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The Wonder of You

Sometimes, trying to write, or trying to blog, I think, it’s all been done. Is there anything new under this sun or any other? This world is old, ancient, instead of getting discouraged that it’s all been done, why not be inspired? What piece can we add to the puzzle of flesh and blood? Why not add to the delicious soup of humanity?

1. Imagine the caveman/cavewoman who invented the wheel, thinking, “Aggh, me done, no more wheel”. Our ancestors roasting a woolly mammoth s’more over the first fire, “Fire good. No more. Been done”.

2. Remember the first song you heard? Did you think, no need to hear any more music.

3. First joke? You laughed and thought, did that, no need to laugh anymore.

4. Can there ever be enough smiles? Enough laughter? Enough joy?

5. First kiss? Wow. Checked that off your list.

6. Watched the first episode of a series, enjoyed it, too bad you won’t watch the next episodes. Watched your first movie, no need for a second.

7. Tasted chocolate once and never again? The horror! The horror!

8. Imagine if the first blog post ever posted never lead to more? If the first blog post you read was the only?

9. What if no one wrote more books because, what else could they possibly add? No more books that make you: smile, cry, cringe, laugh, ponder, hope, fear, flinch, surrender, suffer, wallow, leap for joy, Breakfast Club fist pump, stay up late (just one more page, one more chapter…).

10. I wouldn’t have cracked the cover of Atonement, Tennessee by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene a loss, since I’ve read it again and again, then bought the ebook, taking the magic mobile (same goes for her The Three Things Serial Story: A Little 1920s Story ). Teagan is a brilliant author/blogger – though I’ve never met her and she doesn’t pay me, I just feel like Anne of Green Gables, that we’re kindred souls, dear friends (another example, picture your first friend, did you think, no need to have more of those? The human heart is like the TARDIS, it’s bigger on the inside, infinite, and full of memories, twists and turns, but alive with wonder).

11. Never would’ve bothered to read D.G. Kaye’s ebooks – a writer who invites you in with a smile. Her style? Allegedly non-fiction/memoir, to me, it feels more heartmemoir; I, for one, am thankful she’s brave and generous enough to share. Is it wrong when I first read the title of D.G. Kaye’s book, Have Bags, Will Travel  I thought about the bags under my eyes? Then tea bags? Clearly, I don’t travel much. is needed to take about subjects like: menopause, aging, and abuse and skill to make them memorable. Words We Carry; Meno-What? A Memoir: Memorable Moments of Menopause; Conflicted Hearts: A Daughter’s Quest for Solace from Emotional Guilt; P.S. I Forgive YouDebby’s books, like her blog, are the opposite of fake, they’re straightforward, sincere – you’ll laugh, cry, nod in understanding, ponder, wonder, smile, and mostly, you will breathe – can you ask more from the books you read? What, another book of short stories? If I thought that I wouldn’t have read Glimpses by Hugh W. Roberts; I’d have missed out on tales that transported me above, beyond, and beneath life as we think we know it. In the grand tradition of Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Outer Limits, Glimpses draws us into the shadows of life and makes us remember, what we know isn’t nearly as important as what we don’t know.

13. I’d never have tagged along with:
#SundayBlogShare – Suzie
Or #MondayBlogs
Or #LinkYourLife

14. I’d never have stopped by linky parties: #BloggersPitSop
or #FridayFrivolity
or #TrafficJamWeekend
or other blogging treasures. Or never read An Insider’s Guide to Building a Successful Blog, from the creator of Mostly Blogging, Janice Wald  Familiar to me as an avid groupie follower of Janice’s informative and fun (go to her online parties, you’ll see) blog, but I found, altogether, in book form was even further enlightening.

16. I wouldn’t have discovered Danny’s determined desire to promote bloggers; when Danny says he Dreams Big, Dreams Often you can believe it.

