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Dance like everyone is watching

1beyou1Humans want to connect, to be with each other, know each other. From the time there was fire we sat around it talking, laughing, connecting. We want to belong. This is one of the reasons social media has become so popular and can be used for socializing, networking, business, and even scams. There are many joys to be found online and many dangers. by the way, that weird voice is not a relative asking to send money, no one trapped is emailing you, no spies need your help; if anyone is asking for money, information, etc. don’t give it and if you want to know if they’re using a fake image, try Google images (just drag the image and it will tell you where else on the internet that image has been used).

If people only like you because you’re pretending, then they don’t like you, just your acting. They don’t like or love you, they like the role you’re playing. In a world where you’re judged on what you wear, what you drive, what version of a cell phone you carry, who you know, and the size of your house and bank account, being genuine is praised, but not valued. People are going to judge, or complain, or criticize, or disagree, doesn’t mean you should change, be fake, or a knock-off, a wannabe. Think about art, isn’t the original worth a lot more than a replica, a copy?

We should love or respect someone because they’re lovable or worthy of respect and vice versa. Belonging shouldn’t mean not being you.


People talk about dancing like no one is watching, why?
Dance like everyone is watching.
Love like you’ll be hurt, but enjoy the moment and maybe learn from it.
Sing like everyone is listening.
Write like everyone is reading.
Cook like everyone will be eating your food.
Smile because you want to, not because you should.
Don’t worry about if you’ll be accepted, but accepting.

1beyou4Being yourself is hard. It’s much easier to follow the crowd than be the one to stand up and say why. If you can’t be yourself then what’s the point? I don’t think it’s ever too late to be the real you. That doesn’t mean being the real you should be a real pain for others. Unless being yourself is a murderer, serial killer, a child molester, a rapist, mass murderer, terrorist, or something like that, then be someone completely and utterly different.