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Shadows of what may be…


What happens in this big wide world doesn’t always add up to what we know to be true or real. We scoff at some unseen forces yet believe others wholeheartedly. Fate, hope, deities, magic, miracles, spirits, destiny, love, supernatural beings…what we know may seem important, but it’s what we don’t know that’s really important.

Charles Dickens really spoiled us, setting a high bar for Christmas redemption stories with A Christmas Carol. It’s universal theme, the belief that no matter what we’ve done, no matter what mistakes or poor choices we’ve made, we can be redeemed, that we can fix it, do more, be more. So we tell the story again and again in various forms with: Muppets, Mr. Magoo, Doctor Who, Disney, Alastair Sim, George C. Scott, Jim Carrey, Patrick Stewart, Nicolas Cage, Albert Finney, Bill Murray, Tim Curry, Smurfs, Flintstones, Looney Tunes… hard-hearted, narcissistic Scrooges who learn the error of their ways and try to honour Christmas in their hearts all the year through. I always found Scrooge’s epiphany a little suspect, he doesn’t seem too affected by the spirits until he sees his own death.

As I watched Winter’s Tale I was in awe, first of Colin Farrell’s allegedly nonchalant haircuts and then by the joy of this fairytale of redemption. An ambitious1christmas46 allegory (loosely adapted from the 1983 Mark Helprin novel of the same name, definitely worth the read despite it’s rambling length) with an astonishing cast including: William Hurt, Jennifer Connelly, Graham Greene, Russell Crowe, Will Smith, Lucy Griffiths, Eva Marie Saint and Jessica Brown Findlay (most may know her as Sybil from Downton Abbey; the actress so far seems doomed to be popular playing parts where she gets involved with people below her station then dies from early 1900s ailments). While I was at it, I reread Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, another story of love, grace, and redemption.

So many of these works pose age-old questions, can the unseen force of love really overcome the bad choices we’ve made? Can the invisible power of hope defeat the evil that stalks the human race, often hidden in our own free will?

Always good to be reminded, we don’t have to see to believe, perhaps we need to believe to see…or just believe.



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