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What a Wonderful World

1future16Imagine, a world where we eliminate everything that causes conflict.

  • No wealth. No poverty. No crime.

  • No race. No religion. No fear.

  • No losers. No winners (except Charlie Sheen, because make no mistake, even a 1000 years from now, both he and Keith Richards could very well still be alive, and possibly, our leaders).

  • No celebrities. No Kardashians (Utopia, for sure).

  • Everyone wears the same clothes, um, who gets to decide what clothes?1future19

  • No hate. No envy (which makes me envy them a little).

  • Equality. Real equality, not just talked about.

  • Everyone eats the same food (we’d still have all the different foods we like, right? Oh, I guess that wouldn’t make any sense.).

  • Precise language. No lying.

  • No memories of the past. No echoes of the war, terror, sickness, hunger, dramas, or grudges to assault the senses.

1future23What a wonderful world. Our sameness would be our salvation. Or would it?

I can’t imagine never having seen animals or colours or heard music. Never felt snow on your tongue, or rain on your cheeks. Never soothed, sang, swam, tried something just for the fun of it…Never felt, expressed, or received love. Never dreamed.

I finally decided to watch The Giver, so I stopped watching Jane the Virgin (don’t judge me, the titillating title hides plenty of laughs and a myriad of excellent messages about life, love, growing up, letting go, choices, and dealing with things when the choices are taken away from us).1future17

This Lois Lowry book always struck a chord with me. When we’re given the freedom to make choices, do we make the wrong ones?  No choices, therefore, no drama, no conflict, no pain. Life would be contented, safe, comfortable, but it would lack surprise, passion, dreams, and joy.

I approached the film adaptation cautiously, so many books have been confused, corrupted, or cauterized in the Hollywood machine. This was Hollywoodized, but in a good way.

For all my prejudging, Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, and a talented group of young actors (yes, including Taylor Swift) relentlessly brought this complicated book to life in an accessible and entertaining fashion.

Instead of wishing for a Utopian future or bracing for a Dystopian one, we should be working on making a better today.