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It’s all about the…Ding Dong Merrily


‘I got you the best gift ever, except if you don’t like it, then it was someone’s stupid idea’, was what I was thinking, luckily not saying aloud, as I heard people talking about gifts.

Sometimes it can feel like Christmas is like one long audition for a TV show where you have to:
guess what people like and if they still like it;
if they’ve already bought it;
if they’ve bought it and hate it;
if they’re ever going to forgive you for buying it;
if they ever gave any indication they liked or hated similar gifts.
Does the gift show them you don’t know them well enough or too well?
Price, style, coolness and don’t even get started on sizes…1love3

Here are some ‘safe’ Christmas gift ideas…or are they?

1. Lottery tickets – even come in holiday packs. How would feel like if someone won big from this gift? Happy for them, but would some part of thinking, should have kept that ticket.
2. Of the Month Clubs – make sure they’ll like whatever is coming to their door once a month. Guessing a man came up with this idea.
3. Little jars of various foods – perfect, er, except food allergies.
1bat24. Seeds – be clear, for planting, not eating or vice versa.
5. Batman robe or costume – doesn’t everyone want to be Batman?
6. Spa or maid service – unless they have germ issues and don’t want strangers in their home.
7. Craft beer, wines, etc.  – but what they don’t or can’t drink? Don’t drive them to drink just to make your gift useful. #loveyousomebooze
8. Skydiving – if they hate heights, um, maybe a book?
9. Cool USB sticks – they can be hip, wait, is that still a thing?
10. Coffee, tea, chocolate, popcorn, candy, fruit? If they don’t like one of these, I got nothing, you’re on your own.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season doing whatever it is they’re doing!!!



Very me

18 thoughts on “It’s all about the…Ding Dong Merrily

  1. Oh, I have a rule for the lottery gift…any monies won that would be presented with a big, cardboard check, I get half of. If not, then you don’t get the tickets as a gift.



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