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tHe trUTh is sTiLL oUt tHeRe

I mostly try to watch shows when they first come on. I try them on like a new shirt – do I like them, are they durable, are they practical, are they a flattering colour, do they make me look fat, well, maybe that’s a bad simile (is there a good one?), but you get my point.ImageI don’t wait for months or years for someone to tell me a show or movie is awesome or until it’s in vogue or whatever. ImageI guess I like to decide to watch shows because I like it, or I decide I dislike them hate it or just forget it or don’t care. I was riveted to X-Files from the first moment I watched it, glued to the screen.

It was mesmerizing. ImageDark, mysterious, evocative, seductive, gross, and even baffling.

ImageIt was a expedition within a journey that just made me want to move forward, that is until Tea Leoni had David Duchovny quit and Season 9 was just so-so, but of course not wanting to miss any of the mythology I trudged on, hoping it would get better. And then Tea Leoni lived through all of Jurassic Park 3, whining in that nasal, oh, but I have moved off into the shadows. She’s not so bad. Duchovny was a big boy; he made his own choices. Image

This was about weird and wild, creepy, supernatural, alien, government conspiracies, but it was also one of the greatest love stories in TV history. Mulder and Scully weren’t just friends, partners or lovers, they were complemented each other.

They were funny and entertaining.

X-Files is still one of the most amazing shows ever to grace the small or big screen.

Another movie maybe? Revive the series…Just sayin’.Image