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Skeletons In My Closet #1000Speak

1funny583Woah-oh, woah-oh
Skeletons in my closet
Woah-oh, woah-oh yeah
Skeletons in my closet
Skeletons in my closet,
Skeletons in my shoes,
Skeletons I can only see,
Skeletons I can lose….
Skeletons in my basement, loitering on my streets, wearing my best pyjamas, sandwiched between my sheets….Donna? We want you! Donna, Donna! D-Donna, D-Donna, D-Donna, D-Donna?
~To paraphrase Alice Cooper (doubt he’d mind, he’s probably golfing).

The best thing about humans, we’re complex.
The worst thing about humans, we’re complex.

If we’re honest, we all have some skeletons in our closets.
Maybe not stuff you’d see on The Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones and hopefully nothing that would show up in a Stephen King novel. Just things we did that we wish we hadn’t done. Things we wish we hadn’t said. Things we’d like to hide away and forget ever happened.

We should show some love for those skeletons. They remind us of: tough times, poor judgment, mistakes, moments of weakness, intolerance, indifference, cruelty. Mine remind me of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned. Why not just live with them, make peace with our poor choices and our demons? They’re a part of us.

I know, I know, it’s more comfortable ignore the skeletons and think about, talk about, glory in the times when we did wonderful things.
When we showed kindness, empathy. When we built someone up and made someone feel better. Helped. Comforted. Supported. Cared. Loved.
But what about those times when we didn’t?

Most monsters are born of pain, despair, sorrow, loneliness, neglect, abuse, greed, apathy, and horrors.
As you grow older, you begin to care much less about pleasing others and worrying about what people think.
They’re going to think what they think.
You can try and try, but you can’t please everyone.
If you’re controlled by the past, how can you enjoy the present?
I’d rather have my skeletons out there, dancing (hey, they’re not bad dancers) than judging others and being a hypocrite.

It doesn’t matter who or where you come from and choices you’ve made, what matters is who you choose to be from now on.
We worry so much about skeletons while we have monsters to wrestle each day: pain, loss, hopes dashed, conflict, poverty, illness, loneliness, anger, disappointment, frustration, guilt. Make peace with the monsters so they don’t hurt others, even inadvertently.
One of my monsters is chronic illness. It fights to stop me from enjoying life and I do my warrior princess cry (in my head, it would be extremely disruptive to do it out loud) and fight back. I’ve lost a lot, but in the end, I show my monsters some compassion, they’re a part of me.
As long as no one gets hurt, invite your monsters and skeletons for a cup of tea and comfort…or wine…or coffee…or maybe something stronger depending on how long they’ve been in the closet. Don’t forget to offer them cookies, cake, and ummm, snow cones?


I wake up every morning to a monster in my room.
I try to speak to it, but it runs away too soon.
It sneaks in while I sleep, to hide behind my bed.
I can hear it breathing; does it want me dead?
What is it doing? Is it playing games?
I sip some tea and finally see,
that lovely monster is part of…me.





Very me

122 thoughts on “Skeletons In My Closet #1000Speak

  1. I have learned a lot from this post – I worry so much about what has already been said and done and now realise how ridiculous this is. You are amazing and an inspiration – very gratefulxxx


  2. What a great post. We all have our skeletons in the closet. And it is about removing one by one. As you say it so perfectly: “If you’re controlled by the past, how can you enjoy the present?”


  3. What an absolutely brilliant post. It made me happy because you are so vibrant and positive. It made me a little sad because of your chronic condition. I love the idea of your skeletons and monsters having a party or a get together. Is it OK for mine to gatecrash ? They promise to behave. Well maybe. Big monster hug. Friendly skeleton rattle. Kris.


    1. Oh yes, do stay and have some refreshments, the more the merrier! Big monster hug and friendly skeleton rattle back! 🙂
      Hope this day treats you and your skeletons and monsters kindly. 🙂


  4. Sorry to hear about your chronic health condition, but judging by this entertaining post, you’re dealing with it in a very positive way. Lovely post, really enjoyed it.


