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Dear Me, sitting here talking to me

What would I say to my younger self?1dearme3


1. I doubt I would have listened.

2. If I listened, I might do things differently and I shouldn’t interfere with me; I’ve done that way too often in my life.

3. It would create a time paradox and that rarely turns out well.

  • If I told me to stop being afraid, that bad things are going to happen anyway, you deal with them, I would have worried about exactly what bad things I meant.

  • If I told me to use sunscreen or stay out of the sun more, I would have continued to pour on the baby oil and stretch out.

  • If I told me how little I’d sleep in the coming years, I probably would have lost sleep worrying about not sleeping. 1dearme7

  • If I told me ‘he’ was a jerk who was trouble and liked to play mind games, sigh, I probably would have found him more exciting.

  • If I told me the other ‘he’ was actually as nice a guy as he seemed, I wouldn’t yet have be able to understand, nice is better.

  • If I told me to keep reading, but not on stairs (hey, it was a riveting book) or on a road, etc., maybe I wouldn’t have read so much.

  • If I’d have told me to study harder, my younger self would have thought, what does she know, she’s old!

  •  If I told me to eat more veggies, I would have gotten a yuck face.

  • If I told me that all that squishy, horrifying angst – whether that boy really liked me or didn’t…or if I could go to the dance when I didn’t finish my homework – thanks Mom and Dad for understanding that I learned my lesson (not enough slightly), it was a magical night I can barely remember…if I told me all that angst just gets called neurotic when you’re older, I might have missed agonizing.


  • If I told her how many people she would lose, she might have been too scared to ever let go of them.

  • If I told her how much pain she would endure, she might never have loved.

  • If I told her what some of her fun would cost her in so many ways, she might never have lived.


    The only thing she and I both knew and know: have courage, have compassion, and keep making mistakes, some of your alleged mistakes will turn out to be the best moments of your life.

    I love her too much to take any of that away from her.



Very me

48 thoughts on “Dear Me, sitting here talking to me

  1. How true. Young me would have found old me to be quite a boor. Young me would be horrified to run into old me. She’d probably never speak to me and then I would go mute….


  2. I feel the same way. I have made plenty of mistakes, some pretty terrible but they have led up to me being me and having the people in my life that I have now, including my husband and kids.

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    1. Yes, I think it’s that fearlessness that allows the young to do what they need to do to learn and to grow, imagine being young, knowing what we do now. 🙂
      Life is a mystery, hopefully not a whodunit. 😉
      All the best, now go get writing, I need one of your short stories. 🙂


  3. Looking back, some of the mistakes I made were awful, but if I’d warned myself not to make them…and listened…I’d have learned nothing. One ting for sure, we do tend to learn from our mistakes and hopefully make life better. Without those lessons to learn, the mistakes we made might be worse than they would have been.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  4. In many ways young me was an uptight prude and would have been embarrassed by old me; and e would definitely not have listened to any advice from tis eccentric old git (but he might have laughed a little)


  5. This is sch a great post!. I loved this: “The only thing she and I both knew and know: have courage, have compassion, and keep making mistakes, some of your alleged mistakes will turn out to be the best moments of your life.”


  6. Stopping by as a thanks for the flood of likes on my recent posts. I’d love to hear what brought you to like them, and what your thoughts are on any of the topics. =)

    This seems to be an ever issue – If you could change your past, would you? Some one, some wouldn’t. As you hinted at, it would lead to the “you” no longer being “you,” but someone else, as we are a sum of our experiences.

    Nice conversation starter!


    1. I saw one of your comments, on Austin’s post on Girl Guide cookies and wandered over to see your blog, liked it a lot, hence the follow and likes. 🙂
      Hope we can virtually visit often. Hope this day treats you kindly. 🙂

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  7. It depends on which younger me, but I think the me around 1991-92 would have appreciating knowing that his friends were right, he would love this Mystery Science Theater 3000 show they were all crazy about, and don’t worry that their previous recommendations about shows were disastrously wrong. This one was right.


    1. Wow, Ian, what a lovely welcome back gift! I’m pleased to be back and barring any unforeseen circumstances (just waiting for yet another shoe to drop, hopefully not a whole closet full of them this time) I hope to stay. Thank you for reblogging this, much appreciated. I hope you have been well and happy, wishing for a wonderful combination of both for us, my friend. Best wishes and hugs xoxo


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