sell more.
Christmas decorations in malls, city streets, etc. up before Halloween, before Remembrance Day.
They blast Christmas music into stores for months.
Santa Claus parades block the streets.
More cars congest the streets and highways.
Christmas movies swarming the airwaves for 2-3 months per year.


Others started using Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings to reflect the Christian holiday wasn’t the only religious or non-religious celebration this time of year. Wait, we wouldn’t want to include others in a time of giving.

What about people who don’t celebrate Christmas? Or those who don’t want it extended? Can you imagine Christmas if you weren’t Christian? Or maybe didn’t like Christmas? Or don’t have family and friends to celebrate with?
You can’t go to a store to get a pair of socks without crowds; blaring Christmas songs; people running around like it’s the zombie apocalypse (that might be more fun); low or no stock; and very harried store personnel.


I suppose some believe the ‘Christ’ part of Christmas is being attacked. Times have changed, people seem to worship their cell phones more than Christ. And I doubt all the scandals that have rocked the various religions have helped.


Does someone saying Happy Holidays offend you? Does it offend Christ? If you have a strong faith in something, don’t you believe despite the odds?
If you receive a Christmas card that says Season’s Greetings does it make the fact that someone bought a card, wrote in it, addressed it, sent it to you via snail mail mean less?

The term, War on Christmas was popularized by a FOX News host, that should tell you something. Politicians, pundits, celebrities, charities all exploit Christmas to further their agendas just as many corporations, stores, charities, churches, etc exploit it to make money. John Gibson was simply regurgitating the whining with his book, The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse than You Thought.

Yet Christmas is bigger than ever. Santa is still selling Coke. Jesus is still praised at midnight masses. The War On Christmas is failing. Commercialism is still going strong.


If you want Christ in Christmas, he’s there.
If you want the Grinch in Christmas, he’s there. If you want to just enjoy the season…enjoy it.


Looks like we’re stuck with Christmas three months a year and for me, it’s a bit much, but it doesn’t steal away my love of Christmas…but it does keep me away from shopping.




Very me

10 thoughts on “War on Christmas

  1. I’ve said Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Seasons Greetings for years. I don’t get why people are so offended other than the fact that everyone is jumping onto the “politically correct” bandwagon these days. I even posted about this on facebook a few weeks ago…I just don’t get the uproar. Oh, and the cards I sent out this year say “Happy Holidays”, if any of the recipients is offended then they can just pitch the card in the trash! 🙂

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  2. War on Christmas…. I love Christmas the way it is, War is something that people like me won’t say, especially for Christmas. It’s a holiday that you can appreciate family and friends…I don’t care if you believe in Christ, Santa or any other thing, it just a way we have of sharing:)


  3. War on Christmas? This is the first time I’ve heard about it… acknowledging the fact that other religions have holidays around this time is “political correctness gone mad”?? lolwut?
    I’m from Australia and we don’t seem to have people ranting about this here, I think our right-wing people (actually called The Liberal Party) are a bit more moderate.


  4. Don’t get it…never will. Who cares? Say whatever you like. I think the 24 hour news thing is making people crazy. They’ve run out of things to talk about so they say things like this. How could a greeting possibly matter to anyone? Now we are wasting time talking about it…LOLOLOL


    1. Yes, having to fill up 24 hours of ‘news’ and I use the term loosely has the news making up news for something to talk about. Sad.
      Thanks for dropping, hope this day is treating you kindly. 🙂


    1. Shopping seems like a war zone or maybe Thunderdome, people should slow down and enjoy the moments, the simple things in life. Thank you kindly for the reblog, Jonathan, all the best of the season and I hope we can all keep Christmas in our hearts all the year through. 🙂

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