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There’s no dress rehearsal for life

1dress4 My lingering cough turned out to be acute bronchitis, which just means it’s adorable inflammation in my lungs, right? While seeking medical attention for my son’s man cold turned ear infection, I found out I was ill as well. I was told to rest, easier said than done, so I thought I’d wander around the internet, only to find it overflowing with stories about dress colours, llamas and tunnels – oh my!

1dress2I haven’t heard this much fuss about a blue dress since…well, you know.
Some say the dress is gold and white, others it’s blue and black. I wonder if the colour of my coughing up a lung could go viralviral, no? Anyone? Tough crowd.
Anyway, I’d say the dress colour has more to do with physics than fashion and which leaves me thinking about how many of these dresses we’re going to see on women in the coming months.

It’s a dress. It’s about material, photoreceptors, interpretation, and light refraction, or it is symbolic of life? No two people see or comprehend anything the same, from colours, to taste, smell, none of us read the same book, hear the same song, or watch the same TV show…We are unique. And these days uniquely distracted.

There’s no dress rehearsal for life. What about poverty, hunger, disease, war, corruption, abuse, neglect, terrorism, climate change giving us a new Ice Age or raging heat, extreme weather of all kinds?
I guess we need all the distraction we can muster.

The running llamas in Arizona were interesting, for about 10 seconds,
then I just hoped no one would be hurt.

As for the mysterious Toronto tunnel –
It’s probably not the only one around.
Could be Hogan’s Heroes (I know nothing!).1dress1
The Fraggles (Chase your cares away!).
Or Andy Dufresne escaping Shawshank.
More likely a survivalist guy
watching too many
apocalyptic shows…
aka the news.

It seems to take less and less to go viral on the internet these days.
Is that because we’re looking for more and more distractions?

1digitald2Ignoring the real problems, medicating ourselves with a virtual world
isn’t going to help, we’re just digging a different tunnel.

I’m going to have some hot water with lemon, to soothe my razor blade infested throat, while I quietly envy my son, who’s sleeping.

1compassion2If none of this makes sense…
I’ll blame it on the illness.
If it’s brilliant,
it’s all me.



Very me

51 thoughts on “There’s no dress rehearsal for life

  1. That Llama looks like Benedict Cumberbatch o_O
    Dont tell my daughter I said that tho LOL
    I have seen random “the dress is definteley……” but apart from a momentary “eh?” I ignored it. So, is that this mystical dress I keep seeing references to? What a bizarre world we live in. I was happy with white and gold until I read down and saw blue and black and then my eyeballs got confused.
    Whatever colour it is, its ugly.
    Bronchitis is not nice ((((hugs)))) Can I recommend some olbas oil or tea tree oil dripped onto a damp cloth and then placed over a radiator or warm pipe in the rooms you and your son sleep. It helps to ease congestion.
    I hope you both feel better soon xx


    1. Oh no, now when I look at that llama I’ll picture him solving crimes. 😉
      We all see things differently, but with so many other important things going on in the world, I can’t imagine how the colour of a dress matters and certainly not worth fighting about.
      Thank you for your funny, insightful and kind words. 🙂
      Hope this day treats you kindly. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hope you get a chance to rest and your bronchitis clears up quickly. I can’t understand why so many people get caught up in such rubbish. They eat junk. Feed their brains junk and not unsurprisingly, their contribution to humanity, unless they are simply using this junk as a breather in between more worthwhile pursuits, is rubbish.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Have you tried olive leaf extract? It won’t fight off severe trouble but it really does help. It is very high in anti-oxidants and I try and take it all winter. It is a miracle fixer. The other thing is that exercise has been shown to prevent lung infections. The Lung Foundation here even found that walking with a pedometer reduced your risk of chest infection. I guess because it encourages you to walk further. I will have to start practicing what I preach soon. We’re going into Autumn and my foot is getting better so slowly need to get back out there again.


