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Angry Optimist

How do you see the world?

1. You see a glass of water as:
a) Half full;
b) Half empty;
c) Probably contaminated;

2. A friend says they like your new hairdo, you think:
a) That’s so nice;
b) What, didn’t she like it before?
c) I don’t even have a new hairdo, what’s she up to?

3. You see a group of people shuffling down the street, you think:
a) Must be a charity walk;
b) Maybe they’re going for a stroll;
c) Zombies!!!

4. A politician is talking and you think:
a) I’m sure he has our best interests at heart;
b) Liar!!!
c) Start looking up false flag websites.

5. You wake up with fever, cough, etc., you think:
a) I have a cold, I’ll be better soon;
b) Great, another cold, why me?
c) Oh great, Ebola.


Reading the amazing Angry Optimist: The Life and Times of Jon Stewart by the talented Lisa Rogak (Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press), it becomes even more clear the paradox that is Jon Stewart. The book spotlights all sides of Stewart: Passionate, smart, hilarious, honest to a fault, fervent believer, witty social analyst, comedian, writer, actor, director, producer, pundit, haunted by demons he’s morphed into a huge career. Yet still seems like he can be a bit of a prat. It’s one of the cool and hopelessly annoying things about humans, we’re puzzles, some more than1angry13 others.

We’re so used to seeing Stewart that we forget how he got into our living rooms, bedrooms and hearts, or that he brought Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver and more with him – you decide if he should be loved or hated for that.

Whether you first found Stewart on The Jon Stewart Show, The Daily Show, The Simpsons, Sesame Street, Spin City, American Dad, or in smash hit movies such as Death to Smoochy, just kidding, Playing By Heart with Gillian Anderson, X-Files, he’s made us laugh, think, question, wonder, cry, smile, pause, and laugh some more.

Stewart delivers real news spun in a funny way to shine the light of reality through the darkness. Angry Optimist? Cheerful Pessimist? Amazing Mitch McConnell impressionist…Whatever, I like the cut of his jib.1angry7



Very me

8 thoughts on “Angry Optimist

  1. Probably the best news teller in the USA!! Jon Stewart I think, all the way from Scotland is probably the fairest news reporter you have. Seriously.

    Fox News I don’t get, they fill people with fear. Here are 2 videos to prove it. With my good friend Russell Brand…
    This Judge woman here makes me want to kill myself. How many American watch and believe this old fool of a woman? And this Bill O’Reilly chap I want to punch in the lips, hard!! This is what American people believe and listen to? They must as Fox is rated no1 news show in the USA… Forget Ebola, these two are worse 😀

    Hope we are all well 😀


    1. Yes, sadly there are too many networks not only pandering to fear, but creating it. And it seems like a common factor is the news making news instead of simply reporting it.
      Thanks for the videos Shaun. Hope you and your family are doing well. 🙂


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