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Eat, Sleep, Rule The Galaxy, Repeat

Our lights are on, but we’re not home.

Our minds are not our own…

Our hearts sweat, our bodies shake.
Another dramafix is what it takes.

We under-sleep, we over-eat/shop/drink/self-medicate/chime in/whine/share/post/tweet…
No doubt, we’re in deep.
Our throats so tight, we can’t breathe.
The next dramafix is all we need.

Whoa, we like to think that we’re immune to the stuff, oh yeah.
Closer to the truth to say we can’t get enough.

We’re gonna have to face it,’re addicted to dramalove.

We see the signs, but we can’t read (between the lines).
We’re running at a different speed…

Whoa, we like to think that we’re immune to the stuff, oh yeah.

Closer to the truth, we can’t get enough.

Gonna have to face it, we’re addicted to dramalove.

Picture that with Robert Palmer and a bunch of scantily-clad Hashtags gyrating behind him.

Drama is amazing for books, movies, TV shows (also the only place we should see giant shoulder pads), especially soap operas (daytime or prime time)…

but it shouldn’t be the dish-of-the-day in politics and the news.

We’re acting like we’re in the throes of teen angst…forever.

Drama distracts us from people stealing: power, money, rights, hopes, dreams, sanity, democracy itself.

It keeps us looking past the smoke and mirrors, the fluffy and the oh-so shallow.

We see drama everywhere, except behind the curtain where the wizard of awwws is pulling all the levers, pushing all the buttons.

While we’re fighting, blaming, quibbling, crying, decrying, they’re all, ‘Eat, Sleep, Rule The Galaxy, Repeat’.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” ~Maya Angelou.

Come on, America, Canada, Britain, Europe, China, Russia, and the whole wide world, we know better, we should do better.



Very me

116 thoughts on “Eat, Sleep, Rule The Galaxy, Repeat

  1. Where do you find such perfect memes? This is great! I am so sick of the political drama I feel like puking. But I don’t want to clean up the mess. So I’m steering clear these days and writing and doing my art blog thing and reading kitty and puppy memes. And blogs. Lots of non-dramatic blogs.

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    1. It does seem like there’s nowhere to escape the drama, except where you’re going, art, kittens, puppies and no-drama blogs. Hooray for no-drama! 🙂
      Hope this day is #dramafree and fun, emphasis on the fun. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for the #dramafree reblog, words cannot express how grateful I am when people spread the #bloglove Hope this days treats you kindly and that there’s as little drama as possible (or none, dare we hope?). 🙂


  2. Well said, Donna, with your usual humor! Totally agree about all the drama, when you say:

    “Drama distracts us from people stealing: power, money, rights, hopes, dreams, sanity, democracy itself.”

    Right now, I’m suffering from drama fatigue 😦

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    1. I think we’re all suffering from drama fatigue, what amazes me is that these drama instigators aren’t exhausted all the time, hey, maybe they are and don’t realize what’s causing it. Who Knows? Any way around it, they need to slow it down or stop it completely.
      Hope today is good to you, Rosaliene and is fully #dramafree (is that even possible anymore?). 🙂

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  3. I agree, Donna. I think we as humans in 2019 are either addicted to drama or so immune to it that it takes higher and higher levels to satisfy. Plus, that Indian soap opera…how do you find your animations? That was hilariously over-the-top acting!
    On a serious note, yes, all the aforementioned countries could be doing so much better, especially the U.S. Russia is provably run by a bloodthirsty dictator; the U.S. is less (directly) bloody but no less cruel, racist, xenophobic, or misogynistic with the border imprisonments and calls for our congresswomen to “go back to” their countries (when most are from the U.S.), our inability to deal effectively with the scourges of gun violence and racism, and our support or at least not speaking out against, say, Russia’s bombing of civilians in Syria or Saudi Arabia’s treatment of its citizens (not to mention the horrific murder of journalists like Jamal Khashoggi) and dissenters. We (the U.S.) could be doing so much more to be a better actor on the world stage, but instead we’re going the wrong-headed route of isolationism and nationalism. Taking a page from James Baldwin, I’ll just close by saying that I love America, but I reserve the right to criticize it perpetually.

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    1. P.S. Donna, I think you’re also 100% spot-on about politicians using drama as a smoke-and-mirrors tactic (especially one Donald J. Trump . . . I think of him as Donald Judas Trump. Don’t really know that that’s his name or middle initial). One scandal diverts attention from another, diverts attention from another, and so on. It sucks, doesn’t it? How do we (USians) break the cycle? I know whom I voted for and who I plan to, but it takes a village of us to sweep away the creeps in charge, Trump, Mitch McConnell, Mnuchin et al.


      1. He makes a drama to distract from another drama from another and another, we need sanity to return. I’d wish you a week free of drama but with the Orange Misleader in office it’s impossible to even get a few minutes free of drama. But I hope you have a wonderful week anyway. 🙂

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    2. Bravo! Yes! Just because we say something when things are wrong or cruel or immoral or illegal doesn’t make us unpatriotic (same goes here in Canada, believe me). WE do have to break the cycle. The best thing the news could do is stop feeding the beast, stop giving Trump oxygen, but hey, that wouldn’t be good for ratings which makes them the big bucks. Sad really.


