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There’s Something About Sharing


Humans have always had a love/hate relationship with technology. I’m sure there was some guy back in the Stone Age saying, Hey guy, that looks like bronze, but we make our tools out of stone…Stone! Slow down!

While we might not be Luddites raging against technology, I think there are people out there not jumping into each technological advance headfirst, but wondering, pondering and measuring.

I’m on the internet talking about this, the irony isn’t lost on me.

Social media is packed with stories designed to attract attention, tug on heart-strings, and/or to make money. They work, because they know people want instant gratification, even if that means falling for a hoax, scam, or drama.1consumers1The news no longer cares about the truth or the story, just ratings to get more advertisements.

Governments only care about getting elected or re-elected so they can be in control.

Corporations only care about profit, the bottom-line and making shareholders happy.

So we’re caught in a cycle of exaggerated attention-seeking behaviour.

Do we even care about the truth anymore, especially if it’s not as exciting as the story we’re being fed? Are people even aware or caught up in the seductive web of social competition, scandal, and satisfaction?

Social media, where people are encouraged, dared, bullied, or enticed to share and given endless platforms upon which to do so. A perfect means to promote feelings of envy, depression, and anxiety so people will shop and consume more, also, builds a growing resentment between classes, races, religions.
And it’s working.

Social media is releasing our inner snoops, voyeurs, bigots, exhibitionists, critics, haters, narcissists to star in a 24-7 reality show where people will say and do anything for attention, fame, notoriety, money…exposing all, figuratively and literally, fighting, scamming, plotting, scheming, dying, killing – all for the consumption of the public – a modern-day coliseum.

It’s as tho1conditioned1ugh we’re determined to prove B.F. Skinner was right about free will being an illusion, with a side order of Pavlovian responses to: Likes, stats, shares, tweets; salivating as a little bell tells us someone ‘cared’ enough to press some buttons. Our most basic humans needs: affirmation, encouragement, acceptance, validation, comfort, all nourished by social media in ways that people can’t or won’t, at least at the frequency we seem to desire.
It’s addictive.

A constant stream of information and entertainment, and millions upon millions spent studying behaviorism – make no mistake, we’re being conditioned…1conditioned2

I just wish there could be a middle ground where we enjoy technology without being dominated by it.



Very me

41 thoughts on “There’s Something About Sharing

    1. On the other hand, if the machines were able to take over all our routine tasks of socializing and approving of things and flaming what we don’t like, that would free up our days to finish watching the shows we’ve been meaning to get to. That’s not nothing.


  1. I used to be an early adopter of all sorts of gadgets and other electronics. I was online chatting modem to modem before there was an internet. Now? Now I have to sit back and wonder if this toy or that widget really, truly makes my life better.


  2. What a brilliant post! The thing that most astounds me about social media is people’s anger – furious anger! I don’t mean in the WordPress context (necessarily) but it seems as if every time I open a link to a news item (no matter how inane), it is followed by comments that are so vitriolic that I usually read a few then press the ‘off’ button. Where is all of this anger coming from?


  3. “it is an addiction” but it’s one that is fulfilling if we use it for the right reasons if we control it with reason. Awareness helps with post like this. Extraordinary. Thanks for following me.


    1. Thank you for the kind words, wise words and for the follow – I’m glad we can find each other in this virtual haystack! 😉
      Hopefully we can virtually visit often. 🙂
      Hope this day treats you kindly. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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