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How many movie trailers do you think you’ve seen in a lifetime?

How about the movie trailers that begin, In A World…? It was so overused, it became a gag.

Did you ever wonder why a majority of movie trailers are by a booming male voice? Obviously Lake Bell (Boston Legal, The Practice, Surface, ER, New Girl, What Happens In Vegas, etc.) did.

Bell, who also wrote, directed and co-produced the indie film (winning Best Screenplay at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival) stars as a young woman working as a vocal coach when she really wants to do voice-over work. Living in the shadow of her famous voice-over father, played masterfully by Fred Melamed, Carol (Bell) struggles to find her own voice.


After the death of Don Lafontaine (archival footage used, he passed away in 2008), voice-over actors fight for his famous, “In a world…” line as it’s revived to use in the trailers for the 4-part trilogy, The Amazon Games (the movie trailer starring Cameron Diaz as herself).

It makes you think about all the ‘roles’ we’ve all had in our lives, all the ‘voices’ we’ve struggled to find. How sometimes, we already had that voice, but just needed to have the courage to use it.

1inaw1Highlights include a hilarious Eva Longoria trying to master a cockney accent for a part in a movie.

Throw in Jason O’Mara (made me miss Terra Nova all over again) and Nick Offerman being smarmy and obnoxious and awesomely them and, just wow.

Quirky movies appeal to me. Different thoughts, ideas, lifestyles…And this movie super-sized the quirky.

In a world with a totally gratuitous picture of Jason O’Mara





Very me

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