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I Want a Round Home or the Staff of Downton Abbey


Our society has too many corners full of dust, hair, and dirt. How can we clean it up or stop them going there in the first place when even those who make the rules don’t follow the rules, or make rules just to profit and gain power?

On a day when the only Big Bounce we should have been paying attention to was the landing of the Philae on Comet 67p hurtling through space, instead, we focused on celebrity fakeness and what shirt a scientist was wearing. A 10 year mission to find the possible origins of humans, learn about comets, and we cared more about if a butt can break the internet, or if a scientist has poor fashion sense?

Let me help with this, the internet was broken the minute we started caring what Kardashians do and duh, he’s a scientist, he helped make something that has been in space for 10 years, then landed on a comet, I’m just impressed he remembered to put on pants.


Know how the Rosetta and Philae are powered? Solar energy, yet we continue to pollute and poison the world with fossil fuels because some rich guys want to sell it to us.  The world has rising debt, inequality, illness, war, terrorism, poverty, hunger, disease, pollution, extreme weather, and corruption yet leaders focus on taking a G20 vacation, holding koalas.1DA3

Like society, every time I look, there, they’re back, lurking, skulking in the corners, waiting to get in the game so they can cause more problems. Ever notice how dust, hair, and dirt magically head to the corners of your home? It’s not like I’m that particular, although it is weirdly annoying; it’s not like I’d say no if the staff of Downton Abbey turned up to clean my house.

According to Downton Abbey: Rules for Household Staff by Mr Carson (Justyn Barnes) with a forward by Julian Fellowes (St. Martin’s Press) they have cool approved directions and guidance for staff to discharge their duties correctly and with efficiency. Of course, the book also has ways to clean, cook, stop shoes from creaking, fold linens, do hair, etc. Particular attention was impressive, as were the principles the DA staff tried to live by: Respect, forethought, carefulness, good temper, listening, learning, frugality, and honesty.

Let’s take a page out of the DA household staff book and clean out the corners, polish things up, and most of all, take out the trash.



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