      2. I have tried that among other things, nothing seems to be helping this one, it’s stubborn. Thank you kindly for the advice, I really appreciate it. 🙂
        We love to walk, I find it very relaxing.
        Aw, Autumn, my favourite season. We’re still stuck in our Ice Age, eying Spring. 😉
        I’m glad your foot is getting better. Hope this day treats you well. 🙂

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      3. Thanks D. I managed to do a deal with my neighbour where I drive her child to school a few mornings and her husband now mows our lawn. He did the front on the weekend and it’s spurred me into action and I’m planting pansies, Sweet Peas and Salvia. Gardening in Summer here is tough with the heat and I’m forever forgetting to water the plants but I’m an eternal optimist and unfortunately a seasoned plant killer.


      4. That’s a lovely exchange and helps all concerned. 🙂
        Oh no, you sound like me as gardener, we have to feel bad for the plants who deal with us. lol 😉


  3. The news was “blah” and you felt “blah.” Today, I hope the news is better and that you feel better. Yes, life is not a dress rehearsal and there is no replay. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Imagine if we had a llama in a blue and gold dress falling down some stairs while wearing a cape singing Like A Virgin – would that blow up the internet?


  5. Oh D… i’m sorry about your bronchitis. That stuff is the devil to get rid of. Now i feel lucky that all i came down with this weekend was a bad head cold.
    The “blue dress” comment is brilliant. Made me laugh out loud. Hugs!


    1. Thank you, Teagan, my son and I are doing our impressions of The Walking Dead today, except I think zombies look healthier. Hopefully we’ll pick up soon. Great excuse to hang around #SundayBlogShare and for my son, video games. 🙂
      Thank you, I couldn’t resist a blue dress comment…not that I tried. 😉
      Hope your cold gets better soon, Teagan. Take care. Big hugs (noncontagious virtual hugs). 🙂


  6. D. Parker, I hope you all feel better soon. My son was hit hard with whatever virus this is. I pulled out the soup pot yesterday after one look at him. Made a huge pot of Chicken Noodle soup. I would send some your way if I could. I read an article once in a respected scientific journal a long time ago, that said there is a lot of stock (did you like my pun) in the old wives tale of eating chicken noodle soup when one is sick. Has something to do with the infusion of black pepper artificially increasing the body temperature, the chicken fat increasing nasal mucous velocity (ie runny nose) and perhaps interferon boiled from the bones protecting the healthy cells of the body. Whatever it is, it usually works.
    As far as the dress thing, I don’t get the hoopla over such an ugly dress. I like the fact that the Llamas escaped, but I don’t see how any of this is news. I lost my smart phone not too long (now have a cheapo Go phone – no internet) ago, and so now I can’t sit around looking at all these silly stories and it has been quite liberating.
    Get better.


    1. Thank you kindly. 🙂
      I love chicken soup, really, any kind of soup, and I love the scientific explanation of why chicken soup works, cool…thanks.
      I don’t get the dress thing either.
      I wish more people would lose their smartphones. 😉
      Thank you again. Hope your son is feeling better. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I smile with that comment because you are right. And even though my son is a teenager that drives, can go to the grocery store and do all that grown-up stuff, at the end of the day and when feeling poorly, there is no better feeling than knowing someone cares so much about him, they hover and border on annoying because they only want the best for him. Thanks.


  7. I certainly hope the color of your coughing up doesn’t go viral but this world is so crazy, who knows! Certainly hope you feel better soon!


  8. See, I was away from Twitter and stuff most of Friday and came back home to everybody being fed up with talking about llamas and dresses. It was frightfully disorienting, like I’d accidentally stumbled into a parallel timeline with a different pop culture.


  9. The Fraggles….yesssss. Distraction seems to be everything these days, I hope you are feeling better. There is unfortunately nothing cute about bronchitis 🙂


    1. Yes, Bronchitis really is quite the opposite of cute, I think the doctor was misleading in his description. 😉
      I’m feeling somewhat better, thank you kindly for asking. 🙂
      I love The Fraggles, they make me smile. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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