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Of Interviews, Missing Shoes, and Mouse King Blues

1christmas64I had the peculiar dream last night, one of those dreams where you wake up and wonder if you’re still dreaming.
It’s said that the brain processes all the information it received that day…I guess my day was messed up.

It began innocently enough, I’m baking cookies, except every time I turned around, they’re gone. I decided the cookies must be outside, which makes no sense, but hey, it’s a dream. I couldn’t find any of my shoes so I put on ballet slippers I don’t own, my ballet skills are limited to a very, very scary-looking Pirouette and if I Jeté I end up on my derrière.
But I digress.

Putting on the slippers I’m transformed into The Mouse King from The Nutcracker, really, not The Sugar Plum Fairy or Clara, not even a candy cane dancer? Sigh.

1christmas63I find the cookies outside, growing near where Seth Rogen and James Franco are resting on the lawn looking at clouds. I ask them what’s up with their movie The Interview. They’re reluctant to talk to me, I’m a scary Mouse King munching on cookies right beside their head, but eventually they dish. They admit the hacking stuff was part publicity stunt via Sony and part mad North Korea. We chat for awhile about censorship, freedom of speech, and that giving terrorists and blackmailers what they want is a bad idea, but people getting hurt is bad too. It’s a conundrum. I mention their ‘usual’ audience would barely remember this movie afterwards. These threats actually give it credibility. James Franco agrees wholeheartedly then politely points out that I’m nibbling on Seth Rogen’s arm. I apologize profusely, but in my defense, he is cheesy.

I’m carried back into the house by Daryl Dixon, technically Norman Reedus, but it’s my dream, so he’s Daryl from The Walking Dead and we find Lena Dunham (Girls), making more cookie dough. We chat about how her show, which we agree to disagree is just Seinfeld, Friends, and Sex and the City for 20-somethings, and naturally the subjects of censorship and where my shoes could be come up again as I used my mouse tail to mix the dough.

I woke up realizing I should probably cut down on TV and stop baking so many cookies. Anyone have any interpretations?



Very me

24 thoughts on “Of Interviews, Missing Shoes, and Mouse King Blues

  1. I just don’t like Lena Dunham. I don’t find her funny or witty at all.

    Daryl on the other hand? Nice! 😀

    Funny about the Mouse King. I think everyone wanted to be the Sugar Plum Fairy instead 🙂


    1. I think Seinfeld did it better…and Friends…Corner Gas…Sex and the City…and many, many other shows. But I like that she doesn’t let what people say about her weight change the way she acts. 🙂 Daryl is nice! 😉
      I know, I could have at least been less evil. 😉


  2. OK, pull up a couch and let’s talk. The cookies represent your hopes and dreams, currently unattainable without the help of cheesy people. Your “dancing” around the realization that most TV is pretty bad, especially during the holiday season and stirring the bowl with your “tail” is showing a secret desire for Lina.
    There, I’ve combined, Freud and Jung to totally confuse and amaze and say absolutely nothing of relevance. My bill is in the mail. 😉


    1. Ok, interesting interpretation… 😉
      I did get something from you in the mail, but it was a fantastic Cats at the Bar T-Shirt that I won in your contest and a gorgeous picture of Chub Chub. The T-shirt looks amazing, the quality and printing is wonderful. Thank you.
      I’ll wait for your bill. 😉


  3. Bear with me, I will have a go at interpretation because I love dreams. Alright, let’s start with the fact that everyone’s dreams are specific to their own unique perspective and the brain has a funny tendency to add symbols in the dream that are literal visual references such as an actual bear to represent the idea of having to bear something. By specifics I mean that your individual feelings about cookies makes your dream mean something different than everyone else’s based on how they feel about cookies.

    Anyway, on with the interpretation. I suspect that for you, cookies are something you bake a lot of and you aren’t baking them for yourself to eat. I suspect you bake cookies for others to eat. It makes you feel good to provide these others with lots of cookies. —- So, in your dream, I think the cookies represent the need you feel inside to give to others or to help others or possibly to do things for others.
    The fact that you are baking lots of cookies in your dream means you constantly feel the need to do for others. That you can’t find the cookies in the dream means that no matter how much you do for others, you still don’t feel that you are doing enough. There is a deep need inside you to do everything others need and yet you never do enough to complete this feeling inside.

    Now, the fact that you ‘know’ to look for the cookies outside and that you only have your ballet slippers to wear – this, I suspect, has to do with another feeling inside of you. I think the ballet slippers probably are important to you – maybe a childhood hobby, maybe a childhood dream that never materialized, maybe something you still enjoy doing for yourself. Whichever it is, the ballet slippers represent your personal interests and needs. So, in your dream, you put on this awful pair of slippers as per your description and you go outside to find the cookies.

    I suspect this means that you are always putting your own desires and needs on hold so that you can do things for others. The description of the slippers and the fact that you turn into the mouse king (the most selfish character) indicates that you are consciously aware that you are sacrificing time for yourself and time to do things you enjoy to instead do for others. This sacrificing of your own wants is a little painful to you (you mentioned something about the shoes causing pain). You turning into the mouse king at this moment seems to indicate that some part of you is truly resentful of these others that you do things for. Part of you feels you deserve more than you get, you deserve to be the one everyone else should be doing things for.
    *the fact that you ‘know’ to go outside to find the cookies means that you are aware that you are having to do more than you should to do things for others – basically you are not just using your own inner resources to help others, you are using possibly financial resources as well or other things outside of your ‘self.’
    As for The Interview and James Franco and Seth Rogen – that would be just your brain processing the media frenzy and info concerning the movie. It is just your brain going through all the info and sorting out your ‘official’ opinions on the matter. Same with the other tv characters – just your brain sifting through info about those shows and characters and making ‘official’ determinations on how you feel about them. Your brain likes to have an official stance on characters and plots upon which to judge future actions in shows or movies or news stories.
    Now, my interpretation may be way off but hey, I gave it a shot.


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