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Of Interviews, Missing Shoes, and Mouse King Blues

1christmas64I had the peculiar dream last night, one of those dreams where you wake up and wonder if you’re still dreaming.
It’s said that the brain processes all the information it received that day…I guess my day was messed up.

It began innocently enough, I’m baking cookies, except every time I turned around, they’re gone. I decided the cookies must be outside, which makes no sense, but hey, it’s a dream. I couldn’t find any of my shoes so I put on ballet slippers I don’t own, my ballet skills are limited to a very, very scary-looking Pirouette and if I Jeté I end up on my derrière.
But I digress.

Putting on the slippers I’m transformed into The Mouse King from The Nutcracker, really, not The Sugar Plum Fairy or Clara, not even a candy cane dancer? Sigh.

1christmas63I find the cookies outside, growing near where Seth Rogen and James Franco are resting on the lawn looking at clouds. I ask them what’s up with their movie The Interview. They’re reluctant to talk to me, I’m a scary Mouse King munching on cookies right beside their head, but eventually they dish. They admit the hacking stuff was part publicity stunt via Sony and part mad North Korea. We chat for awhile about censorship, freedom of speech, and that giving terrorists and blackmailers what they want is a bad idea, but people getting hurt is bad too. It’s a conundrum. I mention their ‘usual’ audience would barely remember this movie afterwards. These threats actually give it credibility. James Franco agrees wholeheartedly then politely points out that I’m nibbling on Seth Rogen’s arm. I apologize profusely, but in my defense, he is cheesy.

I’m carried back into the house by Daryl Dixon, technically Norman Reedus, but it’s my dream, so he’s Daryl from The Walking Dead and we find Lena Dunham (Girls), making more cookie dough. We chat about how her show, which we agree to disagree is just Seinfeld, Friends, and Sex and the City for 20-somethings, and naturally the subjects of censorship and where my shoes could be come up again as I used my mouse tail to mix the dough.

I woke up realizing I should probably cut down on TV and stop baking so many cookies. Anyone have any interpretations?