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An Apology to Elephants

ele2Keep a box or two of tissues close by for this one. This HBO doc will make an excellent effort to yank your heart out. If this doesn’t make people understand why having animals in captivity is wrong I’m not sure what will.

I get that people think it’s fun and interesting, even educational to see sharks or killer whales in an aquarium; lions, monkeys or giraffes at a zoo; watching elephants, tigers, etc. perform in circuses or on stage. But it’s not the natural order. They should stay in their own environment living their own life.

ele3Would you be ok with someone picking up your child, shipping them half way around the world to live their life in a cage?

How about if you’re on your way to the store to buy dinner and you’re captured, shipped off then stabbed and poked and hit with sticks, etc. so you’ll perform in front of a crowd?

It’s more natural to eat animals than keep them prisoner.

Think about it, animals don’t capture us and keep us locked up, performing for their amusement.


“We do what we know, when we know better, we do better.”~Maya Angelou



Very me

14 thoughts on “An Apology to Elephants

    I realize that elephants and lions and all other animals shouldn’t be kept in a zoo. But I know that children like to see them, but it just might be us adults convincing them to do so.


      1. is there a link included in your post? I was looking for it but didn’t see it …… I’m bad at that!! LOL ….

        At the risk of sounding “dumb”, what’s the name of the documentary? How can I get to it?

        Thank you, D!!!


      2. No worries, it’s actually called An Apology To Elephants (great title because they deserve it and maybe we should stop abusing them and killing them too). I saw it on TV, but I think it’s probably on DVD, Netflix and stuff like that too. It’s HBO so their store would have it. There are no dumb questions, I love asking them and answering them. Thanks so much for dropping by and all your support. 🙂


      3. Good day, Donna …. thanks for your answer and the info. I will try to find the documentary. It sounds like something I would really want to see.



  2. Years ago I had the pleasure of seeing an IMAX movie about elephants and totally fell in love with what beautiful creatures they are. I cried my way through that, and will most likely cry my way through this when I get a chance to see it.


    1. You will need tissues, a lot, for this one. It’s heartbreaking. But it does remind people of how gentle and intelligent elephants are.
      Glad we met through Susie’s blog party, hope we can virtually visit often. 🙂

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