    1. It’s a modern plague. Maybe we just don’t have enough to do, enough to occupy ourselves. Who knows. Addiction is a hard thing to change and we’re addicted to drama, sadly.
      Hope this week treats you well, sunny with zero percent chance of drama. 😉

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      1. How do they find the time for the drama? I don’t have all those gadgets (drama props) and I have way too much to do. But yes, I’ll have a good week, with little or no drama. Have a good one yourself, Donna.


    1. They’re like energy vampires, draining us of joy, it must be tiring for theme too even if they don’t know it.
      I wish for you a wonder-filled week, Jan, with no chance of any drama, none (not possible, but we can certainly hope). 🙂


  4. Drama in the form of tweets fills the day, tweets in the form of insults fill the night and it seems all news is replaced by tweets that don’t allow for a different version of the truth.Democracy has been all but stolen or swept aside for new found friends (of the dictatorial stripe). Who’s truth is the real truth is any truth at all. Remember that and maybe you’ll have all the answers. Remember, drama sounds better in a lie, sit the next bit out.
    Humongous Hugs

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    1. I’m clapping right now, dear David, wise words, so very true.
      It’s a sad state of affairs, isn’t it? Not much better here or across The Pond and well, everywhere.
      I hope this week treats you kindly, dear friend, with little or no drama.
      Massive the world needs to take a deep breath hugs. xoxoxoxoxox


      1. P.S. I see people are calling you Donna. I’d assumed it was Darcy (based on your blog name). Have I assumed incorrectly?! ~EggOnFace (a.k.a. Mitch)


      2. I answer to most anything as long as it’s not nasty lol
        Given name is Donna, but I’ve written under D., Darcy and of course I’m a huge fan of Dorothy Parker but her name should never be used again. But I digress, no eggs here unless it’s in an omelette, Mitch. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for the #dramafree reblog dear Rob. I really can’t picture anyone who needs more drama but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone from spreading it like a plague. It’s so boring and exhausting. Thank you for spreading the #bloglove and hope this week treats you kindly with zero percent chance of drama (ha, not likely, but hope springs eternal). 😉

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      1. WE live in interesting times yet I find myself increasingly bored with it all, that’s why I’m glad to have friends and bloggers like you around, keeps me on my toes. 😉

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      2. It was a rare treat, almost makes us forget that it’s not going to fix the problem. I just watched #TheGreatHack and had difficulty not throwing up. I once believed the internet would bring about a Golden Age, clearly I could not be more wrong. I hope we can somehow find our way back from the edge.

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      3. From what I’ve read in the literature regarding Russian Information Warfare, random and escalating acts of violence are a phase of a Russian cyber-attack that comes toward the endgame. Examine the fact that the U.S. press actually debates the question of whether the thing that walks like a racist duck is in fact a racist duck. At any other time, we would have a near universal call for a brazenly racist president to resign. A racist president is unable to fulfill a basic requirement of his job. It’s terrifying to see how lost we are in the states. Don’t let this happen to Canada. It’s a nightmare.

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      4. Once something like this happens, the idea of returning to normal is dreaming, but that may be a good thing. Maybe we can use this as an opportunity to strengthen democracy, end homelessness, fund public education, restore the public health system and create a more civilized and humane world. We will never get it right, but we can get close. The economic system that sent men to the Moon was regulated capitalism; aka the New Deal. I think we should take the premise or it and harness the power of our global economy to improve life on this planet for everyone.

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      5. This may sound like rose coloured glasses talk, but I wonder, when we start to take things for granted if we don’t need a good shaking up to remind us of what we had and remember, it was worth guarding.

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  5. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine and commented:
    Donna Parker always has something worthwhile to share with us and this post is no different. All our countries are in turmoil currently to one degree or another, either politics or posturing between each other.. We love a bit of drama.. but as Donna points out it distracts us from the real news… excellent and a reminder.. if you don’t like who you have got… get out and vote for one you do…


    1. So true, Sally, we need to let our voices be heard, especially though voting.
      Thank you kindly for the lovely reblog and delightful words of wisdom and support. 🙂
      You’re too kind, dear Sally and I always appreciate the #bloglove.
      Hope this weekend is filled to the brim with peace, love, laughter and understanding and hopefully (fingers crossed), no drama. 🙂 xoxox

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    1. Apparently we’re all condemned to teen angst all through our adult (biologically) years these days.
      Hope this weekend treats you kindly, with no drama (we can hope) but lots of love, laughter and understanding. 🙂


    1. Thank you kindly for the reblog, Jonathan. 🙂
      I know, I loved Bollywood stuff; I’m partial to campy stuff, hence my love for classic Doctor Who (garbage bag monster with runners, awesome). 😉
      Hope this weekend is treating you well and to a wonderful week ahead. 🙂


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