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Plan To Be Spontaneous Today

1blog32In the summer, readers run away from blogs like swimmers running out of the water away from the shark in Jaws (We’re going to need a bigger blog).

So what do you do in a blogging slump? Post more? Less? Write longer or shorter posts? Add more pictures of cats? More tweets, likes…eat more chocolate? Or just accept it and take a break for the rest of the summer? Acceptance is such a strange thing, isn’t it? It can be positive – you accept a gift, get accepted into a club, accept an award, or it can become something you feel forced to do, such as compliance or acquiescence.


I accept The Imitation Game was a brilliant film starring Benedict Cumberbatch (who apparently can’t be anything but astonishing) about WWII. I don’t accept it’s completely factual, clearly they took certain liberties such as Cumberbatch portraying Turing as though he had Asperger’s Syndrome. I don’t know if that’s Hollywood pretending everyone who’s a genius has Autism, or because they wanted Cumberbatch to play Turing more like Sherlock.

Joan Clarke (played with dazzling brilliance by Kiera Knightley) wasn’t recruited by Turing, crossword puzzle or otherwise, but was engaged to him.


They did concede Turning’s machine was based on a Polish cryptologic machine (the Polish broke the Enigma code years before), but that he’d built a better, faster machine for the more sophisticated code.
This is Hollywood. They add drama.

Unlike previous films about the Enigma code, this film didn’t cause international snits like U-571, or put us to sleep like Enigma (despite a stunning performance by Kate Winslet, wait, wasn’t she in another famous historically inaccurate film, something about a ship?).


I don’t take umbrage to movies that play with history. Most of history is changeable, written by the victors and those who want to cast themselves in a positive light. I read history books and watch documentaries, but even those should be taken with a grain of salt. Movies, TV shows, and books, even those based on real-life people and events, those are for entertainment.


This delightful movie wasn’t actually about the war or codes, it was about acceptance. Alan Turing was a gifted mathematician and cryptographer and yet, in the end, it didn’t matter if he saved millions of lives or gave us the basis for modern computers, it mattered that he was gay. He was only 41 when he committed suicide after being forced to endure chemical castration. His future work, his life, all lost because no one could accept he wasn’t their definition of ‘normal’.

Fear and discrimination are the real enemies. People refusing to accept the differences of others. Differences should be encouraged, supported, celebrated. Different isn’t less, most often, it’s more.


As for the blogging, who knows, maybe this is a good excuse to write that book I’ve been putting off.
So plan to be spontaneous today, here’s some, er, blogging advice to hold you over.
And snap out of it, WordPress, you’re driving bloggers insane (perhaps a short drive, but still a waste of gas).

Anyway, this was rather delightful excuse to post lots of pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch. You’re welcome.



Very me

177 thoughts on “Plan To Be Spontaneous Today

  1. I am glad you filled me in with some of the flaws of an otherwise great movie. I have told many people the message is more than breaking the Enigma code. Also, love Kate Winslet and need to see the film you mentioned. Funny thing, I got on wordpress to write and get some angst out (a man) and I still don’t post pictures. I like pictures but 99% of my books I read have none. Lol! 🙂


    1. There were even more, no Soviet spy, Turing said he didn’t understand German yet the real Turing studied German and visited Germany…but none of that makes for exciting entertainment, I guess.
      Kate Winslet was amazing in the movie, she was the best part, well, as she often is. 🙂
      Hope the angst is out now…sometimes words are enough. 🙂


    1. As much as I was whining about the massive snow and cold, I’d take some cooling down right now. I’m glad you’re at your keyboard, for many reasons. 🙂
      There can never be enough. 😉

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      1. Yes, because he has Sectoral Heterochromia, his eyes change from blue to green depending on the light, it’s fascinating and may just be a genetic mutation, but he knows how to use them. 😉

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  2. Ooooh, I haven’t seen that last picture before… Yum.
    Donna, even without Benedict, I find it extremely difficult not to drop whatever I’m doing, and read your wonderful blog, the moment my email tells me you’ve posted. As always, this one is a treat. If you’re having a summer slump it hasn’t diminished your writing. Mega hugs my friend. ❤ 🙂


    1. There were so many to choose from and all lovely, but that one struck my fancy. 🙂
      Thank you so much, Teagan, you know I feel the same way about your posts. 🙂
      Thank you kindly and I hope this day is good to you. Megahugs! 🙂

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  3. Hah! Well, I guess misery lives company (as well as Benedict Cumberbatch). I’m so glad you posted this, actually. Because I was beginning to think it was ‘just me’. I mean, I started my blog last Fall, so wasn’t aware of there was a Summer Slump. At least now I know (!) My stats may suck, but I am not alone. And your post was (as usual) a treat to read (and look at). Thanks!


  4. I have worked with brilliant men like Turing and it is true – people have the tendency to label their eccentric often anti-social behavior as autistic or whatever. Then it becomes easier to deride their accomplishments. Loved the movie (and yes, I am a big fan of Benedict!)