  5. Stupid wordpress! I Liked this as soon as it came up, but three hours later it’s unliked my like! Wonder how many monsters and skelly-bones there are in WP’s bottomless closet! X


    1. It’s been doing that to me on and off for almost a week. I press Like, if I go back later, the Like is gone. Asked for help, of course they said it’s my browser and did you do these updates and a whole bunch of other stuff, no, duh, cause I know it’s something you did WordPress. Frustrating.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the reblog.
      Best part? I found your blog. 🙂
      Hope this day treats you kindly! 🙂
      PS. WordPress is playing a game where not all Likes stay Liked, so I’ll return to your posts later…I’ve pressed Like 3 times now and so far, none are staying. Sigh. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. You are an inspiration, Donna. It is my pleasure we have crossed paths.
    I have been in the habit of shutting doors in my past and moving forward, never looking back. This works for me. Your post shows me this has been a good thing. No point beating a dead horse, as the saying goes. ❤ ❤ ❤


  7. I’m amazed that constant pain doesn’t seem to stymy your amazing creativity and desire to share with the world. It’s quite inspiring actually! Cheers! Jan


  8. Wise words Donna. A feast for thought. Maybe it’s all tied to how much we like ourselves… But that would make it inescapable. We like ourselves too much to admit to the skeletons. Conversely, we don’t love ourselves, so we hate the skeletons even more. Ugh — I think i’m giving myself a headache. 😉
    Excellent post, Donna. Well done. Mega hugs! ⭐


    1. Thank you kindly, Teagan. I don’t know, I’m guessing a lot would depend on how much those skeletons had hurt others.
      Hope today has been a better day for you. Take care. Megahugs!!! 🙂


  9. I like the meme that is along the lines of “I don’t hide my skeletons in the closet, I bring them out and dance with them!” But I am sorry you are struggling so, it’s not easy and it’s even harder being strong all the time – so I’ll send you some love and good energy! 🙂


    1. Yes, that’s my general idea, sort of an Oingo Boingo let your skeletons have a party idea. 😉
      Thank you, such is life, but I gladly accept the love and good energy, of which you radiate, dear Kate!!!
      Hope this weekend is ‘cheer’-filled. 😉
      All the best, sweetie. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  10. This is an excellent post about self compassion. You’re so indeed right – we do all have monsters in our closets. We’ve all made mistakes we regret. Hopefully we learned from them and they’ve hopefully helped us become better people. I know mine have in one way or another. And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to have tea and cookies with a few of my monsters who dropped by while I was reading your wonderful post. 🙂


    1. Thank you kindly. I’m so pleased you would think of me.
      I’ve shared it so people can find your lovely quote, “Nothing is worth losing your inner peace. Take action as circumstances require, but never surrender your inner peace. Stop. Breathe deeply. Close your eyes and breathe deeply again. Then, and only then, take action from a peaceful heart.”~Jonathan Lockwood Huie
      Excellent start!
      Hope this day treats you kindly and peacefully. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I make my skeletons iron and do the dishes. But they are not allowed to cook.

    In case you are wondering why you just got a message I followed you- I am finding a few of you I read regularly not followed. WP is glitching again.


    1. Skeletons can do housework, why did I not know this? 😉
      Oh, WordPress is doing all kinds of fun things, unfollowing, not letting people comment and when you press ‘Like’ the post doesn’t necessarily stay ‘Liked’. Sigh. Thank you for refollowing. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  12. It is true as we get older we worry less about what others think and more about how we feel. I tend to like the skeletons in the closet on tv shows mainly because it does make me think.


    1. I hope you had a lovely time with your Mom. 🙂
      Thank you kindly, isn’t it wonderful we can find each other’s blogs even in this giant virtual haystack, glad we did. 🙂


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