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Go to a Happy Place…

1hallmark1For me, TV, movies, books are quite similar – it’s all really about the interactions of the characters. All that other stuff: zombies, vampires, aliens, history, police, demons, doctors, monsters, lawyers, drug dealers, Santa, lords and ladies, time travelers, soldiers, spies, it’s all added to keep your attention, but it’s really about the story and the characters. Those characters show us how people are beyond fascinating, I don’t often understand them, but still, they’re fascinating.

I have eclectic tastes to say the least. I’ll watch Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, and documentaries while reading books about mystery, murder, romance, string theory, the environment, politics – all the same evening. There’s one taste I’ve been mocked, teased, and derided for, my love of ‘happy’ movies, TV series, and books.  Why? Don’t know, maybe because they have enough pure corn to make fuel for all the Nascar cars and make-up for all the Real Housewives. Yet for me, the campiness makes them relaxing. Your favourite character isn’t going to be slaughtered, or succumb to an illness, get chomped on by zombies or anyone else…they’re going to find second chances, redemption, something or someone they lost, meaning, hope, and probably happiness. You just can’t get that many places these days.
Doesn’t matter whether it’s Christmas, prairie, first love, lost love, true love, family bonding, or overcoming the odds. No particular actor or storyline. The only requirement, feel-good.


5 Things we know for certain about feel-good movies:
1funny251. More predictable than a political party who just heard their opponents did something wrong.
2. They have actors/actresses you sometimes didn’t even know were still alive, and still may not after the movie is over.
3. Values and lessons that remind us the world doesn’t have to be the way it is.
4. There’s a good chance nothing is going to make you startle or wince.
5. If you’re not sniffling, pretending not to cry, or having a full ugly cry, they’re not doing it right.

Feel-good movies or series let me watch knowing it’s all going to be ok. Sometimes that’s what I like to pretend.