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It’s all about the Target Base not the Tribbles


I have expectations on the brain, I blame Charles Dickens who lured me into rereading Great Expectations. Dickens was using expectations in the archaic sense, a legacy or prospects, aka money, but also that Pip, our young hero had hopes about living better, loving, having a full life. We continue to posture and pose about raising expectations, making all the appropriate noises to end poverty, disease, war, inequality, abuse, etc., yet we appear to be backsliding. How much has essentially changed since Dickens wrote this vivid classic over 150 years ago?
Poverty still stalks too many.
Too many still prey on the vulnerable.
The human race remains a perplexing blend of: compassion, drama, wonder, trauma, hope, stupidity, love, ignorance, arrogance, sorrow, creativity, absurdity, brilliance, mayhem, joy, and the grotesque.

Great Expectations

Could be our expectations are unrealistic. What we expect isn’t always what we get. Canadians thought they were getting the same Target they’d shopped at in America, instead they got an understocked, overpriced cut-rate copy, so Target is closing all it’s Canadian stores. Not a loss to me, I don’t shop there, but I have empathy for those losing their jobs. It’s not a surprise, Target came into Canada blowing it’s trumpet, expecting to dominate, but if you want to woo customers, you have to do something more than show up. Companies often enter marketplaces without their ducks in a row, Target just did it on a grand scale. Mexx and Sony (maybe they can blame North Korea) are also leaving Canada. Suncor and Bombardier (what is the world coming to when the rich can’t afford extra luxury jets?) are cutting their workforces. All about plunging oil prices? Easier to think that comfortable excuse than the truth; we’ve made mistakes that need addressing.

Pretending everyone is ok isn’t actually a strategy.1exp11

The human race is a brave lot when attacked by: aliens, zombies, megalomaniacs, dragons, machines, corrupt politicians and corporate entities, evil overlords, anything even remotely supernatural, well, just about anything that tries to curtail our freedoms.
At least fictionally brave.
In real life, we want to be brave, but it’s not as easy as it looks on the big screen, our computers, TVs, smartphones and even those old-fashioned, what are they called again, oh yes, books.
I sometimes wonder, if zombies really roamed the streets would we just offer them our brains?
Oh look! Aliens! Hey, I like your ship, please enslave us.

What the Dickens are we thinking?1exp5



Very me

35 thoughts on “It’s all about the Target Base not the Tribbles

  1. I marvelled at the arrogant tone Target took in all of their lead-up communications to entering the Canadian market.
    Canadian consumers were finally going have the privelege of their presence; as if we were all supposed to stop everything, take out our wallets and come running.
    They just forgot one important detail: their main competitor had at least a 10-year head start and was quite ready for the challenge.
    It is terrible about all those lost jobs 😦
    Hopefully there’s a few arrogant executives who’ve been handed their walking papers too – and I won’t feel sorry for them, though.


    1. I only feel bad for those who worked there and any spinoff work, as for execs, maybe they should learn something about the market they’re going into. It was so nice of them to do us the favour of coming here and gracing us with their presence. 😉


  2. I read about Target in the paper this morning. I had been disappointed with the store since it arrived. I’ve been inside twice. End of story. Did I understand that right? A lot of the workers laid off won’t qualify for EI. Punish the working poor again. 😦

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  3. I hope Target knows they made the mistake, but in USA style it’ll be spun to be the Canadian inability to appreciate the fine shopping opportunity Target offered.


  4. Clever, clever post, D. It’s one thing to gain a vision of bravery through example, books, media, etc. It’s a whole other thing to actually be brave, to put our own bravery into action. Time to be brave and NOT hand our brains over to zombies 😀


      1. We are doing really well here, thanks D! We’re back on our regular schedule and eager for spring 😀 Sending my best to you and yours as well ~~~~~~~


      2. That’s so lovely to hear Angie. 🙂
        Awesome new blog by the way, so wonderful of you to start a reblog blog. 🙂
        Spring, yes, I’ve heard of it and will believe it when I see it. 😉
        Thank you kindly. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I’d enjoy a quiet house. 😉
        Hope you have a restful #ArchiveDay and feel better soon, from all form of maladies. 🙂
        Any chance you don’t have to shovel this weekend? We’re having a warmup, hope you get some too. 🙂


      2. Sounds like the same as we’re going to get here, except ours is 1 degree, Celsius. 😉
        Either way, sounds warmer than it has been and might melt some snow. 🙂
        Take care Austin. 🙂


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