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10 Signs You Might Be Living


1. You notice people you care about seem to be taken from you way, way too soon, while those that make you miserable seem to last forever and ever and ever.

2. You hear and read words like friendship and love, they’re thrown around constantly, but you also know if you really feel them, you show them.

3. You begin to realize you can’t change people. You either accept them for who they are…or don’t.

4. You understand that no matter how we feel or what you’re going through, we’re still responsible for what you say and do.

5. You recognize that people look at the exact same thing and see something totally different. No two people read the same book, listen to the same song, watch the same TV show or movie, feel the same pain or joy, walk down the same path, or hear the same things.loss16. You feel how your heart can be broken into a million torn, anguished bleeding pieces, yet the world doesn’t stop for your sorrow or grief.

7. You’re aware something you do in an instant can change your life forever, good or bad.money3

8. You realize no one is responsible for your happiness. Make yourself happy, then add people to your mix.

9. You appreciate that people are users, it’s human nature. Some use and are used for money, others for love, comfort, power, control. Just be aware if the using is making you sad, or resentful, sucking your energy, it’s toxic, move on.

10. You know you can keep going long after you think you can’t.