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I’ve got a secret


He’s back. That bird. The rude one. The one that taunts me.
He sits outside my window and calls me cheap. Over and over again.
He doesn’t even know me. He’s never even taken the time to know me.


OK, having a mock feud with a loud bird wasn’t the best start to the day, but it is a good sign of Spring. Migraine seems gone, still have a cold or maybe it’s allergies, but not throwing myself a Pity Party, I’m going to throw a Yay Me Party! And facing problems gives us the ability to learn, make mistakes, adapt, and maybe even find solutions or at least, the chance of a solution, right?1bird5

People talk about Happiness in wide, sweeping terms as though we’re all made happy by the same things. No, really different.
I’ve got a secret, it’s  a decision to do something that might make me a lot happier, but I don’t think I’m ready.
But then I tell myself, thinking you’re not ready is an excuse.
The truth is, I doubt anyone is always ready, but that doesn’t mean I can’t give it my best.
But what if I do it incorrectly? Nothing is perfect, why wait for the perfect time when I can be doing something, right now?

It’s said life is a journey, well, sometimes it’s more of a trip. Weird thing is, there’s always a path, at least one, sometimes it’s overgrown, sometimes it’s been taken by others, lots of others, sometimes it leads you the wrong way, but it always leads you somewhere.
Where you take the path, if you stay or go back, take another path or make your own path is your choice, just do so with all the information you can.

So ready or not, here I come! I think.1bird2



Very me

49 thoughts on “I’ve got a secret

  1. I love your posts! They’re always so fresh and honest and fun. There is no such thing as ready. Only less chicken than usual for me. 🙂 I always have to ask myself “What’s the worst that can happen? Can you handle that?” If the answer is yes – then I cluck a little longer and go for it.
    Under no circumstances allow yourself to be dissed by a bird! 🙂
    Have a great day!

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    1. He’s always spoiling for a fight, but I’m doing my best to ignore him. And I’m frugal, not cheap. 😉
      Thank you for your kind words. I agree, there’s no such thing as perfectly ready… 🙂

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  2. I had to use your line about bird calling you cheap… The second I read it I thought that was so funny…. I swear I wish my brain cells worked at your rate. Sorry


  3. I have one of the green pigs from Angry Birds on my desk (it’s a plush pencil topper, I think). You can throw that at the loudmouth! 😀


  4. I had a raven with a contract to make me crazy when I was a kid. The sun, barely over the horizon and he had to start… I hate when a mere bird laughs at me.

    I like the idea of the Owl in the window. Maybe worth a try?

    Happiness? To me, it’s peace of mind. Not ready to do something? Strap on a parachute and j.u.m.p. All kinds of hidden possibilities await. ❤ ❤ ❤ Good luck.


    1. A raven…probably annoying, but how very Edgar Allan Poe. 😉

      I’ve got the parachute on, Tess, but I can’t find a way to make myself jump out of the plane…what if I forget to pull the cord or it’s broken? 😉

      Thank you and hope this day treats you kindly. 🙂


  5. Are you going to buy a gun? Is that what you are getting ready to do? Kill that poor, poor bird that just wants to share his joy with you -very loudly – at the insane early hour of the morning? I think you are ready and I think it will bring you great happiness!


    Good luck to you on your journey, and no you are never ready, but life is short, so step outside your comfort zone and go for it!


    1. Oh Kate, you’re so funny! 😉 The only guns here are on TV, although I’m thinking of getting a stuffed owl, supposedly they scare them off – this bird would probably use it as nest. 😉

      Thank you, Kate, this is me stepping back to a zone that was once very comfortable to me, but it’s been a long time. Finger crossed. Wish me luck, I’ll need it. 🙂

      All the best. Big hugs, Donna xo

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  6. I have a bird like that outside my window. My alarm clock used to play birdsong too, but Hubby said he’d hear the bird outside and think it was time to get up. So we had to change the alarm.
    Great post and I hope you go for it. Apparently excitement and fear are basically the same thing. Feel the fear and do it anyway!


  7. It sounds as if you’re ready or not, here you come or not. Maybe. Go for it if you want, Donna. I think you want! You know why? A little bird told me. 🙂 Have a good night, Donna P.


  8. Ha! We have a mockingbird. Sits right outside my son’s window. When he’s home I hear nothing but complaints! I love hearing it because you are right – it shows spring is finally here. Wrote a post on it a few weeks ago. ‘Listen To The Mockingbird’. ~Elle


  9. Yeah… I’d try to scale back my own pity party… but i’m too busy filling up tissues with sinus. Why didn’t i ever buy stock in Puffs?
    Seriously — Donna this is one of your most beautiful, insightful posts. You did a fabulous job in choosing just the right tone. Mega-hugs. 😀


    1. Sinuses suck, seriously, what are they even good for besides misery? Hope you feel better soon. lol It’s never too late to stock up on stocks of Puffs (I think there’s a song in that?). 😉
      Thank you kindly, Teagan. Megahugs, Donna 🙂


    1. Thank you for digging this out of the vaults and sharing, Jonathan, you’ve inspired me, well, re-inspired me, reminded me to be inspired, well, something like that. 🙂
      Hope this week is treating you well. 🙂

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