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What Happens In Space Stays In Space

How did your space mission go?
Quiet as space itself, oh, except for being impregnated by an alien life force. Other than that, a-ok.

When I first heard about the CBS TV series Extant it sounded like it had it all.
Oscar-winner Halle Berry, amazing in everything.


Goran Visnjic who was the McDreamy of his day, in ER.

Grace Gummer, being the daughter of Meryl Streep, I see why she went into acting. Hiroyuki Sanada, guess he needed something to do while we wait forever for the next season of Helix. Camryn Manheim, why isn’t she in more?


Pierce Gagnon, only 9, but we’ll see a lot more of him. Michael O’Neill, who’s been in so much you’ll feel like you know him. And more. The cast is out of this world.
Producer, Steven Spielberg.

Space is vast, sometimes bringing it to Earth, for TV viewing, can be hit or miss.

Our fascination with space is insatiable, from Star Trek in all its various forms to Doctor Who,

1ex16Battlestar Galactica, Lost In Space, V,
Jetsons, Space: 1999, Farscape, Firefly,


Transformers, The 4400, Alien Nation,
Falling Skies, Star Wars, The X-Files,


Roswell, Lexx, G-Force, Superfriends, Andromeda, Stargate SG-1, Family Guy, The Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy, Torchwood, Red Dwarf, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Earth 2, Crusade, Starhunter, Lexx, The Starlost, Cowboy Bebop, Space: Above and Beyond, Babylon 5, and more.

As a space fan I’m loathe to admit, maybe we should focus a bit more on how we’re destroying the earth and less on how to get away from the mess we’ve made.

Extant explores more than space, it attempts to explore human emotions, reactions, thought processes, even delving into what makes us human.


Is Extant full of new ideas? No.
Are the older ideas reprocessed and revisited in a way that makes them refreshing? So far, mostly.

This show isn’t really about aliens, androids, space, conspiracies, a futuristic Earth, it’s about people. It’s about how we act and interact. How we love, hate, fear, dream, hope, and dare to imagine. It’s about understanding that everything comes at a cost. Hopefully we learn that lesson before it’s too late.




Very me

20 thoughts on “What Happens In Space Stays In Space

      1. That narrows it down lol Space baby. Earth in a couple of decades. Android boy. Government conspiracies. Geez, when I say it like that it sounds like futurexfiles.


  1. I’m enjoying Extant, I watch out for it to appear every Thursday on my Amazon streaming. I think part of its fascination for me is that the world they live in could be this one in a few/couple of decades, as they’ve carefully progressed existing technology – prosthetics, mobile phones, electric cars, prosthetics and so on.


    1. I watched it because it has to do with space, not because Goran Visnjic was in it, I mean I barely even noticed.
      The commercials were bizarre.
      Camryn Manheim is awesome, she should be a requirement for most shows. 😉


  2. “What Happens In Space Stays In Space”… now i have a head full of images of an outer space Las Vegas type place, with Elvis and the Hitchhiker’s Guide raspberries, and Scotty beaming us there. Loved the post. Hugs!


  3. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    I am a bit of a Trekkie – another vice out of the bag. We do tend to watch some of the Sci Fi and Fantasy shows that we have access to and when we can watch Extant we probably will because of Steven Spielberg and the cast. Over the years certain films have made their impact (pardon the pun) and probably one that is both of our favourites is Contact by Carl Sagan and well of course Star Trek in all its manifestations….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the reblog.:)
      We’re Trekkies and proud.
      I love anything by Carl Sagan, he had a way of making science accessible and interesting.
      Thanks for dropping by and the reblog. 🙂

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