17. I would’ve missed out on the heart and humour of Cher (not the hair flippy one, although she’s awesome too), a Canadian now living in Chicago. She’s been a constant companion. Check out her blog including her upcoming interview with Chris Murphy from Canada’s The Weather Network, like the weather, he’s funny and unpredictable (or is he? We’ll see). Update: here’s the post What if your first sunrise had been your last? Your first rainbow, your only? The first kiss of the sun, the gentle brush of the wind on your cheek, the moon rising full of promise, the tides tugging at your toes…no more.

18. I’d have missed zany Maine writing dynamos, Austin and David (Stephen King hasn’t attacked them with: monsters, crazed townsfolk, murdery clowns, scalpel-wielding children, rabid dogs, or demented cars…yet, there is something supernatural and I’m their #1 fan); both write for The Nite Show with Danny Cashman and have extended their talents to other projects – they give good funny.

19. I never would have found:
– David, who puts a smile on my face and a song in my heart:
– Chris the Story Reading Ape (who doesn’t monkey around)
The Hook, one the blogging wonders of the world (ironically living near another wonder of the world, Niagara Falls). Get hooked
Sally Cronin, a blogging goddess who tenaciously grows authors and bloggers in her blogging garden.

– Susie – Come for the Adventure, stay for the ride – her tagline says it all.
– Aquileana – giving us her grace and our Greek mythology fix

– Jonathan Caswell, chugging along in a diverse, delightful direction, never derailing.
– Jason, an Opinionated Man, unyieldingly keeping WordPress on its virtual toes, entertaining, and helping bloggers find each other in this giant virtual haystack.

– Rob, whose art and courage makes me: well up, envy up, and inspire up.
– Tess, reminding us that with words, less can be more (should have remembered that here, but hard to contain all this talent).

20. This list could literally go on for days, don’t dare me…

All of me blog-loves all of you with your blog-curves and all your blog-edges with your perfect imperfections. This is my blog love letter to all my readers. I want you all, dear readers, to continue this with me. Show the world the wonder of you…start by sharing your wonder in the comment box below – leave info and/or links to your blog or posts, social media links, links to other bloggers you love. One link per comment, come back as often as you like, there’s no time limit on fun.

Get out there, don’t compare.
It’s all been done?
Not by you.

Wishing all an eggs-cellent Easter!



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410 thoughts on “The Wonder of You

  1. This is an excellent post… I wonder how one would feel knowing there is only one post in a blog… I´d be trusting that the update option is available and allowed in any case 😀
    Thank you very much for the mention, dearest Donna. You put a big smile on my face, quite needed given that it has been raining for three straight days now 😀 Have a beautiful week!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. We’ve had the rain too and wind and some thunder and lightning, luckily I like storms, well, some of them, they remind me of Zeus. 😉
      Glad you liked it, Aquileana, I hope you can drop back and leave some links to your amazing posts, as many as you want so others can find you too. 🙂
      Hope this week treats you kindly. 🙂 Big hugs and best wishes xo

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Thank you, Aquileana, I hope everyone enjoys your posts as much as I (and your wonderful followers) do. Hope this week is treating you kindly. Best wishes and big hugs xox

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This is fabUlous girl! I’m also pushin’ 50 and I swear I’m getting crazier every day! I manage a full-time job, a side hustle, a family, and 2 need furkids. I also have 3 blogs that I neglect on a daily basis simply because I overextended myself and just don’t have the time! Ack! But I just can’t give up my cray because I love to chat and rant about my life, our life, and this crazy little world we live in. Would love some visitors to my place. I can get a bit bitchy so hope you’re not offended easily.

    Thanks for letting me share, D! You rock momma!


    1. Time…sometimes it seems like we’re on a treadmill, chasing time, but never quite getting there, but it’s fun trying. Love your blog and so glad you dropped by and left this link, please feel free to pop back and leave more, more, more (if you find the time).
      Ha, no, I don’t offended easily, at all and I enjoy what you do and how you do it, keep it coming. 😉
      Hope this week treats you well.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Jonathan, thank you and I hope you enjoyed your mention in the post, I was trying to be clever with train stuff lol
      I appreciate the reblog and hope this week is treating you well. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. And what a heart, Christy. Thank you for the smile and thank you for sharing this, it felt like a hug. Please drop by and leave more links, everyone and I mean everyone needs to find you. xox

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I’ve never had any of those, Elizabeth, ok, I almost did that with a straight face, no, I actually completely understand – thank you for being brave enough to share this. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL Yeah. I’m a real bad ass! I hang with drug dealers and ask my doctor for Viagra. Don’t mess with me. I’ll hit you with a roll of quarters and smack you with my enormous…well….


