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Who Moved My Chocolate?

1choc26Stop the presses!

There is something out there so terrifying, so mind-boggling, why this isn’t the headline of the day?

The world is running out of chocolate!

By as early as 2020 we could be low on chocolate or more specifically cocoa.

I don’t mean to be shallow, but this is Cocoapocalypse!


Turns out cocoa farmers are producing less cocoa than we’re consuming. I shouldn’t be shocked, we’re do our best impression of a locust plague instead of a society with everything. Prices are already climbing and will go higher still, and eventually, the world will be chocolateless. The Aztecs, who believed cacao beans were a gift from the God of wisdom, Quetzalcoatl and even used it as currency would be all like, what?!?


A once bitter drink, chocolate has come a long way, especially after the Europeans added sugar to it and then figured out how to produce it in solid form, in the 1800s. Chocolate, once a treat, once a drink only for the rich now soothes, stimulates, motivates, smiley-faces, and sometimes balloons the masses. Now climate change, fungal diseases, people eating more dark chocolate, war, and mostly, over-consumption are changing the amount of chocolate that is available and its price. I realize this is happening with other food as well, but some things hit harder than others.

I’ve noticed chocolate has slipped into the text and titles of my posts from the place where it lives, my heart. I may or may not have an addiction, but if so, it looks like the world is conspiring to break my habit. I’m not ready.

Not scary enough? We’re running out of coffee too.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that chocolate can improve any day.




Very me

38 thoughts on “Who Moved My Chocolate?

  1. Sorry, is there any such thing as “over-consumption” of chocolate? 🙂
    So you drop this bombshell on us and then casually mention we’re running out of coffee as well? Well, goodbye civilisation, hello anarchy 😦

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  2. Hi Donna,
    You have just let me off the hook. If chocolate is a salad that means I can eat it without have to sneak around behind all those health do-gooders’ backs. What’s the first thing your supposed to give up when you get any kind of illness? Chocolate! We will fight back and fight for truth justice and the free consumption of chocolate.
    If you have never tried Mars Bar Slice, I’ve just posted the recipe on my blog. It is so easy to make and so decadent. Yum! xx Rowena
    PS WE might have to start growing our own cacao trees. Fortunately, I live in Australia and the climate should be conducive.


  3. I shudder to think that chocolate might once again only be there for the rich and powerful and the rest of us will be offered some cheap synthetic slop.

    I found this piece on alternatives to chocolate:

    1. nuts (I like nuts but no way are they going to replace chocolate)

    2. Silk Light Chocolate Soy Milk (REALLY! No way)

    3. Chocolate Almost bar from Kashi (Maybe—but how can this be an alternative if it has chocolate in it?)

    4. Huh?????????????

    5. Chocolate Tea (Sorry, I’ve tried tea with chocolate and it don’t taste like chocolate)

    6. Cocoa Powder (same thing as 2 and 3)

    7. Same as 6, 2 and 3.

    Well, there’s still carob and then there something called Cupuacu explained by


    1. As I look through that list I think, maybe, no, huh, exactly…what? Chocolate has no substitute.
      Maybe I should write a screenplay about a dystopian future without chocolate, The Chocolate Wars?
      Thank you, Lloyd, for making me love my precious chocolate even more. 🙂

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      1. I start each day with some dark chocolate, and I’m on a—slow paced —quest to find chocolate from Vietnam, because I read a piece that a few years ago, an entrepreneur started to produce what is today considered the highest quality chocolate in the world, but it seems most of it is bought by mostly the top chefs in Europe for their restaurants.

        “As the world’s demand for chocolate grows, Vietnam is making a bid to become one of the world’s newest high quality suppliers.”

        If you find any of these chocolate please let the rest of us know. :o)


      2. Depending on that chocolate from Vietnam and how it interacted with my taste buds, I might have the same dilemma, and I have a fire proof safe in the house that is bolted to the concrete foundation.


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