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Well, Isn’t That Special?

1funny183We like to believe we’re all special in some way. But are we?

Everything is special now. Special friends, special medications, special trips, special toys, special events, TV specials, those with disabilities now have special needs, and you can go to almost any restaurant and have the specials. Well, is that special?

Extraordinary, exceptional, unique, particular, distinctive, unusual, elite, individual, exclusive…but what does special really mean?

Barney the dinosaur told us that everyone is special in his or her own way. Mr Rogers always told we’re all special, and that just by being a human being that makes us very, very fancy, er, whatever that means.

People sometimes feel that their life isn’t special, that they’re don’t do enough, that they aren’t special enough.
They think that if they’re bored, or feel empty, or feel stressed, they need to add something to themselves or their lives to make it special or awesome. Let’s try some math here, yes, adding things makes things bigger, but does that necessarily mean better?
Maybe we need to appreciate what we already have. Instead of adding, perhaps we should enjoy what we have or even remove things.
Sometimes less is better.

I didn’t hurry to watch The Lego Movie because I figured it would be a giant ad for Lego, you know, just one loooong product placement. It was, but it was something else. It was even funnier than I thought thanks to great lines delivered by a gobsmacking cast: Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, Nick Offerman, Will Ferrell, Liam Neeson, Channing Tatum, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Will Forte, etc.There was also plenty of nostalgia and some great messages about the importance of being yourself, even if that’s really different. I was more than pleasantly surprised.


How do we know if being ourselves is good enough?
Society is a huge throbbing litany of endless ads, celebrities, commercials telling you that you need to: buy more, do more, have more, work more, drive more, go out more, eat more, talk more, exercise more, shop more, watch more, text more, post more, tweet more…you need to be more, which, to me, just screams that you’re not enough.
Enough! Enough? What would enough even look like? To be enough? To have enough? Look around, how would we even know?
What should we believe? Is something true just because someone told us it is? Just because it was on a billboard? On your phone? On a runway? In an ad? On a commercial? Posted on social media? On the news? On TV, in a movie, in a book? Is it true just because it rhymes…because it’s catchy…or popular…or gone viral?


Lego is cool (not the word I’ve used when I stepped on a piece of it, in my bare feet) because it all fits together, it all works, not just when you follow the instructions, not how someone wants you to, but any way your mind can imagine.

You don’t have to follow the crowd or instructions to create something magical, something unique, something special.

Because there is something about you…you just need to believe in it.