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Reading the World’s Diary

Multiple lives.1aprivacy2
Public lives, the life we live out in the world –
work, school, family, friends, online, etc.
That life is out there for all to see, critique, share, etc.
Private lives full of personal.
Things we don’t choose to share.
Some even have secret lives they never, ever want known.
More often, these lives intermingle.
Our lives are becoming less private than ever…or are they?

One of my Christmas gifts was a piece of Library Card Art, where old library cards (for those who remember them, it was a different kind of browsing history, with the borrower’s names written on the cards) are transformed into a canvas, a wonderful reclaiming that changes a piece of history into a piece of art. It got me thinking, not so much about art, I’m too plebeian for that, all I know about art is what I like. No, I was thinking life is likely less private than in the past, but really, it’s our appetites, our urge to know everyone’s private information that has grown the most.


Granted, people always want to know, we’re by birth a curious species. Sometimes now, I find myself spending more time trying not to know some things because knowing about corruption or avarice or depravity, etc. and being able to do anything about it, not synonymous.

Reading passages out of pages from the world’s diary might seem exciting and we might tell ourselves we need to know, we have a right to know, but do we, or do we just want to know?

Sometimes less is more.



Very me

14 thoughts on “Reading the World’s Diary

  1. Great post! Less is always more! We share far too much. Every social media site I go on, I’ll see photos and statuses of what people ate, where, who with, how they felt, every last detail. I have written about this; once when I met someone near our local school who has over 400,000 followers on facebook and I felt like I knew her because of all that she shares on facebook and in person she wasn’t all that keen to discuss much about herself. It was strange. I worry about my children, they are growing up in a society that encourages lack of privacy, modesty… everyone should show off what they have even before they’ve got it. In fact some people take photos of shop windows to indicate they can afford to shop there… why o whyyy?!! sigh


  2. I find it somewhat sad that so many people feel the need to share what they are eating at the moment, where they are, who they are with and pretty much what their every thought and movement throughout the day are. Do these people not have friends to talk to? Why do they need me, a stranger, to like or comment on their every action? These constant posts to me are screams for attention, for acknowledgment that they are alive, that their life has meaning – some validation of their existence

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    1. I’m guessing the ability to share so much came so quickly that some people didn’t understand they’re over-sharing or perhaps they were incredibly lonely and this is an outlet for them. I really have no idea. 🙂

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