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I guess most would duImageb this 1988 comedy a cult classic as it never enjoyed mainstream recognition. I saw Tapeheads at one of those movie houses that showed cool films, ones you couldn’t see in mainstream theaters; before the internet let you see anything and everything.

Directed by Bill Fishman, and starring:

John Cusack,

Tim Robbins,

Sam Moore and Junior Walker,

Mary Crosby (Dallas);

Doug McClure (when I hear his name I think, I’m Troy McClure, you may know me from PSAs such as…);

Connie Stevens; Don Cornelius; Courtney Love; Doug E. Fresh; Bob Goldthwait (credited as Jack Cheese);

Fishbone  (also performs the incidental score);

Lords of the New Church singer Stiv Bators;

Ted Nugent;  Xander Berkeley;

King Cotton;

“Weird Al” Yankovic;

and Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra, in a cameo as an FBI agent.

You can see producer, Michael Nesmith briefly as a bottled water delivery man (don’t blink).

Need I say more?

Two best friends turn their hard luck story and others misfortunes into a better life with lots of bizarre hijinks and weird fun. ImageA must watch, at least once.

Soundtrack includes: Devo, Fishbone, Bo Diddley, King Cotton, Swanky Modes (Sam Moore and Junior Walker) and “Repave America” written and performed by Tim Robbins, credited as Bob Roberts (another awesome and underenjoyed film) 4 years before that movie was released (not on the soundtrack). “Repave America” was altered to “Retake America” on the Bob Roberts soundtrack.

And once you’ve heard the Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffle song, it will be in your head, lurking, waiting to be hummed.



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