      2. I really am! Yesterday I…wait for it…left the house! Yep. And not just into the yard. I wasn’t even in our county! Granted I live right at the county line but I crossed it! Don’t be jealous. Not everyone can handle my kind of lifestyle.


      3. I understand your envy. I’d be envious of me if I weren’t me. The goldfish are green with envy. In fact Bruce Jr. jumped out of the tank in an effort to be more like me. He died. It’s got me wondering if I should stay inside as a precaution.


    1. Thank you so much, Laurie and I’m so glad you dropped by and left your link. 🙂
      I was nodding as I read your post on organization – I love to organize, but I’m not always as diligent as I should be, but I’m trying to soak up all that life-changing magic of tidying up, so I’m a comfort-loving unchilled pack-cat who wants to be an uptight purger! lol 😉
      This is fun, thanks. I hope this weekend is treating you kindly, Laurie. Feel free to come back again and again, share the wonder of you. 🙂


  3. It’s always so much fun to be here, D.Parker, you make me laugh so much. And this post was especially poignant with the tributes, the classics, new and old artists. No, there can never be enough laughter or joy or liveliness of new art. Thank you for the blog love-letter — and cheers to you, my friend, for all that you bring to us.


  4. This is fabulous! Thanks for the introduction to all these terrific (new to me) writers and bloggers! This is a wonderful tribute to the online writing community.

    Also, I LOVE that gif of George C. Scott from Dr Strangelove. You really do find the best gifs.


    1. Glad you enjoyed it, now get bak here and leave some links to your posts, I can’t do all the heavy blog lifting lol 😉
      Yes, I love that movie and that moment. Best wishes for an eggs-cellent weekend. 🙂


    1. Thank you for reblogging, you’re too kind. You had me giggling when you quoted Jason, yes, wise words. lol 😉
      I hope you can drop back by and leave links to your posts so others can find the wonder of you. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad you popped by an left this link, when I read it the other day it made me make a cunning plan to watch Blackadder (and sing the theme song of course) and Fawlty Towers and…the list goes on. I blame British comedy for my deep laugh lines (totally worth it). Hope the week ahead treats you kindly. 🙂


      1. Hello, thank you very much for the posting/ blogging. Oh, yes, hope you also have a nice week ahead. We here in Germany could get some new snow some days. 😉 Our region is also named “Bavarian siberia”. 😉 Michael


  5. I FOUND IT! my name and blog…in blue “ink”! Very encouraging this is! Been rather rough…losing access through one terminal and pissing off a couple of blogger friends….!
    It’s nice to be remembered…even thought of kindly—somewhere! 🙂 thank you for making my MONTH! –Jonathan Caswell


  6. I also face feelings of it all having been done before when I think of creating courses. Everything seems so simple and over done to me. And, I hold back. Thank you for the evidence to convince me otherwise…


  7. I love what you write and I love how you write it. I always leave here thinking and more than anything sparked to go back to the computer and begin writing



  8. Sorry, I’m breaking your break again. I was trying to figure out how I missed this blog. Then it hit me, oww! I was in the hospital! so sorry I missed it, but am glad that I found it since it means I got to enjoy another one of your blogs and not just a rerun (though I enjoy those, too!).


  9. Well, I have no idea how I missed this post the first time around, Donna. All I can say is that I must have been somewhere in the Twilight Zone, probably writing stories for my next short story collection.
    A massive thank you from me for the mention of Glimpses (the perfect read for Halloween, of course), soon to be joined by its little brother More Glimpses. I hope the new collection of short stories send many shivers your way. 🎃


    1. WordPress was probably playing it’s tricks of not sending notifications, no worries, hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed your book. Congrats on the second one coming out, everyone will enjoy More Glimpses. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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