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Happy New Year!!!

We love new things…
New babies (although that seems redundant, they can’t be old babies)…
New clothes, new movies, new cars, new houses, new friends, and we love a new year.
It gives us the illusion of hope, that the ‘new’ part implies a new beginning, again, redundant, there can’t really be an old beginning.

I used to make New Year’s Resolutions about: losing weight, learning something different, appreciating others more, working harder, exercising more, etc., you know, the usual, but it rarely worked. Why?

1. Goals need to be specific. ‘Lose weight’ is too vague, I’m probably losing weight while typing this, but I still have chocolate left from Christmas so that won’t last. I started by losing 5%, then 5% more, then 5% more, etc. Small, specific, and significant steps.

2. Write it down or if you’re visual, make a visual representation of what you what to happen – get pictures out of magazines or books (not the ones from the library), from the internet, or if you have the ability, draw your goals yourself. Revisit, reimagine and see where you want to be.

3. Prioritize. One goal at a time. Don’t try to reach all your goals at once, that’s overwhelming. Whether you start with the easiest or hardest, choose one. Once you reach that goal, then move on to the next.

4. Being ironic or self-defeating ie. Trying to do a digital detox with an app on your smartphone, or starting your diet by eating all the junk food in your house so there won’t be temptations during your diet.

5. Keep in mind, new isn’t always better. New shoes can pinch and give you blisters. New cars smell and these days, get recalled if they don’t turn into a blazing inferno first. New movies often don’t live up to classics. Babies keep you awake at night. New friends can’t relive the good times with you like family or old friends can…Old isn’t always bad. Make sure you’re not changing good things or fixing something that isn’t broken. Maybe you don’t need fixing or maybe a few tweaks here and there will do the trick.

Above all, enjoy!

If we make it though another year, goal #1 achieved.



Very me

37 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

    1. Exactly. 😉
      Not just mentioned, I’m on THE WEGGIE LIST! This year is already starting off awesome!!! Thank you!!! 🙂
      Not only am I honoured, but honoured to be in such good company! Thank you again! 🙂


  1. Happy New Year to you, and thanks for being one of my newest bloggity buddies this year 🙂

    These are all good reminders for goals too. I gotta keep this in mind for sure. 😀


  2. Old isn’t always bad. And conversely life wasn’t always better when we were younger. Both statements drive me crazy. Maybe I should resolve to “let it go”. ha ha!

    Great advice. Hope you have a wonderful 2017. Thank you for partying with us every week on #FridayFrivolity.


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