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Watch Out, Curves Ahead!


I don’t have 20/20 vision, so how can I have 20/20 hindsight? If I did, I’d probably have learned everything I needed to learn and stop making mistakes. Or not.

Christmas stuff in the stores, Christmas movies and ads on TV, people are starting to eat like it’s Christmas, another downside to an extended holiday season, including for Americans, Thanksgiving…extended holiday over-eating.

We could feed starving counties on the billions upon billions spent each year on: diets, diet aids, books, special foods, pills, surgery, exercise, and programs, most of which don’t work for any length of time. We’ve gotten used to things not working, we expect it. Gone are the days of quality, we’re interested in quantity and that goes for food as well, which brings us back round to obesity and the massive industry it feeds. Diets are expensive, restrictive, impractical, then again, if it was easy wouldn’t we all just do it?

christmas141I did get a chuckle after borrowing a digital copy of Dr. Phil’s new diet book, The 20/20 Diet (bird St. books) from for the low price of an honest review. The best thing I can say about this book is he’s quite the showman and has great editors and layout artists. The advice, hackneyed and basic; not saying it’s not good, but it’s been done.  If you’ve ever read a diet book, you know it all already.

We don’t need books or experts to tell us what we already know, being overweight, obese, or morbidly obese is a First World Problem. We have enough food to be gluttons and we’re taking full advantage of it. Blaming the big fat make-work projects like: fast food restaurants, governme1diet2nts, corporations, diet industry is pointless.

No one is forcing us to eat too much, it’s just another drug of choice.

No 20/20 anything required to figure this out. We want what we want when we want it.

This holiday season give thanks, enjoy, but start a new tradition – moderation.

Then we need to start a rebellion, a revolution, an insurrection – we need to tell corporations and the governments they run to give us clean and healthy food, clean air, clean water, we need to demand it!

China managed to make their smog (and their homeless) disappear for the APEC Summit yet the smog has returned, APEC blue skies have disappeared and people have accepted it. Why? Why accept the bad stuff? Say no.

Only say yes when it’s good. Quality not quantity.christmas226



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15 thoughts on “Watch Out, Curves Ahead!

  1. I too believe in moderation. I don’t like diets, I believe in eating exactly as much as you need to healthy function. And I don’t believe that obesity is a 1st world problem. If there is lack of food or money, people eat anything that is cheap and filling, and it is usually potatoes and bread and fat meat. It is why poor people are often overweight – regardless of where they live.


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