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Having the last laugh


Some people believe it’s inappropriate to laugh during hard times.

I think that’s when we need laughter the most.

Dear readers, what do you think? Do you think it’s appropriate to laugh during difficult times? Do you find it relieves stress and puts things into perspective? Or do you think it disrespectful in some way?

  On this intensely cold day, as my vegetarian chili bubbles happily on the stove, baked potatoes and banana bread snuggle in the oven taunting me with their divine smells, an extra layer of comfort was added as we frolicked through the absurd, the hilarious, the clever, the exuberant joy of the long-running (not nearly long enough for me) TV series, Psych. Yet even through the mirth I recognized the more subtle, but most important message, one that we need now more than ever – the bonds of friendship, love, family, and justice win out over anything else.

Shawn Spencer (played by the comically brilliant and adorable James Roday, nothing cuter than a funny guy) uses his uncanny observational skills, memory, charm, and detective work to convince everyone he’s a psychic to solve crimes, hence the title, Psych.

Joined by the incredible cast: Dulé Hill; Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson (Roday’s love interest, on and off-screen); Kirsten Nelson and of course, the delightful Corbin Bernsen and mind-blowing guests too numerous to mention, the dynamic of the group seems dysfunctional, to the extreme, but really, they’re good for each other, they balance each other out.
The strength of this series was in the incredible inventive and mind-blowingly funny scripts, astonishing acting, massive wow-factor guest stars, and the catchiest theme song in TV history.

This brainchild of Steve Franks had a remarkable run, although I would be thrilled to see a couple more seasons and a few movies. I know, you know, I miss this show…

Today, I really did have the last laugh.



Very me

32 thoughts on “Having the last laugh

  1. Of course laughter is good during difficult times. I would not be sitting here without the laughter of my dear wife. She is very good at it. It is infectious. It saves me from sinking below the surface.


  2. In my line of work we always so we have to laugh to keep us from crying! I’m not saying that we aren’t going to hell for some of the things we laugh at but we laugh.. so I agree with you 😉


  3. I agree , we need laughter . During the hard times is really when we need it most . A good tv show can take us away from our troubles & give us laughter & after watching , laughing we feel lighter . ☺


  4. I find that during difficult times I will go out of my way, even though I’m not in the mood, to watch a movie or show I know is laugh out loud funny because I know I will laugh once I start watching. Although, during extremely stressful times, I will watch a movie I know will make me cry because crying is cathartic and is a way to relieve all the built up stress.


  5. Donna, you’ve convinced me. I saw part of one episode… I don’t remember if i just wasn’t impressed, or what. But since I don’t watch a lot of TV, i never got around to giving it another chance. However, it still lives on Netflix (which i use in stead of broadcast television), so I am definitely going to give it a try. Hugs. 🙂


  6. Laughter and crying are both cathartic and healing. Going from one to the other in the space of a short time sometimes the most healing of all. I think that’s why we’re capable of having these two gifts. They get us through.


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