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firefly7Why? Why? Why???

This was an awesome show, can’t say enough about how amazing it was.

Cast was unbelievable, story was ripper, and it was brilliant.

So why did this astonishing show only last one season? We do know Fox likes to cancel some well-loved shows. Even cancelled Family Guy then picked it up again later when they finally figured out people liked it, duh.  Perhaps Whedon’s on-going widescreen battles (I agree, it’s a Western, just in space), or the order of episodes, or concept.

In the end, whatever the reasons, only 11 out of the 14 episodes ever aired. Maybe people just weren’t ready for it or it was a stupid decision to cancel it. I can think of others, Terra Nova


It has since become a hit, beloved by many, missed by the few who first watched it…It’s had its imitators, but none can capture the passion of the original.

I did like the tip of the cowboy hat in the Castle Halloween episode where Nathan Fillion wore his Mal outfit…but it’s not the same.

Joss Whedon you are astonishing, and thank you for at least giving us Serenity as a consolation prize.




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17 thoughts on “Firefly

  1. And there’s so much more story that could be placed in that ‘verse. Maybe there should be more Firefly movies or novels.


  2. Thanks for linking to this post today, Donna! I could say: Liked the movie — but can’t forgive Whedon for needlessly killing off Wash. Loved the series. Instead I’ll just say — Cutest butt ever!
    Mega hugs.


    1. I know where Whedon was going but I wish it hadn’t happened, but at it’s core, Firefly/Serenity is about loss and about hope even after loss and I think Wash was a sacrificial lamb on Whedon’s space cowboy altar. I think Wash had to die (didn’t deserve it and I cried out ‘Noooo!’ in the theater!). I am enjoying Alan Tudyk (middle name Wray) in ‘Powerless’ (fingers crossed they don’t cancel it), so hilarious as he is in everything, loved him in ‘Suburgatory’, ‘Dollhouse’, ‘V’, everything. Have you read the theories that say he didn’t die? So much Browncoat fun. 😉
      Mega Mal, cutest butt ever, I mean ever hugs xoxo


    1. Thank you, thank you, for sharing all these posts!
      Sorry I missed this, don’t know how, but I’m here now, thank you.
      I’m off to share and visit. 🙂
      Hope this week treats you kindly. 🙂


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