  5. You had me at “we’re going to need a bigger blog.” I LOL-ed (and I don’t do that for just anyone). Yeah, I loved The Imitation Game too, even though it played fast and loose with the facts. The great film director John Ford once said that whenever there’s a conflict between the truth and the legend, go with the legend–it makes a better story!


    1. I had my Jaws thinking cap on. 😉
      That’s an excellent quote, Ford was wise. If we’re looking for the truth, entertainment mediums probably aren’t the best place to look.


    1. Yes, it’s so sad, all those people and their loved ones tossed aside because they conform to what people said was normal. I don’t get why people get so upset about who other people choose to be with.

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  6. I missed “The Imitation Game” but will definitely be renting it now. I think Benedict Cumberbatch is a fine actor. He was great as Kahn in the last Star Trek movie (dork alert). It seems you may be a bit smitten with him, and that’s sweet. 🙂


    1. Though he was an awesome Khan, he brought a cool intensity to the role, although I still liked Ricardo Montalbán’s Khan (and of course, Fantasy Island).
      Yes, smitten is a fine word, I am indeed. 🙂

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  7. Benedict yes, but the real star of the show today was David Tenant – yes he really is just that cool. LOVED The Imitation Game! Kept me from reading several blogs though. 🙂


  8. I have noticed a slowing down in (some) bloggers’ posts. Mine is health-related but summer can be a tough time to sit in. If it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. Rather, if it’s not the nice weather, it’s the kids. They want to go out. Anyway, have not seen these movies. *cringe* I know. I really must.


    1. All around the world it’s different for everyone, my best idea is as long as we’re enjoying it, keep going. 🙂
      There’s time enough and who can keep up, even if we want to. 🙂


      1. so true, D. You have a most uplifting blog and sense of humor, it is delightful. Thank you!


  9. Yes, loved the photos. I love watching anything with Benedict C in it, and I enjoyed this post! As far a summer-slow-blogging time. I blog the same, every Friday, and just enjoy being out there for whoever is not swimming in the ocean or hoeing in their garden. 🙂


  10. ¨Acceptance is such a strange thing, isn’t it? It can be positive – you accept a gift, get accepted into a club, accept an award, or it can become something you feel forced to do, such as compliance or acquiescence¨…

    Oh those words are so well penned… I agree with you in many ways, Donna… 🌟★🌟
    Thanks for the filmic tour… I guess spontaneity works very well for you!….
    All my best wishes! Aquileana ⭐


  11. Thanks for the background to the Imitation Game. Loved the movie … Even with inaccuracies! Who care shine you can spend time looking at DC. He is so captivating.
    And better than any cat 😉


  12. I loved The Imitation Game, granted I saw it on a plane, so probably lost parts of it due to distractions 🙂 I find the blogging slump occurs here in winter (now) and school holidays. Everyone disappears to warm weather and turns off computers. Probably should follow their example and get some sunshine myself!


    1. lol That would be an interesting place to watch it. 😉
      I think it varies for bloggers, their topics as well as their locations. 🙂
      Thanks for taking the time to drop by, hope this day (and sunshine) is treating you kindly. 🙂


  13. I’m still considered somewhat of a blogging “newbie” (6 months with the “real” blog) but have actually seen more engagement and higher views/visitors with each post this summer. I don’t know if I can attribute it to anything other than being much more diligent about how I share via social media or that people like me, they really really like me 😉


  14. Hi Donna, I really like your blog for the clever and amusing posts you write. The quotes and movie references are really neat. I guess I don’t have to tell you all this. But I do want to show my appreciation therefore I nominate you to the Versatile Blogger Award. Silly award, sure, it could probably be a great topic for a post. But it is one way to say: “Hi, I think you are pretty cool”. Feel free to visit my blog to read more about it…


  15. I normally cringe at puns but I have to give you credit for “We’re going to need a bigger blog”. I kind of loved it.
    I blog just as much during the summer since I do al my blogging during the hours of down-time I get in the windowless office I work in.


  16. I know this is heresy, but I’ve never really understood what everyone else sees in Benedict Cumberbatch. I thought Martin Freeman was by far the best thing in Sherlock. Into Darkness was dreadful on so many levels that I’ll admit that he was only bettered by Simon Pegg. Other than that I’ve not been inclined to watch anything that he’s been in.

    In the UK we get him on radio plays a lot and he’s much more to my liking there. I was listening to one last night and enjoyed his performance.


    1. I’ll prepare the boiling oil… 😉
      I suppose that’s the wonderful thing, people liking different things and people, etc.
      Martin Freeman is amazing, I still think his best part was in Love Actually, but he’s brilliant in Sherlock. 🙂
      Hope this day treats you kindly. 🙂

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  17. I try to take movies as an inspiration to look up the real person. Most movies get it wrong about 80% of the time, but I probably never would have heard of Alan if I hadn’t seen the movie so it does serve some kind of purpose.

    Thanks so much for posting this at the traffic jam weekend linky party.


    1. Yes, I love movies but they’re adaptations or interpretations, but I love learning about the real thing as well. 🙂
      Love #TrafficJamWeekend – what an awesome blast to the past! 🙂


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