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Jujumagumbo or my version of a Boxing Day Blowout


I know that you know that I’m not braving the crowds…I’ve spent the day walking, reading, playing games, still trying to get over last night’s Doctor Who Inception/Alien/Santa episode, eating leftovers, watching Psych with my son…and avoiding the chocolates calling my name from the pantry.

I adore Monty Python, like, forever (even got a Ministry of Silly Walks watch for Christmas, awesomeness), so I borrowed a digital copy of The Gospel According to Monty Python (First Edition Design Publishing) on for the price of an honest review, for which they might be sorry. The author, Julian Doyle, best known for directing Kate Bush’s epic, Cloudbusting video (with the amazing Donald Sutherland) and Iron Maiden’s Can I Play with Madness? video (Graham Chapman in one of his last appearances before his 1989 death); also worked in various parts of filmmaking, editing, special effects, etc., even the policeman who puts his hand over the lens at the end of Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

Fans know Python not only pushes the envelope, but licks it shut, stamps it, mails it off knowing it’s going around the world to cause havoc and laughter, then waits for it to return, runs the envelope over with a steamroller before opening it and realizing it’s not their mail. I expected great things from this book, it’s there, but much is incoherent. Bits and bobs are fascinating and funny, others incomprehensible in the garbly gobbly gook. I’m sure with government funding this post could have been a lot sillier, ok, I’ve regressed to Ministry of Silly Walks again.1psych9

As for Psych, still one of the best gifts of laughter for any time of year, I needed at least 2 more seasons…and a movie. Please?

Playing board games, always fun, but playing video games, for me, like taking a banana to a gun fight, my only hope is someone will slip on the banana peel so I can run.

Sadly, the chocolates calling my name have gotten louder as I type this, drowning out any rational arguments as to why they should not be devoured.

Mmmm, maybe some chocolate-covered pineapplePsych fans will understand.1choc24



Very me

6 thoughts on “Jujumagumbo or my version of a Boxing Day Blowout

  1. This reminds me that I really do need to check out Psych. Thanks for that! Sounds like just the thing for this time of year too.

    Wow, has it really been that long since Graham Chapman died? 😦


    1. I can’t get enough of Pysch which is why they should really stop cancelling it. Hope you love it. 🙂
      Yes, 25 years since Graham Chapman passed away…but you know what they say, those Yellowbeards are never more dangerous than when they’re dead, ok, I went for a Yellowbeard joke, funny movie but a tad obscure. I miss him. 🙂


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