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Oops…I Did It Again!

I think I did it again
Oh baby, baby
Oops, you think I’d know my own blogiversary!!!
Remember to celebrate 5 years with you!!!
But I’m not that cognizant

You see, one problem
I dreamed away
Wishing/hoping heroes still exist
I think why, watching the days
We’re all some kinda fool in some kinda way
So I feel all my senses, but forget the day
That is just so typically me
Oh baby, oh

Oops…I did it again!

Yes, I freely admit to liking Britney Spears. Her music makes me dance and sing, but thankfully no video on that…to the best of my knowledge; fingers crossed. She went through some bad times with the whole world watching and judging.

Who needs to judge or be judged, especially for their worst day?

I wouldn’t want to be judged on my worst day…or on my best. Any day. It’s no one’s business. But I digress.

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for over 5 years (slow blogging still counts)!!!

I may have started this for many reasons: to unpack my brain, add some humour and humanity to the discourse, and dare I hope fame and fortune (nope, apparently not going to be a Jane Austen, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Bob Woodward anytime soon) – well, at least I unpack my brain and share it with all of you.

And made some funnies.

And I stay for the #bloglove. Clearly, still Hooked On A Feeling

Here are some of my greatest, er, hits?

When you share your brain, heart, your whole self with others there’s always a risk. You risk: rejection, failure, pain, loss, trolling (so much trolling)… all that is outweighed by what you get, readers, other bloggers who share themselves with you.

I’m a flawed person. Imperfect. But I own my harmlessly eccentric weirdness and proud of being a nerd (even before it was cool, wait, is it still cool? I’m confused.).

I’ve always been me and despite many attempts to make me not me, I still seem to manage to be me. That’s not always a good thing. Read some of my stuff, comment, critique, praise, ignore, puzzle, or just do whatever you want. to contact me any – time (on my home planet?):  iwanttobelieve@rogers.com

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Please feel free to send me stuff, like books, ebooks, etc.…Love Free Stuff! Gratefully accept promotional materials. Respectfully reserve the right to decide whether said promotional material is suitable for my blog.

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Most of all, be happy, be kind, be brave (nothing to fear but…)

Yeahyeahyeahyeah you’ll find, oh baby baby, oops, you’ll do it again and again. And thanks, for viewing me baby one more time…